Muslim preachers are spreading this video of Neil Tyson, in order to claim that Islam could come only from any DIVINE source, who knew about germs 1400 years ago, and thus asked Muslims to wash their hands and feet 5 times a day before daily prayers. 


It was a common practice to wash yourself before prayers in many religions:

The devout follower of Shintō, for example, rinses hands and mouth with water before approaching a shrine. Monks of the Theravāda Buddhist tradition wash themselves in the monastery pool before meditation. The upper-caste Hindu bathes ceremonially in water before performing daily morning worship (pūjā) in the home. Jewish law requires ritual immersion of their whole bodies by women prior to marriage and after menstruation, as well as by new converts to Judaism. Washing of the hands after rising in the morning and before meals that include bread are also examples of ablution in Judaism. 

Muhammad took this practice from Zoroastrians:

Zoroastrians were also praying 5 times a day, and they also had to do ablution before the prayers, known as PĀDYĀB.

You can read about it here:

Muhammad not only copied the concept of 5 times prayers but also of washing before it from Zoroastrians.

It is an Over-Kill, which brings other diseases

Washing your hands 5 times a day is not a problem.

But if you have to wash your hands till elbows and feet too 5 times a day, then it is a waste of water and your time (especially in winter, when your elbows are completely covered in clothes, and feet covered in socks).

Many times Muslims also get cold (in winter), as they have to wash their foot, nose and feet 5 times a day with cold water. They don't always have towels with them to dry their faces and feet.

Many times Muslims get foot fungus (especially in cold areas). It happens while they had to do Wadhu, and then put socks immediately on wet feet.

Moreover, washing the face and putting water in the nose 5 times a day in cold winters is also an over-kill, especially for those who don't have a strong immune system.

Moreover, sex life at night in winter is also a nightmare. It was a nightmare as you have to take a full body bath very early in the cold morning, and then go to the Fajr Prayer. It is also a recipe for disaster, especially if you have to go to the office on the motorcycle, after having a bath.

It is even a bigger nightmare for wives, as they have long hair, and it takes half an hour to dry their hair before Fajr prayer.

(PS: It became even bigger problem when there was no warm water available in winter, or we didn't have enough time to boil water before Fajr prayers. This compelled us to take a bath with cold water)