Table of Contents

  1. When someone ask you why you left Islam, show them this list
    1. The Savage Punishements
    2. Death Penalty for Apostates
    3. Terrorism
    4. Muhamed's Assassinations
    5. Irrespect of Dead Bodies
    6. Grave Digging
    7. Muslims attacked people for Money
    8. The slaves of the prophet
    9. Slave treatment in islam
    10. Hatred of Jews, Christians and Polytheists
    11. Hygien in the Hadith
    12. Muhamed the Coward Prophet
    13. Muhamed's scientific wisdom
    14. The Apocalypse already past for 1300 years
    15. Muhamed's Bad Ending
    16. The Pagan Flavor of Pilgrimage
    17. The Lost Quran verses
    18. Allah the Man God
    19. Inferiority of Women :
    20. The women used as slaves :
    21. The Tortured Women :
    22. Immoral decisions concerning Women :
    23. Women's freedom reduced :
    24. Pedophilia :
    25. Women victims of Muslim Wars :
    26. Hypocrisy of the Prophet
    27. Epileptic Prophet ?
    28. Art is Forbidden
    29. Some Bad Manners in the Hadith
      1. Stories of prophets
      2. God and Magog and The Antichrist :
      3. Heaven, Hell and Judgement :
      4. Flat Earth :
      5. Talking objects :
      6. Fairy Tales About Satan and angels
      7. The mechanics of the invisible world :

The Savage Punishements The prophet Stoned a MOTHER and made her baby son orphan The prophet said that the punishment for adultery is a hundred lashes and stoning to death The prophet Ordered to hit a drunk A person who drank wine was brought to the prophet. He gave him forty stripes with two lashes The prophet threatens to pierce the eye of a man who was looking inside his house The prophet said that if a person look into your house without permission you can thrust a staff in his eyes The prophet gave one-hundred lashes and exiled a man and stoned a women for adultery The Muslims stoned a man, the rocks hurt him so he flew, but they caught him and stoned him to death The prophet orders to lash the sex slave if she have sex with other than her master Ali stoned a women according to the example set by the prophet The prophet said that you must cut the hand of the thief who stole an egg (but its ok for him to attack villages and steal them and turn their women into sex slaves) The prophet cut the hand of a man who stole 3 dirhams The prophet stoned a man for adultery The prophet stoned a man and his wife The prophet said that the hand of a thief should be cut off for a quarter of a dinar and upwards. The prophet cut the hand of a woman when he conquered Mecca A Muslim saw monkeys stoning a female monkey for illegal sex so he stoned her too The prophet punished some killers by cutting their hands and feet and piercing their eyes and letting them die from thirst. The prophet revived the practice of stonning and stonned a jew

Death Penalty for Apostates Ali Burned people Alive and said that the prophet ordered to kill apostates The muslims killed a man who left islam to judaisme The prophet said that you can kill the adulterer and the apostate The prophet ordered to kill the young apostates

Terrorism The prophet said "I have been made victorious with terror" The prophet said that he was ordered to fight people until they become MUSLIMS (not because they fight against him or because they dont believe in God, nope because they are not muslims) The prophet said "That Paradise is under the shades of swords" The prophet took outpost outside villages, and if he didn't hear the Call to Prayer he Invaded them Who died without invading or thought about invading, died the death of a hypocrite The prophet said that who died without giving allegiance to a Caliph, died a kaffir (A Caliph like Abu Bakr al Baghdadi) Ali burned some people alive and said that the prophet ordered to kill apostates The prophet burned the palm trees of the Tribe Banu Nadir to terrorise them (and people never burned Palm Trees because they were rare in the desert and took years to grow, and all the community benefited from them) No Muslim should be punished by death for killing a Kafir The prophet threatens to Burn the Houses of people not going to pray in the mosque The prophet said "Allah commanded me to burn the Quraish" The prophet ordered to turn out all the pagans from Arabia The prophet encouraged a man to fight for him, then he sent him to die immediately The prophet authorise to attack villages, even if women and children could be harmed in the attack The prophet attacks a village, kill men, take female slaves, and trade a girl for Muslim prisoners The prophet attacked a village, killed the family of Safiya and raped her in the same day The prophet attacked people by surprise, killed the men and took Juwayriya as a sex slave The prophet killed the men of the Jewish tribe of Banu Qorayza and distributed the children and women as sex slaves The prophet punished some killers by cutting their hands and feet and piercing their eyes and letting them die from thirst. The prophet sent the Muslims to destroy a Yemeni Temple and they killed anyone who resisted The prophet used children as soldiers You are the best of peoples ever raised up for mankind because you bring them with chains on their necks till they embrace Islam. Who is Killed in Jihad have his sins erased The best of people is the one who wage jihad with himself and his money Jihad raises you in the levels of paradise The people staying home are not equal to the Jihadis The Jihadi is always winning, if he lives he get the spoil of war, and if he dies he goes to Heaven Jihad is the best thing after believing The prophet took part in 19 attacks (the Muslims carried 80 other without him)

