حَدَّثَنَا بِشْرُ بْنُ مُحَمَّدٍ، أَخْبَرَنَا عَبْدُ اللَّهِ، أَخْبَرَنَا مَعْمَرٌ، عَنْ هَمَّامٍ، عَنْ أَبِي هُرَيْرَةَ ـ رضى الله عنه ـ عَنِ النَّبِيِّ صلى الله عليه وسلم نَحْوَهُ يَعْنِي ‏ “‏ لَوْلاَ بَنُو إِسْرَائِيلَ لَمْ يَخْنَزِ اللَّحْمُ، وَلَوْلاَ حَوَّاءُ لَمْ تَخُنْ أُنْثَى زَوْجَهَا ‏”‏‏.‏

Narrated Abu Huraira:
The Prophet (S) said, “If it was not for the Israelites, meat would not decay. And if it was not for Eve, wives would never betray their husbands.”
Saheeh Bukhari – Chapter: The creation of Adam and his offspring


وَحَدَّثَنَا مُحَمَّدُ بْنُ رَافِعٍ، حَدَّثَنَا عَبْدُ الرَّزَّاقِ، أَخْبَرَنَا مَعْمَرٌ، عَنْ هَمَّامِ بْنِ مُنَبِّهٍ، قَالَ هَذَا مَا حَدَّثَنَا أَبُو هُرَيْرَةَ، عَنْ رَسُولِ اللَّهِ صلى الله عليه وسلم فَذَكَرَ أَحَادِيثَ مِنْهَا وَقَالَ رَسُولُ اللَّهِ صلى الله عليه وسلم ‏ “‏ لَوْلاَ بَنُو إِسْرَائِيلَ لَمْ يَخْبُثِ الطَّعَامُ وَلَمْ يَخْنَزِ اللَّحْمُ وَلَوْلاَ حَوَّاءُ لَمْ تَخُنْ أُنْثَى زَوْجَهَا الدَّهْرَ ‏”‏ ‏.‏

Allah’s Messenger said: Had it not been for Bani Isra’il (the Israelites), food would not have become stale, and meat would not have gone bad; and had it not been for Eve, a woman would never have acted unfaithfully towards her husband.
Saheeh Muslim – Chapter: Were it not for Hawa’ (Eve), no female would ever betray her husband

It is the peak of irrationality. 

Even if we assume the Islamic story of Adam and Eve to be true, .... and even if we assume that ONLY wives betray their husbands (while vice versa is not true), still the conclusion by Allah/Muhammad is false, while:

  • Wives don't betray their husbands due to Eve,
  • And even when they betray them, then it is only due to Satan (even according to Islam's logic). 
  • And the proof for this is that husbands also betray their wives, but Muslims don't blame Adam for their crimes, but they blame Satan for the wrong-doings of husbands. 

 As usual, Islam apologists again came to defend it too. Islamweb.Net is one of the largest Islamic Fatwa websites, and it presented the following excuse for this hadith (link):

This Hadeeth is authentic; it was recorded by Al-Bukhari and Muslim. As regards its meaning, An-Nawawi said about the interpretation of the saying of the Prophet : "Had it not been for Hawaaa' (Eve), women would never betray their husbands.” Al-Qaadhi said: “The meaning of this Hadeeth is that she was the mother of the daughters of Aadam; so they resembled her, and they inherited from her what happened to her in the account of the tree with Iblees (Satan) - he seduced her into eating from the tree and lured her, so she told Aadam about the tree and, as a result, he ate from it.....”

This explanation is even worse than the hadith itself. 

None of the women "inherited" this characteristic to betray their husbands from Eve.

No child inherits such characteristics as telling a lie, telling the truth, betraying etc. from his/her parents. 

And finally, there are also men who are unfaithful to their wives. Have they inherited it from Adam? 


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