Love is an ultimate Truth. 

But Islam rejects this natural love between a boy and a girl. 

While Islam deems love to be immodest.

There is no concept of Love in Islam, but only SEX.

Islam condemns the love of Layla and Majnun (Arabic characters like Romeo/Juliet) to be immodest.

And Islam punishes all the Laylas and Majnuns severely, while they commit the crime of indulging in Natural Love. 

Islam employs the tools of the Hijab and Islamic Modesty in order to kill this love. 

Islam is not a religion of nature, but it is a murderer of nature. 

Islam not only  allows Muslim men to have sex with 4 wives,

but also to have sex with dozens of slave girls in a Shia Mut'ah-type "Temporary" sexual relationship

And this temporary sexual relationship with slave girls is not out of any necessity,

but only and only for the LUST of Muslim men.


Islam usurps the right from a small girl to indulge in love, by forced marriage without her consent

Islam allows the father/guardian to forcefully give a minor girl in Nikah to any man, even if he is 50 years old. The father/guardian does not even need to ask for the consent of a minor girl.

Abu Bakr gave 6 years old small child 'Aisha in marriage to an old person like Muhammad without even asking her. 

Therefore, the most important question is what chance does such a minor child girl have, to become an adult, and fall in natural love with any boy of her own age group? 

And the answer is, she has absolutely no chance. 

Islam usurped her right to fall in love completely. And now Islam is forcing her to love only that old man to whom she was married by her guardian without her consent. 

And even if she is compelled by NATURE to fall in love with a boy of her age group after becoming an adult, then Islam will punish and kill both her and her love for this crime in the name of indecency and immodesty.

It is a wonder that despite this oppression, Muslims still claim Islam to be a religion of nature. 

And what to talk about a small child girl, Islam does not allow even an adult girl to indulge in love with any boy of her age group. Islam puts complete restrictions upon her for making any interaction with any boy in the name of so-called Islamic modesty and Hijab. She is practically forced to marry a man she has never talked to before and does not know if his mentality and personality suit her. 

This makes both Hijab and Islamic decency حياء to be crimes against humanity. 

Excuses by Islamic apologists: 

1st Excuse: Love exists in Islam, but only after you're married otherwise it's immoral


Nature does not care about this so-called custom of marriage. You become an adult, and you fall in love automatically. It is not in our control. Thus, if Islam puts a condition of marriage first, then either Allah has no understanding of natural love, or Allah does not exist in the heavens. 

And it is not only love, but a boy also automatically starts thinking about the non-Mahram girl in his dream and automatically gets nightfall. 

Surely, the Islamic framework prohibits intentionally even thinking about a non-Mahram girl. But nature does not care about Islam. You become an adult, and you also start dreaming of non-Mahram girls intentionally or unintentionally, and you have nightfall as a boy automatically, and religion (Islam) cannot control this natural nightfall, while its teachings are unnatural.

In conclusion, nature does not care about marriage first either for love or for nightfall. 

Another Islamic apologist claimed that indeed the Quran has a concept of love. And as proof, he presented the following verse:

 Surah Rum, Verse 21: 

He created for you mates from among yourselves, that ye may dwell in tranquillity with them, and He has put love and mercy between your (hearts)


Again, this verse is only about love after marriage. While natural love does not RECOGNISE any boundaries of marriage. You become an adult, and you automatically fall in love. While Allah (i.e. Muhammad) wants to go against NATURE and wants to compel a girl to love only that person to whom she was wed by her father (even without her consent).

Therefore, the question is, does this verse answer how a minor girl will indulge in the NATURAL love of a boy of her own age group when her Muslim father had already wed her to a 50 years old man? 

And even if she is compelled by NATURE to fall in love with a boy of her age group after becoming an adult, then Islam will punish and kill both her and her love for this crime in the name of indecency and immodesty.

2nd Excuse: Islam prohibited love and interaction between a boy and girl before marriage in order to avoid paternity issues of the child

An Islamic apologist wrote:

It may seems unnatural to prohibit love and interaction before marriage, but Islam is not alone in this regard, but it is true of most societies and religions in the absence of effective contraception, testing for sexually transmitted diseases and DNA tests.

Before DNA testing, men had no way of knowing paternity so virginity was one of their biggest concern. And Allah's wisdom in unmatched while Islam achieved this task perfectly by prohibiting love and interaction between men and women before marriage. 

