It is a challenge to Islamic Preachers to show us those rights, that Islam gave to women, but the West didn't.

Islamic preachers boast a lot that in Islam, only a husband is responsible for feeding, and the maintenance of his wife. But this right has also been given to a woman by the West, and actually, it gave a bigger share/right to a woman than Islam. In the West, if a husband earns money, then not only he has to feed and give maintenance money to his wife, but if he divorces her, then the whole estate (which was made during their marriage period) will be divided equally between them. 

Contrary to the West, Islam gives absolutely NOTHING to a woman, in case her husband divorces her. 

Yes, Islamic preachers come here with an EXCUSE, that Islam gives Mahr (Dowry) to a woman at the time of marriage, which she can use if she is divorced. But this excuse is false, while:

  • According to Islamic logic, Mahr is given to a woman, while a man takes SEXUAL Pleasure (تمتع) from her, and reserves her vagina solely for himself.
  • While he is free to marry other women and to have TEMPORARY sexual relationships with dozens of slave women. In Islam, a master raped his wife, and after a temporary sexual relationship, when he fulfilled his lust, then he sold her to a 2nd master, who again raped her and then sold her to a 3rd master ...
  • And she has to provide him with sexual services, whenever he demands it, even if they are travelling on the back of a camel (according to Muhammad). 
  • Thus, Mahr is the payment of those sexual services, which she is obliged to provide to her husband on DEMAND. 

And as far as the maintenance is concerned, then again Islam takes away many rights from a woman for this:

  • She is prohibited to leave the house without the permission of her husband.
  • She is even prohibited to visit her parents without his permission. 
  • Her husband gets the right to beat her in the name of maintenance money. 
  • She is given maintenance money, while she has to give away her right to go outside, do any job in public, and earn her own money. Only in case, if the husband allows it, then she can do a job. Nevertheless, practically it is from impossible to extremely difficult, while a truly Islamic society put so much pressure upon a woman, then she faces thousands of hurdles in going out and in doing any job. 
  • The truth is if her husband is abusive and tortures her, still she cannot take a divorce on her own. And if her husband divorces her, then practically she cannot survive on her own. She is forced to remarry.
  • But if she remarries, then Islam takes away all of her children from her (Please read our article: Strange Islam: If a divorced woman remarries, then she will lose the custody of her children).

In simple words:

  • Slaves are also fed and maintained.
  • Prisoners in the prisons are also fed and maintained. 
  • And women in Islam are not so much different than slaves and prisoners. 

Moreover, Mahr is a GAMBLE. Although Muslims claim that gambling is Haram, but they are unable to see how Islam is compelling every woman and man to play this gamble in their lives. 

  • Nobody knows how long a marriage is going to last. One day or the whole life. It is a gamble for both sides, how much Mahr should be fixed. 
  • If the marriage breaks after 1 month, then the husband is on the losing side, and he has to pay the entire Mahr. 
  • But if the marriage breaks after 20 years, then the wife is on the losing side, while after 20 years she will be old and it will be difficult for her to remarry to get financial support from another man. 

The system of Islam is totally “Out of Balance”, while:

  • All the financial burden is put solely upon the husband.
  • It does not matter if he is poor, if he becomes ill, or even if he loses his job. This is again a gamble as no one knows if he will become ill or not, or loses his job or not. In all these cases, still it is only the husband, who has to bear the financial burden. 

Compared to Islam, the Western system is totally in Balance. If a wife is rich, or she has a stable good earning job, and if she is healthy, then she has to share equal financial responsibilities, so that she becomes a support for her poor husband. Upon bringing this balanced system, Islamic preachers start doing false propaganda that the Western system put a lot of burden upon women but men are free of responsibilities.

Moreover, if a wife goes for a job outside, then the husband is not sitting idly in the house and waiting for her wife to come back so that he can start ordering her. No, but both the husband and the wife work together in the house. Whether it is cooking, cleaning, or taking care of children etc. Thus, the West put all those responsibilities upon the men too, which is absent in the Islamic system. 

Muslim excuse: Why Islam didn't give EQUAL rights to women

Maududi was one of the biggest Islamic apologists. He claimed:

The West claims it gave women the “equal rights”. But it didn't give this 'equal rights' to a woman, as a woman, but by making her a half man. They want a woman to do all the jobs which a man does. But naturally, a man cannot do all those jobs, which can be done only by a woman. Actually, the West wants women to perform all those duties, which 'nature' put upon women, and cannot be performed by men. And along with their own duties, women should bear equal load of those duties too, which 'nature' put upon men. Thus, the west want women to bear the 1+1/2 burden of duties, and men should bear only 1/2 of the burden. And they gave it the name of “Equal Rights”.

All these are lies and only lame excuses for the exploitation of women in Islam, and for denying them equal rights. 

Women women are absolutely not loaded with a double burden. If they are working outside, then western men are also working inside the house and doing every kind of household work. 

Contrary to Islam, the West does not consider that there are works which only women can do, so men should not touch them (or vice versa). No, mostly men and women can do all types of work (inside or outside the house) when needed according to the situation. 

Yes, only women can bear children and breastfeed them. And for that, women have EXTRA rights in the West. It is totally wrong for Muslims to blame the West that it puts a 1+1/2 burden upon women. 

While the Islamic family system is totally out of Balance. If a woman does not have children, still she has to stay at home and does nothing. And even if a husband is ill, still he has to go outside and earn money for his wife and children.