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Why Creation and Testing?


Flawless divine revelation or merely a flawed human drama?

The question at hand is whether Islam represents a flawless divine revelation or merely a flawed human drama. By examining its content, one can determine its true nature and discern whether it bears the marks of divine wisdom or human fallibility. Take the time to read and reflect in order to arrive at your own conclusion.


Islamic Slavery

A huge conflict exists between humanity and religion, particularly concerning the matter of Islamic Slavery. This is a crucial issue that led many Muslims to doubt and question Islam and finally to abandon it and become ex-Muslims.


Scientific Inaccuracies in the Revelation

According to Islam, Allah is believed to be completely 100% perfect. As a result, if it can be demonstrated that there is even a "single" scientific error in the Islamic revelation, it would undermine the entire foundation of Islam, which is built upon the premise of Allah's 100% infallibility. Modern Science is an ultimate weapon which will expose the false religions and dismantle their claims.

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Child ABUSE in Islam

Evaluate religion through the lens of humanity. Your inherent humanity will always guide you on the correct path.







When Muhammad claimed to receive revelations about the unseen, no one could confirm or deny it since people never saw Gabriel. However, when any historical incident happened during the life of Muhammad, then many people became DIRECT eye-witnesses to that historical event, and they also narrated that incident further. However, the problem for Muslims was that many of those incidents were exposing Muhammad and Islam and proving them to be false. 

Subsequent generations of Islamic apologists took two approaches to control the damage:

  1. Firstly, they fabricated hundreds of thousands of false Ahadith to counter genuine incidents. 
  2. Secondly, they created Ilm-ul-Hadith (Science of Hadith), which should serve as a TOOL to declare any incident as WEAK and UNRELIABLE which exposed Muhammad/Islam.

It is impossible to prove these Ahadith as a fabrication as all hadith transmitters were Muslims. However, we are fortunate that contradictions in these fabrications sometimes expose them as lies.

The following articles detail historical incidents where fabricated Hadith and Ilm-ul-Hadith were fortunately exposed due to CONTRADICTIONS within them.


Hoaxes of the Quranic Miracles

Muslim preachers have manipulated millions of innocent individuals by propagating falsehoods in the guise of Quranic miracles and predictions. In reality, the Quran lacks any genuine miracles and is instead marred by scientific inaccuracies. Our aim is to help liberate those who have fallen victim to this religious propaganda and present them with the truth.

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Prophecies about the Last Hour


Dangers from an Islamic State




Islam (General)


🏳️‍🌈 LGBTQ+







Judaism, Christianity, Hinduism, and other religions do not possess the capacity to draw Muslims towards their respective beliefs. However, atheism has been automatically eroding the ranks of Muslims and establishing its own presence. This phenomenon has been occurring since the inception of Islam, even without the presence of an organized atheist movement or active preaching. With the advent of modern science and the prevalence of secular systems, this trend has witnessed a significant surge in recent times.



Among minority groups in Islamic countries, it is commonly believed that Ahmadi Muslims face the greatest threats to their lives. However, this estimation significantly misses the mark. The most persecuted individuals within Islamic societies are actually ex-Muslims.


My Last Words to Allah

Even after fully comprehending that Islam is nothing more than a product of human revelations, I found it difficult to take the final step of leaving it behind and I remained attached to Islam for a while longer.

One question, in particular, weighed heavily on my mind: "What if Allah reveals Himself after my death?"

I thoroughly pondered this question from various angles before directing my last words to Allah:

"Oh Allah! If indeed You exist and possess insight into the depths of my heart, then You would perceive that I have sincerely sought the truth.

However, my honest pursuit has led me to firmly believe within my heart that You do not exist. It is my inherent sense of humanity that compels me to conclude that your system (Islam) is founded upon hostility towards humanity.

Do You truly desire for me to be a hypocrite? Should I outwardly acknowledge Your existence while internally denying it within my heart and mind?

And if I refuse to be a hypocrite, will You condemn me to eternal damnation, even though my heart is sincere? Will all the benevolent deeds I have performed for the betterment of humanity be in vain, leading me to eternal torment?

Therefore, if I am to be held accountable for my disbelief in You, then 'firstly,' You must provide answers for Your failure to present sufficient evidence of Your existence. You must explain why I could not recognize You despite my genuine quest. Why do You condemn billions of individuals, born into non-Muslim families by Your design, to suffer in eternal hellfire merely because they did not become Muslims?

If You reject my genuine intentions, then either Your promise of 'Verily, the reward of deeds depends on the intentions' is false, or Your threat of eternal hellfire is false."

These were my final words to Allah. I never addressed Him thereafter.