Islam practically criminalising social interaction with the opposite sex and promoting gender segregation in society, is what helps to ferment the presence of immature, inexperienced and sexually frustrated individuals - coming across as awkward/annoying to the opposite sex - as well as allowing for implicitly same sex relationships and pornography use to occur, not to forgot helping to ferment loveless marriages and a increase in cousin relationships/inbreeding and the resulting health problems/complications it can cause - map showing the high levels of cosanguinity in Muslim majority countries, likely a result of intergenerational inbreeding via cousin marriages, exacerbated by gender segregation.

People in these repressive societies are deprived of experiences of having normal and harmless relations with the opposite sex in daily life, unable to perform even a brief and harmless handshake. They live in a constant state of sexual repression.

This is what often happens when enforcing gender segregation upon society, it makes almost every non-sexual encounter, sexual and creates people incapable of harmless interaction with the opposite gender, without acting all awkward, inexperienced and immature. No wonder then, you have such persistent and common cases of sexual harassment occurring in a number of Muslim majority countries, hosting Muslim men - behaving awkwardly and inappropriately, at the mere sight of a woman, regardless of whether the woman wears a hijab or not - she's often dehumanised and objectified as candy (with the Hijab serving as a wrapper - Take that wrapper off and you're liable for consumption/responsible for having such men harass you - essentially victim blame).[1][2]

“...Girls and boys are separated from primary school to the end of high school. They never have a chance to interact and when they suddenly do, they can’t just make normal conversation. It’s like any interaction is implicitly on sexual territory"

...And there is a surprising, even chilling, paradox. As we hide every part of our body short of our faces and hands, sexual harassment does not decrease: it increases. It’s open season for hunting, all year round.”

"How the hijab has made sexual harassment worse in Iran"

"...The problem is that women and men are not encouraged—on a large scale—to live together as friends in a share house or even as partners before marriage...

..This means that women and men don’t interact in all aspects of the word growing up and then, naturally, have skewed outlooks on dating and sex. Men see women as possessions and as many women grow up being treated like princesses, they develop unrealistic expectations of men..."

"...Take normal human emotions and impulses, suppress them, teach boys and girls that it is the girl's fault for "enticing" men, that men/boys can not control themselves, and that strict segregation MUST be enforced at all times with the only good "pious" girl/woman the one who covers up and stays at home, and you've got an extremely toxic recipe which reduces females to being sex objects above all else. All aspects of a woman's life center around control of her sexuality. A chaste and pious woman obeys her guardian (father, brother, husband) and does not interact with men outside her innermost family. The hijab is the greatest catalyst in enshrining this distance between men and woman and maintaining the role of women as sex objects..."

Other consequences of societal enforced gender segregation - an exacerbation of cousin marriages and the resulting inbreeding problems...

“There’s a misconception that parents often force their daughters to marry within the family. Our segregated lifestyle often doesn’t allow for mixing of the sexes except within the family environment, so many times the only chance of falling in love is within the family, because you are completely closed off from others,” Saudi author Samar Fatany told Reuters.

"In recent years Gulf countries have introduced mandatory premarital testing for genetic diseases including sickle cell anaemia, as well as infectious diseases such as hepatitis and HIV. In Qatar, counselling is required if a potential genetic problem is detected, though the couple are free to marry if they choose"

"First cousin marriages in Pakistani communities leading to 'appalling' disabilities among children"

map showing the high levels of cosanguinity in Muslim majority countries, likely a result of intergenerational inbreeding via cousin marriages, exacerbated by gender segregation.

...and ironically an increase in same sex relations...

"...This view of sexual behavior, in combination with the strict segregation of the sexes, serves to foster homosexual acts."*

"...In the absence of women, he said, he’d “go with” a guy. “I go in and put up an offer,” he said. “I set the tone. I’m in control.”

“...It’s a lot easier to be gay than straight here,” he had said. “If you go out with a girl, people will start to ask her questions."

"...They catch a boy and a girl on a date, they might haul the couple to the police station..."

"...In Saudi Arabia, “It’s easier to be a lesbian [than a heterosexual]. There’s an overwhelming number of people who turn to lesbianism,” Yasmin said, adding that the number of men in the kingdom who turn to gay sex is even greater. “They’re not really homosexual,” she said. “They’re like cell mates in prison..."


It seems in countries where Islam is much revered, with a Muslim majority, often have a problem of sexual harassment, being conducted by Muslim men. Interesting to see aspects of Islam like gender segregation and the hijab/veil, purported by various Muslims to prevent sexual harassment and unwanted attention, isn't actually enough to prevent sexual harassment and unwanted attention, conducted by Muslim men, in fact (not surprisingly) it seems to exacerbate it.[1]

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