Muhamed's Assassinations He ordered to Kill Ibn Khattal the day he invaded Mecca The prophet sent the brother of Kaab Ibn Al Achraf to kill him using Taqiya The Muslims killed Abu Rafi while he was sleeping He tried to kill a man because he suspected that he slept with his sex slave The prophet tried to kill one of the chiefs ot the Khazraj tribe (even if he was his ally) He accuses a man of spying, and orders to kill him and take his money The prophet orders to Burn two people, then he asks to kill them without burning

Irrespect of Dead Bodies The Maximum he suffered from the quraysh is that a man suffocated him with a piece of clothe Prophet took revenge and threw 24 corpses in a well after the battle of Badr When the muslims were pulling a big guy to throw him in the well, he got dismembered This well was dirty and the prophet spoke with the corpses to humiliate them And in fact this practice is still applied today, the jihadi spoke with the corpse of khaddafi when he died. The Muslims strip the corpses from their money and the one who killed the guy can get the money After the battle of Uhud, the Prophet dug a huge hole and buried the dead muslim fighters covered in blood without washing them or proper funerals (the guys died fighting for him, but as narcissistic as he was, he treated them like some kind of garbage, he was probably pretty angry for the defeat in the battle, someone who treat his followers like that, what can you expect from him in dealing with his enemies) He also allowed the killing of his uncle Abu Jahl and allowed to his killer to strip him

Grave Digging The prophet was also into digging graves kind of shit , he extracted a corpse from a grave , spit on him, and put his shirt on him (guess he liked the guy) This is the most disturbing case of grave digging. A Christian was composing the Quran for The prophet, and then he apostatised and died, and to take revenge on him, the Muslims dug his grave and extracted him outside to let him rot in the sun, and every time his friends bury him, the Muslims extract him again to let him rot.

Muslims attacked people for Money Muslims were hungry and naked, then they became governors after conquering others "We did not eat our fill except after we had conquered Khaibar" Abu Hurayra followed the prophet to fill his belly Abu Bakr fought the arabs in the Apostasy wars because they didnt want to give him Money The prophet takes 20% of war booty The prophet takes 20% even if he didnt participate in the battle (70 attacks were carried without him) The prophet said "Booty has been made legal for me" Booty is for the prophet and he didnt like to give even a sword from it "In our holy battles, we used to get honey and grapes, as war booty which we would eat" The muslims were afflicted with severe hunger then when they took Khaibar, they made huge fires to eat the meat of the Booty A black slave died and the prophet said that he will be burned because he took a sheet of cloth from the booty The prophet bribe the polytheists with 300 camels from war booty to attract them to Islam The prophet was distributing war booty and man said to him : "O Allah's Messenger ! Act justly." The muslim who killed a Kaffir have the right to strip him from his money The prophet chased the jewish tribe of Banu Nadir, and he personnaly took 100% of their money, and it was sufficient for the spendings of a year

The slaves of the prophet The prophet had a black female slave preparing wine for him He had a black slave He had a black slave called Anjasha He had a black slave called Mid'am , he has been killed and the prophet said that he will be tortured because he took a sheet of cloth from the booty. The man gave his life, but for the prophet, he was just a subhuman black slave whose life is worth less than a sheet. But what happens when it’s his cousin who takes a slave girl from the booty ? The companions disapproved of that but, the prophet encouraged him, looks like his cousin is worth a lot more than the black Mid'am. Black slaves are worth half of the others, he bought a slave for two black slaves from his apparently big stock of black slaves. The prophet had a slave girl (named Maria) The prophet attacked people by surprise, killed the men and took Juwayriya as a sex slave The prophet killed the family of Safiya and raped her in the same day The prophet killed the men of the Jewish tribe of Banu Qorayza and distributed the children and women as sex slaves The prophet attacks a village, kill men, take female slaves, and trade a girl for Muslim prisoners The prophet had a slave Tailor

