This blame upon the non-religious Western System is wrong. The rate of divorce is dependent upon the INDEPENDENCE of women in a society.

Moreover, there is a welfare system in the European countries, where a state takes a responsibility to look after the people once they get old. Thus, the old people are not dependent upon their children in order to survive in old age. 

But a family system is always stronger in poor countries. In the absence of any state social system, the pairs don't get separated there while children need parents and parents also need children in their old age in order to survive. 

For example, look at the non-religious (atheist) society of China, where family system stayed very strong for the last thousands of years, while they needed it to survive. Look at the non-religious (atheist) societies of Vietnam and North Korea where the rate of Divorce is still very low even today, while they still need a family system to survive even today. 

While the Islamic Family System (upon which Muslims are proud of) is based only upon the 'Exploitation' and 'Misery' of women. If Muslim women will also get INDEPENDENCE in Islamic countries, then she will also not bear her exploitation by her husband and his family, and she will also get her independence by separating from her husband. 

For example, do you know that the divorce rate in some Arab countries has gone above 50%? 


The reason is the Arab countries are rich, and women are thus economically more independent, and they don't need the financial support of their husbands to survive. That is why they don't bear their exploitation by their husbands, and they get themselves separated by taking divorce (just like the western women). 


  • The divorce rate in Kuwait has reached to 60% (link).
  • The divorce rate in Egypt, Jordan, Qatar, UAE all have gone above 35% (link). 
  • Even in Saudi Arabia, the divorce rate has reached to 33%, and 7 divorces are taking place every hour (link).

The divorce rate of these Arabic countries is even more than many Western countries. Islam stayed the same in these Arabic countries even till today, but the only thing that differed as compared to the past, was this that these Arabic countries became RICH, and it was enough to increase the divorce rate to such heights. 

In fact, the women still don't have full human rights in these Arabic countries, but only becoming rich made the divorce rate even higher than many western countries.


It may be due to the reason that marriages are still arranged in these Arabic countries, and people get no chance to find 'suitable' partner for them before marrying them. And since such arranged marriages are often 'mismatches', thus it may be one of the main reason for such a huge divorce rate in these Arabic countries. 

Vietnam (an Atheist Country) has the lowest Divorce Rate

Vietnam is an atheist country for centuries, where only 14% population follows any religion. Despite that, Vietnam has the lowest rate of divorce in the whole world (link). 

Now compare it to Arab countries, where despite Islam, the divorce rate is much higher than in Vietnam. 

The same is true for atheist China, where the family system stayed very strong while they were poor and needed each other. It is only after becoming rich, that the family system is becoming weak in China too. Nevertheless, it is still much stronger in China today as compared to Muslim Arab countries (despite Chinese eating pork, and ladies wearing jeans and skirts, and Chinese being atheists). 

Keeping family system intact through beating wives and their exploitation has no good in it

Muslim preachers claim that a family system is a psychological need of a human, and thus Islam is the best while it does not let the family system to be destroyed. 

But the truth is, a family system based upon the beating of wives and their exploitation is absolutely not a psychological need of a human. 

Such an intact family system, where mother is beaten and being abused, will bring only DEPRESSION to all the family members. Such children, who see their mother beings beaten by father every day, they themselves become psychological patients later. Such an environment at home is toxic for children. 

If Muslim men want to make rate of divorce ZERO, then they should bear children only from Slave women

And there are some Muslims who are such stubborn that they openly say:

"The older system was better where a woman was not allowed to go outside the house. Now they go outside, get education, get self-dependent, and then they try to get their independence from their husbands through divorce. This is the main reason of increase of divorce rate in Islamic countries. This liberty to women should be stopped while children are being effected do to higher divorce rate."


If these Muslim men have problem with the rate of divorce, then they should not marry women, but they should take only "Slave Women" to their homes, and bear children only from them. 

Please be assured that Islam gave absolutely no human rights to the Slave women. In case of free Muslim wife, there are some chances of divorce, but in case of slave women, your so-called Family System will become perfectly secure, and these slave women will never be able to break your family system. 

And if you are unable to get slave women today from the outside world, then just snatch away all the remaining rights from your own free Muslim wives, and convert them in slaves, so that your family system stay stable. 

All psychiatrists are unanimous that even a Single Parent is in position to provide 'Standard Upbringing' to children 

The children are totally safe in the Western countries even in case of divorce too. In the case of separation, children are still in continuous contact with both the mother and the father, and both of them play part in their upbringing. 

Actually, all psychiatrists are unanimous that an intact family system is although better for children, nevertheless, still a 'Single Parent' also has the full ability to provide such a 'Standard Upbringing' to children, in which children get all their rights, and then become a responsible citizen of the society. 

This means, even a single mother is also in a position in which a child gets standard upbringing. 

The home of such a single parent is a much better place for the children, as compared to the home of an intact Muslim family, where mother is abused and beaten and exploited day and night. 

Although Muslim deny and try to find faults in the upbringing of a single parent, but we see that millions of Pakistani/Bengali/Indian Muslim men go to Gulf countries for JOB purposes, leaving their wives and children alone in Pakistan and their wives are upbringing their children alone as single parents, and these children don't see the faces of their fathers for years. 

But when the same thing happens in Europe, and the mother has to up bring a child alone, then these same Muslims start declaring it Haram, and they start seeing a lot of problems in it, although in Europe fathers have a lot of contacts with the children despite living separately (i.e. children stay with fathers every weekend, and in holidays etc., which means they see their fathers much more than those Muslim fathers, who are living in Gulf countries due to their jobs. 

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Polygamy is worse than Monogamy

Polygamy is not in male nature at all. There is overwhelming scientific evidence indicating that polygamous societies are significantly worse off than monogamous ones. In fact, the reason monogamy has spread so much whereas polygamy has receded was because monogamous families were significantly more likely to produce successful offspring than polygamous families due to more parental investment in the children. Monogamy increases parental investment in children, which raises their emotional well-being and IQ. Children born to polygamous families are worse off in almost every indicator, and this extends to the wives and the husband too.