Some children possess exceptional intelligence and critical thinking skills, making them resilient against religious indoctrination. Unfortunately, this can become a burden for these kids as they find it difficult to accept the deceptions of religion, leading them to leave Islam at a young age.

However, sharing their true beliefs with their parents, family, and friends is not an option for them. They lack someone they can confide in about their struggles and doubts.

For Muslim parents, Islam comes first, and their children come later.  These young individuals must pretend to be devout Muslims to please their parents and gain their approval.

Imagine a child who no longer believes in Islam, yet his parents wake him up at 5 o'clock every morning to attend mosque prayers in Islamic countries. He is obligated to pray five times a day, a routine that can be overwhelming. Even ex-Muslim girls, who are not required to go to mosques, face difficulties praying five times daily at home. Actually, they have to face more hardships as the Hijab suffocates them their entire lives. 

Schools also play a significant role in religious indoctrination, teaching Islamic studies, the Quran, and Jurisprudence. In some cases, even science classes may propagate misinformation, such as dismissing the Theory of Evolution as a Western conspiracy to mislead Muslims.

In more religious households, ex-Muslim children may be prohibited from engaging in activities like watching TV dramas, films, or playing video games. Instead, they are compelled to attend Quran School daily, spending hours there every day.

These kids have to lead double lives, and have to fake it all day with no place to drop the facade without fear of retaliation. It is exhausting.

Their suffering does not end there. When they become adults, they already know they cannot allow themselves to fall in love, as they don't know a single non-religious person they can choose as a partner. They end up in arranged marriages with religious partners, especially difficult for ex-Muslim girls, who know they have to provide sex services to their religious Muslim husbands their entire life. 

Previously, it was believed that only a few girls left Islam, but it appears that the number of ex-Muslim girls exceeds that of ex-Muslim boys. This could be attributed to the added challenges imposed on their lives by Islam. Despite not believing in Allah, they must wear hijab almost constantly, even inside their homes, to avoid arousing male family members. Leaving the house requires the company of brothers or fathers, significantly limiting their freedom compared to ex-Muslim boys.

This fact is confirmed by thousands of stories of ex-Muslims in the ex-Muslim subreddit, where the number of ex-Muslim girls far exceeds that of ex-Muslim boys, and they endure more suffering compared to boys.

Another burden they face is the inability to educate their own children about the issues with Islam.  Their male children are circumcised, and they are compelled to send their children to Quran Schools. This is perhaps the most depressing matter for an ex-Muslim parent.

The plight of ex-Muslim individuals needs to be brought to the world's attention. Currently, many people are unaware of what it means to be an ex-Muslim.

Overall, the plight of ex-Muslim individuals needs greater awareness and understanding in society. They face unique challenges and deserve support and empathy to navigate their journey outside of Islam.