Slave treatment in islam The prophet gave permission to rape the captured married sex slaves, even if their husbands are alive and even if his companions found this immoral even by their savage standards. The prophet advise to ejaculate in the raped slave girls even if his gang didn’t want to The sex slaves eventually got pregnant from such treatment, and they were used as maids. But even if your sex slave gets pregnant and becomes mother, you can sell her, so that other Muslims could enjoy her body. The Muslims used chains on the neck to transport slaves The prophet orders to lash the sex slave if she have sex with other than her master, and sell her even for a rope if she do it three times. A man freed a slave, but the prophet canceled his freedom, took back the slave and sold him The prophet advise to give the slaves to family members than to free them A man free 6 slaves, and the prophet keep 4 in slavery

Muslims practiced slavery even between Themselves The Muslim slave have a double reward The Muslim slave can give charity from the money of his master If the Muslims slave flee his master, he is a Kaffir until he gets back People will enter heaven in the chains

Hatred of Jews, Christians and Polytheists Less than 10 jewish scholars followed the prophet The prophet changed the direction of prayer from jerusalem to mecca (he was at medina, did it when the jews didnt want to follow him) The prophet threatens to turn out jews if they dont become muslims The prophet want to drive out the jews and christians from Arabia If you meet jews and christians, dont be the first to say hello, and drive them to the narrow part of the road The prophet Curses the jews and chtistians because they worship the graves of their prophets The prophet heard a sound and said that jews are tortured in their tomb The prophet said that Plague was a means of torture sent on a group of jews The prophet said : "Were it not for Bani Israel, meat would not decay" The prophet said that some jews were distorded and turned into lizards (the beginning of the reptilian theory) Thet prophet said that Some jews were turned into rats and the proof, is that rats dont like the milk of camel but they like the milk of sheeps At the end of time 70.000 jews will follow the antichrist The prophet said that the jews changed the words of god, and entered the city crawling on their buttocks At the end of time, rocks and trees will talk and they will say to muslims : "there is a Jew behind me; come and kill him" At the day of judgement, muslims will come with sins like mountains, but Allah will put those sins in the account of jews and christians At the day of judgement, every muslim will have a jew or christian who will replace him in hell The muslims killed a jew who turned back to judaisme The prophet stoned a jew and his wife The prophet fought all the jewish tribes and turned them out, but in Banu Qorayza, he killed the men and enslaved the families The prophet killed the men and distributed the children and women of the jewish tribe of Banu Qrayza The prophet burned the palm trees of the jewish tribe of Banu Nadir to terrorise them (and arabs never burnt trees because they were rare in the desert) The prophet sent the brother of the jew Kaab ibn al Ashraf to kill him using islamic deception Muslims assassinated the jew Abu Rafii while he was sleeping A christian who was composing the quran for Muhamed apostatised and died, and every time his friends bury him, they found that someone extracted him from his grave and let him to rot in the sun, the concluded that it was the muslims who took revenge The prophet attacked the jewish tribe of Khaibar, killed the family of the jewess safiya then raped her in the same day Some israelites were destroyed because their women used hair extension The prophet said that everyone is born upon fitra (islam), but its his parents who make him jew or christian or polytheist

Hygien in the Hadith The prophet had lice in his head The prophet advise to drink camel urine The prophet had sex during menstrual period He had sex with nine wives using one bath only His clothes were always covered with cum The child aisha always cleaned the cum from his clothes The prophet spat in the mouth of a child You must spit three times if you forget quran during prayer This leads to mosques full of spit Dogs urinated in the mosque The companions washed their faces with the spit of the prophet You must use an odd number of stones to wipe your ass You must lick or get someone to lick your fingers when you finish eating Companions used the sweat of the prophet as perfume If a fly fall in your glass just sink it more You must not drink while standing and if you do it you must vomit You must spit three times if you see a bad dream

Muhamed the Coward Prophet The prophet didn't have the courage to fight the polytheistes at Uhud, he pushed seven of his companions to protect and die for him The prophet encouraged his companions to fight and die for him, but he kept finding pretexts to not take part in battles He fears cloud and wind He fears eclipses

Muhamed's scientific wisdom You know why we have 4 seasons? Its because Hell changes its temperature! Yup mindblowing. You know why we have hot weather ? It's because of the raging of the Hellfire ! Yup, it's so hot that it reaches us ! Fever comes from the heat of Hellfire ! You know where the sun goes every night? It goes to prostrate under the throne of god ! Yup, and it comes back in the morning ! Earth was created in a week, and trees existed before light ! Eclipses are a sign to frighten the believers You know why babies cry ? Its because satan pricks them ! The vaginal lubrication at the orgasm is the main reason why the child resembles his mother. The black spots on the skin come from the evil eye ! Seven dates eaten in the morning immunise against the poison that day ! Black cumin can heal every disease except death The unbelievers eat in seven intestines ! No one knows when it will rain or the sex of the baby before birth ! Yup meteorology and medical sciences are a lie ! The spinal bone is never consumed by earth ! If a fly falls in your glass, just sink it in, for there is a disease under a wing, and a cure under the other wing. Adam was 60 cubits tall, and people have been decreasing in stature since Adam's creation ! The prophet said that there's 360 joints in the body of a man The prophet said that truffle cure eye diseases The prophet said : "Kill the snake with two white lines on its back, for it blinds the on-looker and causes abortion."

