Love is the absolute Truth. 

But Islam denies this natural love between a boy and a girl. 

While Islam calls love to be indecency.

There is no concept of Love in Islam, but only SEX.

Islam blames love of Layla and Majnun (Arabic characters like Romeo/Juliet) to be indecent.

And Islam punishes all the Laylas and Majnuns severely, while they commit the crime of indulging in Love. 

Islam uses the tools of Hijab and Islamic Decency (حياء) (i.e. no interaction between a boy and a girl) in order to kill this love. 

Islam is not a religion of nature, but it is a murderer of nature. 

Islam usurps the right from a small girl to indulge in love, by forced marriage without her consent

Islam allows the father/guardian to forcefully give a minor girl in Nikah of any man, even if he is 50 years old. The father/guardian does not even need to ask for the consent of a minor girl.

Abu Bakr gave 6 years old small child 'Aisha in marriage of the old person like Muhammad without even asking it from 'Aisha. 

Therefore, the most important question is what chance does such a minor child girl have, to become an adult, and to fall in natural love with any boy of her own age group? 

And the answer is, she has absolutely no chance. 

Islam usurped her right of felling in love completely. And now Islam is forcing her to love only that old man to whom she was married by her guardian without her consent. 

It is a wonder that despite this oppression, still Muslim claim Islam to be a religion of nature. 

And what to talk about a small child girl, Islam does not allow even an adult girl to indulge in love with any boy of her age group. Islam puts full restrictions upon her for making any interaction with any boy in the name of so-called Islamic modesty and Hijab. She is practically forced to marry a man whom she has never talked before, and does not know if his mentality and personality suits her or not. 

This makes both Hijab and Islamic decency حياء to be crimes against the humanity. 

Is Nature the source of Love, or the source of Love is Satan?

Therefore, Muslims have to answer this question:
  • If it is natural for a girl to fall in love with a boy of her age group after becoming an adult?
  • Or is this Love is not from Nature, but the source of this Love is Satan and that is why your Allah called it Haram, and that is why Allah ask you to marry your 6 years old daughters without even their consent, or even if they have become adult, then don't let them to talk with any boy in order to save them from this love, while your Allah considers the source of this Love to be Satan?"