Islamic preachers argue against the establishment of a non-religious non-religious secular system by suggesting that without the strict laws of Allah's Sharia system, non-religious people will start raping their mothers and sisters and dead bodies. 


A non-religious society can adequately protect its members from harm through the use of reason, logic, and wise decision-making. It does not require the presence of a deity to achieve this goal.

It is disturbingly common in Islamic Pakistan for perpetrators to rape the deceased bodies of women and girls. This heinous act is attributed to the fact that the Unnatural religious system of the Islamic Hijab and Gender Segregation creates an environment of extreme Sexual Frustration within society.

Reports of people exhuming the bodies of recently buried women and girls from graves and raping them are frequent in Pakistani newspapers. This phenomenon has reached alarming levels, prompting families of the deceased to mount vigils over their loved ones' graves for several nights to prevent desecration.

Please see this link and you will find many incidents about the rape of dead women/girls in Pakistan. 

The foremost Reason for such behaviour (like raping dead bodies or indulging in incest) is Sexual Frustration

First Solution:

By employing our rational thinking, it was straightforward for us to identify the primary factor behind such behavior, which is sexual frustration. We don't need divine intervention to comprehend the root cause of this issue.

Once we have determined the underlying cause, the next logical step is to devise solutions using our intellectual faculties.

To address the problem, we lifted the unnatural constraints on the interaction between men and women, thereby alleviating sexual frustration in society.

If an individual still harbours such desires despite these measures, it suggests that they are struggling with mental health issues and require professional assistance.


Second Solution:

Furthermore, in a secular society, we used our intellect to find a solution to this issue by declaring such acts to be criminal offenses. This was done to protect members of our society from physical and psychological harm. Similarly, just as some men in non-religious societies may have a tendency towards drug use, society as a whole declares it illegal to safeguard its members from harm.

As non-religious individuals, we recognize that nature is not flawless. Our world is not purely black and white. There are certainly individuals in society who have inclinations towards criminal activities and fetishistic fantasies. Due to this imperfection of nature, we must utilize our intellect to devise solutions to address these issues.

If religious people say that they don't rape dead people only while their Allah prohibited it, then we tell them simply that we don't rape dead people while our society has collectively found that raping a dead body is harmful and thus we declared it a crime.

The results speak for themselves, due to unnatural restrictions on interaction between men and women, Islamic societies are suffering from extreme Sexual Frustration.

Not only Islamic Pakistani society is ahead in raping the dead bodies of women/girls, but they are also at the top of the list in watching porn films in the whole world.

Actually, not only porn films, but Pakistani Society is No. 1 in watching INCEST PORN (as sister fuck, mother fuck, daughter fuck, donkey fuck) in the whole world for the last 2 decades (according to Google Trends).

Here are the links about Pakistanis being No. 1 in search of incest porn.

  1. Sister Rape
  2. Mother Rape
  3. Child Sex
  4. Donkey Rape

(Note: Today, some Islamic apologists argue that the traffic data from websites like indicates that no one from Islamic countries visits such sites. However, this argument is flawed because it fails to account for the fact that most Islamic countries have banned access to pornographic websites. As a result, people in these countries who wish to access such content must use virtual private networks (VPNs) to do so. Therefore, the traffic data provided by Islamic apologists is misleading and does not accurately reflect the reality of pornography consumption in Islamic countries.). 

The Tehrir Square (Egypt) Incident: 

This one video is enough to see the sexual frustration among the Muslim masses due to unnatural restrictions in the name of the Hijab and modesty. This is much more dangerous than the incident of Muslim men digging graves and raping dead women/girls.


Muslim Women are abused and harassed by Men during the most spiritual event of Hajj

During the supposedly sacred event of Hajj, many Muslim women have reported experiencing harassment and abuse at the hands of men. Despite the spiritual nature of the gathering, men are unable to control their behaviour and take advantage of the combined presence of men and women. This is the only event in Islam where men and women are present in a mixed gathering. 

This is a stark contrast to the behaviour of non-Muslims who attend disco events, where music and dance are often present, yet instances of harassment and abuse are significantly lower. In fact, the supposedly "Haram" nature of music and dance in Islam does not seem to have a negative impact on the behaviour of non-Muslims, who are able to enjoy themselves without resorting to inappropriate behaviour.


Our intellect guides us that this same sexual frustration leads the men towards even raping the dead bodies of women/girls in the next step.

Muslim Dilemma

Muslims can hit their wives and cannot say that hitting a wife is wrong because it is written in their book.