A premodern world with high mortality rates, no guarantee of paternity etc wasn't exactly a suitable place for current standards of love.


This is a totally wrong assumption that not taking Hijab or both genders having interaction would necessarily lead to illegal sex and illegitimate children.

Please remember that:

  1. Muhammad prohibited slave women to take the Hijab and even kept their breasts naked (link). Thus, there were thousands of slave women present in front of Muhammad and in public without the Hijab and with naked breasts
  2. And the interaction of Muslim men with slave women is also completely allowed in Islam.
  3. Thus, if Muslim claims that despite non-Hijab and naked breasts and interaction with slave women didn't lead to illegal sex and illegitimate children in Islam society, then why would necessarily lead to illegal sex and illegitimate children only in the case of free Muslim girls and women?

Look here how Muslim men were interacting with slave women in Islamic State:

The slave women of Umar Ibn Khattab used to serve men with naked breasts. Imam Bayhiqi recorded this tradition and declared it "Sahih" in his book al-Sunan al-Kubra (link):

ثم روى من طريق حماد بن سلمة قالت : حدثني ثمامة بن عبد الله بن أنس عن جده أنس بن مالك قال : " كن إماء عمر رضي الله عنه يخدمننا كاشفات عن شعورهن تضطرب ثديهن " . قلت : وإسناده جيد رجاله كلهم ثقات غير شيخ البيهقي أبي القاسم عبد الرحمن بن عبيد الله الحربي ( 1 ) وهو صدوق كما قال الخطيب ( 10 / 303 ) وقال البيهقي عقبه : " والاثار عن عمر بن الخطاب رضي الله عنه في ذلك صحيحة " .

Anas bin Malik said: ‘The female slaves of Umar were serving us with uncovered hair and their breasts shaking”

Sheikh Albani also declared it "Sahih" (Link).

Prophet Muhammad used to walk in public while holding the hands of the slave girls of another man in his hand:

Sahih Bukhari, Hadith 6072:
Anas bin Malik said, "Any of the female slaves of Medina could take hold of the hand of Allah's Apostle and take him wherever she wished."

This same tradition is also present in Sunan Ibn Majah too.

Sunan Ibn Majah, Hadith 4177:
“If a female slave among the people of Al-Medinah were to take the hand of the Messenger of Allah, he would not take his hand away from hers until she had taken him wherever she wanted in Al-Medinah so that her needs may be met.”
Grade: Sahih (Darussalam)
Grad: Sahih (Albani)

Therefore, if the INTERACTION of Prphet with slave girls of other people (and even holding their hands and roaming in the city of Medina) was not the cause of illegal sex and illegitimate children, why then it becomes so in the case of only free Muslim girls?

3rd Excuse: In the circumstances of that era, marriage was not about love, but a business transaction

Another Islamic apologist wrote: 

It was a highly patriarchal system where women falling in love and wanting to marry specific people was an inconvenience, while marriage was a business transaction. Thus, it was a Divine Wisdom of Allah to prohibit interaction between genders, which could lead to love, and ultimately become inconvinent for them to marry that partner which their families chose for them. 


So, Islamic apologists are claiming that:

  1. Evil people had already killed the notion of Natural Love and turned marriage into a business transaction.
  2. And Allah, instead of correcting this mistake, also kept on supporting this evil of turning love/marriage into a business transaction?

These Islamic apologists are at least absolutely right when they say that Islam views love/marriage only as a marriage transaction.

But they are totally wrong when they boast that it was a Divine Wisdom of Allah to keep only killing Natural Love and keep on strengthening the evil of turning love/marriage into a business transaction.

Some comments by the Readers

One reader wrote:

In virtually all muslims countries especially the arab ones, I constantly notice the social stigma when mentioning the word "al-hub" (love) or "Bahebek" "Kanbghik" (I love you) and it doesn't need much mental capacity to link this stigma with the religion and the culture that was shaped by the Islam itself.

Perhaps Muhammad never experienced love in his childhood so didn't know the meaning of love as it is in nature.

Another reader wrote:

Its so sad in Afghanistan people still 'sell' their minor daughters to old muslims and see nothing wrong with it. But my muslim western friends say its not true islam..what is the true islam then?

Another reader wrote:

Love is pure and a natural human state that we as humans have limited control over. We can’t control who we fall in love with. Love is a beautiful emotion, but Islam condemns it as a “sin”. If men show attraction towards women, women are shamed as evil temptresses who “provoked the poor guy”.