The Apocalypse already past for 1300 years The prophet said : "Do you realize (the importance of) this night?" Nobody present on the surface of the earth tonight will be living after the completion of one hundred years from this night." Companions asked about the Last Hour, so the prophet said : "There would be none amongst the created beings living on the earth (who would survive this century)" The prophet said : "If this (slave) should live long, he will not reach the geriatric old age, but the Hour will be established." Arabs came to the prophet and asked about the Last Hour. He looked towards the youngest amongst them and said: "If he lives he would not grow very old that he would find your Last Hour coming to you" When the prophet saw an Eclipse he tought that it was the Apocalypse ! All the companions were asking about the Last Hour, and the prophet was responding about the last Hour and all the companions understood that the last hour will be established in less than a century, but Later, when the Hour didnt come, and even its signs didnt appear, Abdullah the Son of the second calif Umar who is from the second generation, tried to damage control and said that in fact the prophet didnt mean the day of judgement like everyone understood, he was just talking about his companions. Classic damage control. The barrier of Gog And Magog is already pierced for 1400 years now, we're still waiting for them The prophet said : "By Him in Whose Hands my soul is, son of Mary will shortly descend amongst you" The Hour will come and people of the Tribe of Daus will still be turning around a temple in Yemen (a tribe and a temple that doesnt even exist anymore) The prophet said that he was sent close to the Hour Even the Antichrist appeared in the time of the Prophet, he was suspecting the boy Ibn Saiyad to be the Antichrist, so the prophet spied on him ! The prophet tried to test Ibn Saiyad, he tought about someting and asked Ibn Saiyad to read the secret in his mind, because only the Antichrist could read minds, but Ibn Saiyad trolled him with a bad word, and Umar threatened to chop off his head, he threatened to chop off the head of A BOY ! Just so that you know what kind of people followed Muhamed. This is in fact a double FAIL, because the prophet who is showing people how to recognise the Antichrist, couldnt himself recognise him !

Muhamed's Bad Ending At the end of his life, The prophet lost his only son Ibrahim at a young age The prophet died because of a poison he ate at Khaibar The prophet suffered so Much because of that poison The Jews who poisoned him said "We intended to learn if you were a liar in which case we would be relieved from you, and if you were a prophet then it would not harm you." When he was sick, he didn't trust his companions anymore and was afraid they might poison him His daughter Fatima died six months after him and was forbidden from her inheritance by the calif Abu Bakr He couldnt walk anymore, they carried him His companions didnt let him write his testament The prophet never forgave his mother His uncle Abu Talib who took care of him when his parents died, will get his brain boiling in hell His father will go to hell Abu Lahab freed Tuwayba to suckle him when he was a baby, but he's going to hell He killed his Uncle Abu Jahl He had his aorta severed, exactly how God Told him in the Quran (sura 69) if he falsified anything

The Pagan Flavor of Pilgrimage The arabs worshipped stones before islam The arabs ran between safa and marwa before islam Umar felt that kissing the Black stone was a Pagan practice The Arabs turned naked around the Kaaba before islam The arabs fasted the day of Ashura before islam The little pilgrimage existed before Islam Some companions hated the rituals of Safa and Marwa because they knew it was pagan The Kaaba was not important at the beginning of islam, it was only at medina, when jews refused to follow him, that the prophet changed the direction of prayer from jerusalem to the Kaaba

The Lost Quran verses After the death of the prophet, A large number of people memorising the quran died before its writing down The prophet himself used to forget the Quran The prophet never attempted to write down the Quran When they wrote down the quran, some verses were found with one person only The verses of adult suckling were lost after the death of the Prophet The verses of stoning were lost after the death of the prophet Two Entire Long chapters were lost ! Uthman burned all the original qurans

