And the rebellion will continue

While Islam calls love to be shamelessness and immodesty, 

There is no concept of love in Islam—only SEX.

Islam asserts that the love of Laila/Majnoon (or Romeo/Juliet) was immodesty. 

And it seeks to severely punish all the Lailas and Manjoons who commit the “crime” of indulging in love.

However, all young people will automatically indulge in love at some stage. 

The love of young people will always rebel at least once in their lifetime.

Nobody preached Valentine’s Day in Islamic countries, yet millions of Muslims automatically became devout followers of Valentine. Human nature inherently drives them to worship love.

If restrictions are placed upon love, this flame will only grow larger and larger.

There is a contradiction in your religion and nature.


Note 1:
Islam does not provide the "chance" for boys and girls to indulge in LOVE with each other.
At age of 6, a small girl could be married by her Father, even without asking her consent.
So, what chance she has to become an adult, and to fell in love of any boy of her own age?

Similarly, Islam prohibits the interaction even between boys and girls. Islamic families consider co-education schools and universities to be HARAM.
How could then boys and girls could know each other, and could fell in love with each other?

But despite all these restrictions, even Muslim boys and Muslim girls fell in love with each other , and they wish to see each other often.

Therefore, many times they rebel against Islam and their families and they don't consider their love to be immodest or shamelessness. They meet with each other secretly despite all the restrictions.

Note 2:
Religious elements try their best to declare Valentine's Day to be an EVIL, which betrays the young boys and girls in name of love.
They force the shops to not to sell the flowers on this day, or to sell the love wish cards, or presents on this day.
But despite their preaching against love and Valentine's day, still millions of Muslim youth celebrate it, and exchange gifts with their lovers, No force succeeds in putting restriction upon their love.

Since both sexes are unable to interact with each other, and the marriage age of a boy in Islamic countries has reached 25 to 30 years, that is why Muslim youth are super frustrated sexually.
This Frustration is seen when there happen a lot of incidents of rape of small children who go to Islamic Madrassas to learn Quran.
It is so much worse that even dead bodies of girls/women are being taken out of their graves, and then raped.

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