According to Islamic apologists:

  • The best way to protect women is by covering them with a Hijab, and an even more effective approach is to keep them confined within the four walls of their homes, preventing them from going outside.
  • Hunger for Sex” is a part of the 'nature' of men. Therefore, it is natural for them to become aroused after seeing a woman without a Hijab, or if they interact with them. A woman without Hijab becomes like an unwrapped candy that attracts flies. 


Absolutely, the key distinction is that a wrapped object lacks will, goals, dreams, and thoughts, while women possess these attributes. That's why no woman living in freedom would opt for the Hijab.


  • Muhammad prohibited slave women to take the HIjab 
  • And Muhammad also kept their breasts naked, as Islamic Sharia declared their 'Awrah (i.e. nakedness) from the navel to the knee.
  • There were thousands of slave women present in public with naked breasts during the era of Muhammad.
  • And they were sold in this same semi-naked state in the bazaars of Slavery, where customers not only looked at their naked bodies but were also allowed to personally touch and check their private parts too. 
  • And Umar Ibn Khattab used to beat those slave women, who even by mistake took the Hijab. 

Today, Muslims blame girls without hijabs to be immodest and prostitutes. But they are unable to see their own prophet and Sharia, which compelled millions of slave women to move in public without the Hijab and even with naked breasts. 

 Please read our article: Hijab is not a sign of Modesty, but a sign of Discrimination and inhuman Insult against the Slave Women

Overcoming sexual frustration through natural interaction

In contrast, the citizens of Tokyo are renowned for their honesty, returning lost belongings such as wallets, money, and mobile phones in exceptional numbers (link).

Non-religious Japan managed to control the "Hunger for Money," which is also a part of human nature. The country achieved this by providing ample employment opportunities for its citizens, ensuring they could earn enough for their needs and livelihoods. Additionally, Japan prioritized moral education from childhood, resulting in a society that has transcended greed and material desires. As a consequence, its citizens voluntarily return lost money to the police, reflecting the peak of humanity.

Likewise, it is a fundamental human right for women to move freely and fearlessly within society.

In the non-religious Western world, natural interaction between men and women was fostered, allowing them to better understand and respect each other, thus mitigating the risk of sexual frustration. As a result, women can move alone in society without fear, even during nighttime.

However, Islam strictly prohibits natural interaction between men and women, forbidding them from talking or understanding each other.

To build a civilized society, young boys should be taught to respect women, irrespective of their attire, and they should not be segregated from girls of their own age. Growing up together fosters mutual empathy, discouraging inappropriate behavior.

Unnatural restrictions imposed by Islam have led to a sexually frustrated society, making it challenging for girls to move freely and safely. In Pakistan, this frustration has resulted in incidents of sexual violence, such as the rape of children in Quran Schools (link) and even despicable acts of raping dead women's bodies, after taking them out of their graves (link).

If you want to keep society barbaric and wild and uncivilized, then please imprison the women in their houses. 

But if you want to make society educated and civilized, then put an end to these unnatural restrictions of religion, and instead of imprisoning the women in Burqa/Hijab and confining them to their homes, provide them with basic human rights, allowing them to breathe freely and live natural lives.



Fundamentally, the morality in Quran and Sunnah is that a women's sexuality is a property of a man. When they say “protect women” they mean it in the same way as “protecting cattle from bandits”. The interest is in keeping the value of your property, not the well-being of the woman herself. That's why they see no issue with marital rape, or rape of slave women because that's their property, they are using their product, while somebody else raping your wife, then they are stealing your property.


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