Allah the Man God At the day of judgement, people will not recognise Allah, and he will show them his Shin so that they can recognise him. (Now how could this happen ? Allah must show his Shin to be recognised ? Doesn't he have some Divine recognizable form ? Has he just a normal human form so that you can confound him with a simple man and not recognise him ?) Allah will cover Hell with his FOOT Allah has a right HAND Allah has a second HAND Allah has five FINGERS Allah gets down every night to the lowest Heaven When you fight dont hit the face, for Allah created Adam in his image Allah Created Adam in his image The difference between Allah and the Antichrist is just the right eye Allah created His creation, and when He had finished it, the womb, got up and caught hold of Allah Allah smiles Allah wonders Allah gets angry The Throne is supported by pillars The Throne of God shake at the death of Men Allah has got a Book that he keeps with him in the Throne Allah listens to Quran Allah repeats sentences three times like Muhamed

Inferiority of Women : Never will succeed a nation with a female leader (hello UK and Germany) A lot of men achieved perfection, but only two women did Hell is full of women and they're deficient in intelligence and religion Women are a minority in paradise The majority of people entering hell are women The prophet said "I have not left after me any turmoil more injurious to men than the harm done to the men because of women. The angels curse a woman who refuses to sleep with her husband The jealousy of women is from satan Muslims hit their wives so bad that their skin turned green, and Aisha said "I have not seen any woman suffering as much as the believing women." The prophet said that prayer is cut off by the passing of an ass, woman, and black Dog The prophet said that the woman is like a rib (not straight) The prophet said : "If there is evil omen in anything, it is in the house, the woman and the horse."

The women used as slaves : The prophet prefers to give a female slave to family than to free her The prophet had a black female slave preparing wine for him Muslims used to sell the mothers of their children Ali had sex with a female slave from the share of the prophet, some companions disapproved of this but the prophet encouraged him The prophet advises to ejaculate inside the captured sex slaves The prophet gave permission to rape married sex slaves Female slaves were raped impregnated and used as maids

The Tortured Women : A blind killed the mother of his children because she used to insult the prophet, and he was ok with that The prophet cut the hand of a woman when he conquered Mecca The prophet Stoned a MOTHER and made her baby son orphan The prophet gave one-hundred lashes to a man and stoned a woman for adultery The prophet orders to lash the sex slave if she have sex with other than her master Ali stoned a woman, according to the example set by the prophet The prophet stoned a jew and his wife, the man tried to shield his wife from the rocks

Immoral decisions concerning Women : The prophet was sexualy aroused by a women who walked in front of him so he went to his wife Zainab to satisfy hist lust then he told his followers about it The prophet used to have sex with nine wives in the same night Umar spied on the women when they went to the bathroom in the desert and forced Allah to send the verse of the Hijab A Muslim proposes to give his wife to another The prophet advise a women to suckle a man The prophet authorise prostitution under the cover of "temporary marriage" The three times divorced women should not return to her husband before she sleep with another The prophet took his adopted son's wife The prophet said to a girl accompanied with her wet nurse : "Give me yourself as a gift", when she refused he raised his hand and she said "I seek refuge with Allah from you" To satisfy his lustful soldiers, the prophet authorised prostitution under the cover of temporary marriage A man divorced his wife while in menstruation period, so the prophet told him not to divorce her until she is pure or pregnant

Women's freedom reduced : He speaks about excised women as if it was a normal practice The beginning of face cover for women The prophet forbade Artificial hair even for women whose hair have fallen The prophet forbade for women to remove hair from their face or to use tattoo The silence of the girl is her consent for marriage Before islam, the ansari women had the upper hand in the couple

Pedophilia : He married a six year old girl and consummated the marriage at nine The father of Aisha was shocked when the prophet asked her hand The prophet dreamed about Aisha when she was still a baby The prophet preferred little virgins Aisha was still playing with dolls (and dolls are forbidden for pubescent girls)

Women victims of Muslim Wars : The prophet attacked people by surprise, killed the men and took Juwayriya as a sex slave The prophet killed the men of the Jewish tribe of Banu Qorayza and distributed the children and women as sex slaves The prophet authorise to attack villages, even if women and children could be harmed in the attack The prophet attacks a village, kill men, take female slaves, and trade a girl for Muslim prisoners The prophet killed the family of Safiya and raped her in the same day

