Here is the prophecy: 

Sahih Bukhari, 7116:

Allah's Messenger said, "The Hour will not be established till the buttocks of the women of the tribe of Daus move while going round (the statue of) Dhi-al-Khalasa."

Our Response

Why would a prophet talk about the buttocks of women? In one hadith, Muhammad mentioned "flags in buttocks" [Sahih Muslim 1738a]. Couldn't he just have said that the end times would come when women began to circle around the statue of Dhi-al-Khalasa? Does such language befit a prophet of a divine religion?

Furthermore, this prophecy has proven to be false, as the statue of Dhi-al-Khalasa no longer exists and is not worshiped by anyone. This also implies that if one prophecy in the Hadith is false, none of the other prophecies can be trusted.

However, Islamic Apologists came up with the following proofs, and claimed that the prophecy is indeed true (source):

The Historian in his work “Akhbār Makkah” witness, In the 1800s, Daws tribe began worshiping and sacrificing to ḏūl ḵhalaṣa, a building with walls and a tree When King ʿAbdul ʿAzīz took control of the Ḥijāz area, he sent military campaign in 1925 to demolish the idol (source). 

Multiple other contemporary Historians witnessed the worshiping of ḏūl ḵhalaṣa including:

(1) Uṯhmān ibn Bishr (1780 - 1871 AD)in his ʿUnwān al-Majd fī Taʾrīkh Najd (source)

(2) Fawzān al-Sābiq (1859 - 1954 AD) in “al-Bayān wa-al-Ishhār li-kashf zaygh al-mulḥid al-Ḥājj Mukhtār” (source).

(3) Muḥammad ibn Balīhad An-Najdī (1893 - 1957 AD) in his commentary on Kitāb Ṣifat Jazīratul ʿArab (source). 

(4) Multiple other contemporary Historians witnessed the worshiping of ḏūl ḵhalaṣa including, ʿUṯhmān ibn Bishr (1780 - 1871 AD)in his ʿUnwān al-Majd fī Taʾrīkh Najd (source).

(5) Even the non-Muslim Historian writes it (source). 

And here a video the remains of Dhi-al-Khalasa. 

Our Response:

Regrettably, Islamists are employing deceptive tactics. The so-called evidence cited is entirely fabricated.

Islamists claimed above that the book "Akhbar Mecca, pp. 381" states: "When King Abd Al Azeez took control of the Hijaz area, he sent military campaigns to subdue tribes and bring them under his control. A campaign was sent to the mountains of Daws in 1925."

However, there is a significant problem with this claim. The issue is that the Kaba of Dhi-al-Khalasa was not located in the Hijaz area but in Yemen, a region that was never under the control of King Abd al-Aziz. This factual discrepancy undermines the credibility of the entire claim.

Sahih Bukhari, Hadith 4357:
Dhul-l--Khulasa was a house in Yemen belonging to the tribe of Khatham and Bajaila, and in it there were idols which were worshipped, and it was called Al-Ka`ba." Jarir went there, burnt it with fire and dismantled it

Moreover, according to the video, this alleged ruin is present in "Tabalah (Saudi Arabia)", and google maps show that this place is at least 400 km away from the closest border of Yemen. 

Furthermore, according to Sahih Bukhari, Jarir, a companion of Prophet Muhammad, set the building ablaze. However, the video shows images of animals etched into the stones, inconsistent with the claim that the structure was burned and dismantled. It's essential to note that numerous pre-Islamic ruins with inscriptions exist throughout the Arabian region, such as the Bir Hima Rock Inscriptions in Saudi Arabia, featuring similar animal images on stones.

Additionally, why do these images depict animals rather than the supposed statue of Dhi-al-Khalasa?

Furthermore, if this site in Yemen were indeed a major place of pilgrimage, akin to a Kaaba, it would need to support large numbers of visitors. Yet, the small, fragmented remains on top of the hill indicate that the site wasn't designed to handle significant crowds—not even hundreds, let alone thousands. The absence of "flat land" on the hilltop raises doubts about its capacity to host large gatherings. This raises questions about the credibility of claims that it served as a major religious site.

Additionally, if Jarir dismantled the site and then King Abdul Aziz reportedly dismantled it again, how is it possible that remnants of the walls, along with these animal images, are still intact?

Unfortunately, Islamic apologists fabricate numerous lies and successfully disseminate them through propaganda, leading millions of innocent people to believe in such prophecies and convert to Islam.