The dilemma faced by Muslims is that they are unable to engage in open and honest discussions about controversial topics such as sleeping with dead bodies and sex slavery, as they feel compelled to defend their religious beliefs rather than critically evaluating them from various perspectives. Unlike non-religious individuals who can approach such issues from different angles, including ethical, moral, and harmful ones, Muslims are limited to defending their faith, even if they personally disagree with certain aspects of it. This restriction hinders their ability to engage in meaningful dialogue and explore alternative viewpoints.

Objection: If Western societies allow for greater freedom of interaction between men and women, why do cases of rape and sexual assault still occur?

A Muslim presented the following objection:

West is not repressing sex, yet rape and assault happen here as well. Why is that happening?


While nothing is 100% perfect in this imperfect world,

we can use our intellect to solve most issues, but creating a 100% fault-free perfect system is impossible.

Nonetheless, when compared to the supposedly Perfect Islamic System of the supposedly 100% Perfect Allah, our non-religious system comes out on top in every field. 

Objection: But some individuals in Western countries support the idea of allowing necrophilia and incest

An Islamic preacher raised this objection:

There are individuals in Western societies who advocate for such morally reprehensible acts like necrophilia and incest. Doesn't this indicate a lack of moral guidance in non-religious societies?


There are individuals in Western societies who advocate for such morally reprehensible acts. Doesn't this indicate a lack of moral guidance in non-religious societies?


While it's true that some individuals in non-religious societies may voice their support for extreme ideas like necrophilia and incest, this does not indict the entire non-religious population. In fact, it's a sign of a healthy society that allows for freedom of speech and criticism.

It's important to remember that humans are imperfect, and there will always be diverse opinions and perspectives within any given society. The key is to ensure that those voices are heard while still maintaining societal norms and laws that align with the values of the majority.

Moreover, by permitting the expression of controversial viewpoints, we can engage in meaningful discussions and critiques that ultimately lead to better understanding and problem-solving. This process fosters evolution in both behaviour and legislation. Of course, mistakes can be made along the way, but the ability to learn from those errors and adapt accordingly is a hallmark of progress.

Contrary to what some Islamic preachers suggest, it's actually the Muslim world that struggles more with addressing certain issues. While it's possible to find individuals in the West who argue for the legalization of extreme practices, it's undeniable that these behaviours are generally considered taboo and are less prevalent due to societal pressures and legal frameworks (i.e. less widespread) ... Please see how Pakistani Muslims are also at top of the list in search of "Donkey Rape" along with "Incest" related search and in the incidents of necrophilia. 

Like Lawrence Krauss said, “reason and empathy”, and we will solve all problems sooner or later. 

Reminder: Islam doesn't say anything about necrophilia, it's up to the opinions of scholars

Yes, in Islam, there is no verse nor a Hadith about necrophilia.

It's left to the fallible human (i.e. Islamic Scholars) after Muhammad to decide on this matter.

The scholars of Fiqh agreed on the illegality of having sex with a dead person. However, they're split into two opinions on the punishment of the person who does it.

In the Kuwaiti Encyclopedia of Jurisprudence, the two views are:

  • Hanafis, Shāfi'is (in the more sound view) and Hanbalis (in the accepted view) say that there is no Hadd for the person committing necrophilia, that is because having sex with a dead person is like not having sex because it is (the sex) done with a wasted organ, and because having sex with the dead woman is undesirable, in fact, it's something that the [human] nature would have an aversion to and people would be disgusted by. So there is no need for establishing a Hadd as a deterrence. But a Ta'zir should be done on the person committing such an act.

  • Mālikis, Shāfi'i (the opposing view) and some Hanbalis are on imposing the Hadd punishment on the doer, and this is the view of al-Awzā'i. They argued that it's because it's similar to having sex with a live woman and because it's a graver sin for violating the sanctity of the dead. The Malikis excluded the dead wife and stated that there is no Hadd on the husband for having sex with his own dead wife.

So, what are the reasons for the scholars?:

  • Appeal to disgust.
  • Appeal to nature.
  • Argument from analogy. Their Qiyas is broken and error-prone.

As you can see there is no evidence from the Quran or the Hadith that says anything about the matter, there is only the guesswork of the scholars. Even the Ta'zir punishment is subjective.


Muslims are so ashamed of this today, that when an Egyptian Preacher repeated the same fatwa that a man can have sex with his dead wife, he was prohibited from appearing anymore on TV. Here you can read about it.