Hypocrisy of the Prophet The prophet encouraged people to die in combat But he didnt participate in combat himself He forbade sex outside marriage, but it was Ok for him to sleep with as much women as he wanted, as much wives, sex slaves, and all the women who wanted to, so Aisha said to Him : "It seems to me that your Lord hastens to satisfy your desire" Prostitution is illegal, but temporary marriage is legal The prophet modified the quran based on circumstances, he gave a verse about jihad, then when a blind guy said to him that he cant do jihad, he modified the verse When Ali had sex (raped) a slave girl from the Booty, the companions didnt like it but the prophet was Ok with that and defended him But when a Black slave took a piece of clothe from the booty, The prophet said that he will burn for it The prophet recognise the authority of the Torah and use it to condemn a man and his wife to stonning His wife Hafsa caught him having sex with Maria the sex slave on her own bed, so she forced him to swear that he will never touch maria again and he swore. Fortunatly, Allah, his personal Pimp, came with a verse to cancel this and give him the right to fuck Maria. The hand of the thief must be cut for an egg , but it was Ok for the prophet to attack villages and steal everything they've had The money he stole from Banu Nadir was sufficiant for a year The prophet bribed people to attract them to islam The prophet gave false advises in agriculture then recognised that he dont know much in the matter of this life, this didnt prevent him later from giving tons of false advises. The prophet gave a false advise concerning a stomach medecine, and when they told him that his medecine is wrong and worsened the case, he said that the medecine is good but the stomach has lied. He advised his companions to make ablutions in a stinking well full of dead dogs, and menstrual blood. When Aisha was accused of Adultery, God had to wait a month before sending a verse to innocent her, God didnt know if she was innocent, he had to wait and see if she will have her period or no. He advise women to perform adult suckling even with grown ups But when it's Aisha who is using adult suckling, he didnt like it and said that adult suckling is for children only At the satanic verses episode, he recognised the deities of the polytheists, so they prostrated with him The prophet had tons of wives, and even the quran give the right for 4 wives, but when Ali tried to take a second wife, the prophet didnt want to, because he knew that it will hurt his daughter, so he was aware that polygamy hurted women. The day he conquered Mecca, he gave orders to cut the hand of a Women who stole something But in the same day, Khalid Ibn Al Waiid Killed an entire village and killed even the captifs, and the prophet didnt do anything The prophet could read and write, he wrote in the day of Hudaybiya Praising is like cutting neck of a person You must throw dust in the face if someone praises another, but the prophet liked beign praised and even praised some companions

Epileptic Prophet ? At first, the revelation was in the form of lucid dreams He sees extremely violent lucid dreams of angels smashing the head of people and removing the skin from their faces He starts having a lucid dream while a women is removing lice from his head, he took it for a revelation He had a lucid dream where he flew to the seventh heaven on a flying donkey and met prophets, he really believed it Lucid dream where he saw that the gate of Gog and Magog have been pierced, he took it seriously as a revelation and a true event The prophet tried to commit suicide by throwing himself from the top of a Mountain The prophet was the only one hallucinating Gabriel, the others present couldnt see him The prophet is the only one hearing Gabriel The prophet hallucinates that he had a fight with a demon trying to stop his prayer The prophet hallucinate having sex with his wives, but it wasnt true The prophet hallucinate Gabriel sitting on a throne between the sky and the earth The prophet hallucinates Gabriel with 600 wings The prophet hallucinates that he had met Jinns and that he read Quran to them While getting the revelation , he moves his lips unvoluntarily The prophet fell unconscious on the ground with his eyes open The prophet hates colored pictures, because the images keep coming in his mind and he cant control this, like some form of schizophrenia He Hallucinates that two men in white came, opened his abdomen and washed his heart He receives revelation while covered and producing a sound of Camel The revelation comes to him like the sound of a Bell (and the Bell is the tool of satan), and sweat drips from his head

Art is Forbidden Games like Chess are detestable The bell is the tool of Satan People who make music will be turned to pigs and swine Angels dont enter in a house where we find a dog or a picture The prophet refused to enter a house where there's a colored picture He who draws pictures of living creatures will be tortured in hell

Some Bad Manners in the Hadith The prophet had sex with nine wives in the same night Abu Bakr insulted a guy by saying "Go suck the clitoris of al-Lat!" , was ashamed and didnt add it in the english translation... In here the prophet is saying "Did you FUCK her", he is using slander in arabic, they didnt want to translate it. Abu Darr say to two women to fuck their god statues with a wooden dildo Again, the hadith says that the prophet is insulting and cursing, they're not translating it properly Umar spied on the women of the prophet at night when they went to the toilet in the desert The prophet created friendship between The prophet advise a women to suckle a man The prophet authorise prostitution under the cover of "temporary marriage" The three times divorced women should not return to her husband before she sleep with another The prophet married his adoptif son's wife Umar invented the Tarawih prayer Hamza was drunk, he killed camels that didnt belong to him and said to the prophet "you're a slave to my father" Aisha gets jealous and curses khadija The prophet said to a girl accompanied with her wet nurse : "Give me yourself as a gift", when she refused he raised his hand and she said "I seek refuge with Allah from you" To satisfy his lustful soldiers, the prophet authorised prostitution under the cover of temporary marriage Zaynab is happy to marry the adoptive father of her husband Aisha took a bath and only a curtain was separating her from her foster brother After the verse giving him the permission to marry her, the prophet entered upon her without permission The prophet talked to people while naked only dressed with the sheet of aisha



