All societies declare that drinking over the limits is bad. Nevertheless, they compromise over it in limits according to Human Nature.

For example, OVEREATING and obesity cause more illnesses and deaths as compared to drinking.

According to the National Institutes of Health, obesity and overweight together are the second leading cause of preventable death in the United States, close behind tobacco use (3). An estimated 300,000 deaths per year are due to the obesity epidemic (57).


But Allah/Muhammad never declared overeating/obesity to be a Crime and never put any punishment upon them. But they also made a compromise over it, and at maximum, there are recommendations not to overeat.

Nevertheless, such recommendations are also present in the Western societies not to overdrink.

Moreover, the western societies have increased the restrictions. For example, min. age for drinking is raised to 21 years in US, and you cannot drink openly or to drive while being drunk. All these restrictions came due to the non-religious freethinking.

Thus, if we feel that drinking (or any other drug) has gone over limits, then we have the full capability to put restrictions upon them, and for that we don't need any divine god.

Why this compromise over drinking?

There is a reason why, historically, every culture has tried finding ways to get shitfaced by making alcohol palatable. People want to have fun, they want to let loose, they want something to take the edge off after a hard week. 

Muhammad vs Guru Nanak

Guru Nanak was the founder of Sikh religion, who also put a total ban upon alcohol. 

Guru Nanak described his mystical encounter with God in one of his hymns: He was taken to the court of God and given a cup of divine nectar called amrit to drink. This nectar bestowed the gift of God's name upon him and he was charged by God with the preaching of the Divine name.


  • Muslims deny that Guru Nanak had any connection to God, or if he was a prophet of God. 
  • Muslims claim that Guru Nanak was only a normal human, and he was telling a lie about his meeting with God. 
  • Yet, this same Guru Nanak also prohibited alcohol (link).
  • Muslims claim that Guru Nanak prohibited alcohol on his own, which does not make Sikhism a divine religion.

And we say exactly the same about Muhammad/Islam, what Muslims say about Guru Nanak/Sikhism. 

  • We don't consider Muhammad ever had any connection with any god.
  • And Muhammad prohibited alcohol on his own, which does not make Islam a divine religion. 

Thus, if Muslims claim that their religion is divine while it forbid alcohol, then there are many other religions which also forbid alcohol. Does that make all those religions divine too? 

  • The same is true about the Bahai (link) and Jains (link) too, who also forbid alcohol. 
  • The same is true with the Vedas of Hinduism (link).
  • The same is true with observant Buddhists (link).

Even the protestant church later adopted a full ban on alcohol (link). 


  • To Muslims boasting about the Qatar World Cup alcohol ban showing that Islam is superior, point out how Islam did nothing to stop poor foreign workers from being laboured to death. Qatar was, and still is, built on the destroyed bodies of the desperate.
  • Yet Islam allows slavery. Slavery is a crime against humanity. So much for a timeless religion.
  • Killing gays, and apostates and blasphemers is saving humanity HOW EXACTLY? Do enlighten us. 
  • How can a religion be considered human friendly which usurp the rights of non-Muslims and women? 

Muawiyyah Eating SEVEN Times a day, but still hungry

One Islam preacher came up with this argument, that Allah also prohibited overeating. 

(Quran 7:31) Children of Adam! Take your adornment at every time of Prayer; and eat and drink without going to excesses. 


There is no prohibition in verse 7:31, but only a RECOMMENDATION not to overeat. In Sharia, overeating and obesity is absolutely not considered as a CRIME, and there is no punishment for it. 

But such recommendations are already present in all the Western countries against drinking too. 

Just look how Muawiyyah (a companion of Muhammad) was a fat person, and how he used to overeat, and still got caliphate instead of prison as a punishment for the crime of overeating. 

Ibn Kathir gave the full account of this tradition (link): 

فإنه لما صار إلى الشام أميرا، كان يأكل في اليوم سبع مرات يجاء بقصعة فيها لحم كثير ويصل فيأكل منها، ويأكل في اليوم سبع أكلات بلحم، ومن الحلوى والفاكهة شيئا كثيرا ويقول والله ما أشبع وإنما أعيا، وهذه نعمة ومعدة يرغب فيها كل الملوك.
... when he (i.e. Muawiyyah) became the ruler of Syria, he used to eat SEVEN Times a day. The bowl which is brought to him for eating, was full of meat and onions. He used to eat from this Bowl SEVEN Times a day along with a lot of SWEETS (Halwa) and lot of Fruits. But still he used to say:"By God! my belly is not filled, but I am tired. And Food is such a blessing in which all Kings are interested."

Ibn Kathir al-Damishqi further records in his al-Badaya wa al-Nahaya (link):

وقال مغيرة عن الشعبي: أول من خطب جالسا معاوية حين كثر شحمه وعظم بطنه .وكذا روى عن مغيرة عن إبراهيم أنه قال: أول من خطب جالسا يوم الجمعة معاوية .وقال أبو المليح عن ميمون: أول من جلس على المنبر معاوية واستأذن الناس في الجلوس
And Mughira reported from Sh'ubi: "And Hadhrat Muawiyyah was the first person who started giving Sermon (of Jum'a Prayer) while sitting (contrary to Sunnah of Rasool Allah). And this happened at that time when Muawiyyah got the thick layers of FAT and his Stomach grew Large.
Similarly Mughirah also reported from Ibrahim: "The first one who delivered the Friday Sermon while sitting, was Muawiyyah.
And Abu Malih also reported the same from Memoon that Muawiyyah was the first who sat on the Minbar.

Imam Ibn Abi Shaybah also recorded it in his book al-Munsif (online Link):

5088 ( 3 ) حدثنا جرير عن مغيرة عن الشعبي قال أول من خطب جالسا معاوية حين كبر وكثر شحمه وعظم بطنه . 

Translation: And Mughira reported from Sh'ubi: "And Hadhrat Muawiyyah was the first person who started giving Sermon (of Jum'a Prayer) while sitting (contrary to Sunnah of Rasool Allah). And this happened at that time when Muawiyyah got the thick layers of FAT and his Stomach grew large.

This happened while Allah/Muhammad only have recommendation against obesity and overeating, and no punishments. And Islam makes a compromise upon it due to human Nature.