Stories of prophets In this glorious hadith, The prophet is talking to us about the story of the Jews, they took baths totally naked looking at each other, except Moses who was shy, he took his bath alone, so the jews started laughing at him saying that he didn't took his bath with them because he had scrotal hernia. Then one day while he was taking a bath he put his clothes on a stone.....And THAT STONE, took his clothes and ran ! Then Moses followed the stone totally naked and when he caught it he started beating it, and if you go visit it, you ll find the marks of beating. The prophet said "While a man was driving a cow, he suddenly rode over it and beat it. The cow said, "We have not been created for this, but we have been created for sloughing." On that the people said astonishingly, "Glorified be Allah! A cow speaks!" The Prophet said, "I believe this, and Abu Bakr and Umar too. While a person was amongst his sheep, a wolf attacked and took one of the sheep. The man chased the wolf till he saved it from the wolf, where upon the wolf said, "You have saved it from me; but who will guard it on the day of the wild beasts when there will be no shepherd to guard them except me? " The people said surprisingly, "Glorified be Allah! A wolf speaks!" The Prophet said, "But I believe this, and Abu Bakr and Umar too The angel of death was sent to Moses and when he went to him, Moses slapped him severely, spoiling one of his eyes. (poor little angel) The prophet said that Salamander should be killed, because when Abraham was thrown in the fire by Nimrod, the salamander was blowing fire on him to make it hotter. Who killed a lizard from the first strike have 100 good points The prophet said the Solomon had sex with 100 wives in the same night (mo tried to do like him by having sex with nine wives in the same night) Mo said that a prophet asked god to stop the Sun in the Sky, and he did it for him The story of Moses and The Khidr The Prophet said : "Allah did not send any prophet but shepherded sheep." The story of the Man who killed 99 guys but went to Heaven because the angels made a strange calculation

God and Magog and The Antichrist : The story of the Antichrist and the Beast found on an Island while the prophet was Alive The gog and Magog are digging trying to pierce the barrier constructed by dhul Qarnayn, but every night the sleep and they forget to say "If Allah wills", thats why everytime they must start all over again The Antichrist can tear people into pieces and make them back to normal again

Heaven, Hell and Judgement : On the Day of Judgment there will be a flag fixed behind the buttocks of every person guilty of the breach of faith. The distance of the two shoulders of the non-believer in Hell will be a three-day journey for a swift rider. People will be crawling on their faces on the day of judgement From every 1000, one person only will go to heaven There are wet nurses in paradise The sun will rise from the west at the day of judgement The first meal of the people of Paradise, will be the caudite lobe of the fish liver Jihadis will become green birds in heaven Not washing heels correctl during ablution is a reason to go to hell Urine that touches while peeing you is one of the reasons of torture in the tombe, and puting palm leafs on the tomb of the dead can lessen the torture The story of the sirat bridge that muslims travel to go to paradise The prophet said that looking at the sky while praying can turn you blind The Prophet said, "Straighten your rows (during prayer) or Allah will alter your faces." The Prophet said : "Isn't he who raises his head before the Imam afraid that Allah may transform his head into that of a donkey or his figure into that of a donkey?" The man who will have his intertines out in hell and will turn like a donkey around a milstone

Flat Earth : The Prophet said : "The earth will be a bread on the Day of Resurrection, and Allah will topple turn it with His Hand like anyone of you topple turns a bread with his hands while (preparing the bread) for a journey, and that bread will be the entertainment for the people of Paradise." "Allah drew the ends of the world near one another for my sake. And I have seen its eastern and western ends. And the dominion of my Ummah would reach those ends which have been drawn near me" Every night, The sun prostrate under the throne of God

Talking objects : Stones and trees will talk at the end of time and they will tell the muslims about Jews hiding behind them The prophet said : "By the One in Whose Hand is my soul! The Hour will not be established until predators speak to people and until the tip of a man's whip and the straps on his sandal speak to him, and his thigh informs him of what occurred with his family after him."


Fairy Tales About Satan and angels Don't wipe your ass with Bones and Dung, for Mo met a delegation of nice Jinns, and they asked him for the remains of human food, and he asked Allah to give them bones and dung as a food. That night where Mo met with the Jinn, he recited Quran to Them, and he said "Don't perform istinja with these (things) for these are the food of your brothers (Jinn)." Satan pee in your ears that why you dont get up in the morning Satan sleeps in your nose Satan flee while farting when he hears the Call to prayer Satan spends the night in the house of people who dont say "bismillah" Satan eat the food that falls on the ground Don't let the children get out at night, because Satan is out If you yawn, close your mouth with your hand to stop Satan from entering Children cry because Satan pricks them Satan eats and drinks with his left hand Mo had a fight with a demon and he chocked him, and tought about tying him to a Pillar but he didnt want to do it because of Solomon Yawning is from satan, cover your mouth so that satan don't laugh at you There's a demon called Khinzab, he tries to interrupt your prayer, spit three times to stop him You must spit three times if you see a bad dream, because bad dreams are from satan The sun rises between the Horns of Satan Donkeys starts braying when they see Satan, and Cocks starts crowing when they see an Angel You find difficulty getting up in the morning because the devil ties three knots at the back of your neck When you want to have sex with your wife, you must recite a formula to protect the child who will be born, from Satan Looking hither and thither in prayer is a way of stealing by which Satan takes away a portion from the prayer Cover vessels, waterskins, close the doors and extinguish the lamps, to stop Satan The throne of Satan is on the Water and he send his demons to create problems between people (And the Throne of Allah is also on the water in the quran) When Allah gives an order, the angels speak about it in the heavens, and demons climb to spy on them and hear the orders, then they transmit the information to demons below them like in a ladder, until they transmit the information to a sorcerer on earth, but sometimes, flames follow the demons and burn them in the sky to prevent them from listening The prophet showed a man called Dihya to his companions, and told them that he was the angel Gabriel Angels dont travel with someone having a dog or a bell There's an angel in the right of every person The prophet said that the black dog is a devil Angels are offended by onions

The mechanics of the invisible world :

Every night, while the sun is prostrating under the Throne of god ( and Devils are peeing in the ears of sleeping people ( and staying in their noses ( the Almighty descends to the lowest heaven, and says: Who supplicates Me so that I may answer him? Who asks Me so that I may give to him? Who asks Me forgiveness so that I may forgive him? ( When he finishes collecting the prayers of people, he receives tons of questions from the Angels of the Uterus, they're thousands each one of them follow the developpement of babys in every womb and they say 'O Lord, semen! O Lord,it is now a clot! O Lord, it is now a piece of flesh.' And then, if Allah wishes to complete its creation, the angel asks, 'O Lord, will it be a male or a female? A wretched or a blessed doer of good? How much will his provisions be? What will his age be?' So all that is written while the creature is still in the mother's womb." ( In the meantime, some new Jihadis blew themselves and got up to heaven, so Allah the Almighty goes back to the seventh hevean and goes to visit them, He finds them in the bodies of green birds who have their nests in chandeliers hung from the throne. They eat the fruits of Paradise from wherever they like and then nestle in these chandeliers. Then he asks them : Do ye want anything? They say: What more shall we desire? We eat the fruit of Paradise from wherever we like. Their Lord ask them the same question thrice. When they see that they will continue to be asked and not left, they say: O Lord, we wish that Thou mayest return our souls to our bodies so that we may be slain in Thy way once again (( When He sees that they don't need anything, he leaves them and Go to Issue Orders to The Angels, so they start beating with their wings in obedience to His Statement which sounds like that of a chain dragged over a rock. ( Until the Orders reaches the Angels of the Cloud, and they speak between them about those orders but devils who spy on them hear words of what they say and pour it in the ears of a soothsayer as one pours something in a bottle, and they add one hundred lies to that ( But sometimes A flame may overtake and burn the spy devil before conveying the news to the one below him ( In the meantime, two groups of angels follow every person on earth, a team in the morning and a team at night, they shift places and when every team finishes the job, they get back to the seventh heaven to their Lord, and he asks them "In what state did you leave My slaves?' The angels reply, 'When we left them, they were praying, and when we reached them they were praying.' " ( And there's a Third team of Angels writing down the list of people who attend the prayer at Mosque, On every Friday they take their stand at every gate of the mosque to write the names of the people chronologically and when the Imam sits on the pulpit they fold up their scrolls and get ready to listen to the sermon." ( But at that time, devils are fleeing while farting, because they cant support the Adhan, they flee five times a day at every prayer. ( They only stop fleeing in Ramadan, because they are chained and the gates of heaven are open and the gates of hell closed ( And lets not forget about the angel standing in the right of every one writing down his good deeds (