Islamic Preachers come up with the following argument, in order to defend the Quranic teachings of non-integration:

Secularism is against collectivism and based upon ‘individualism’ and talks about the rights and liberties of an individual person. It’s moral stance is that an individual person is allowed to do whatever he wishes to do, and let others do whatever they want to do. Therefore, when the Western people demands the ‘social integration’ from Muslim, who are living in the West, they are themselves contradicting the basics of the Liberalism/Secularism

These Islamic Preachers are suffering from the huge disease of misunderstanding Secularism. 

es, of course, secularism gives individuals the liberty of personal choice. For instance, if an individual chooses not to participate in Christmas celebrations according to his personal choice, then there is no issue with it.

But the criticism is not upon the ‘personal choice’ of an individual person, but the criticism here is upon the ‘Collective behaviour' of the ‘Muslim Community’, where their religion Islam has ordered them ‘collectively’ to neither marry the Kafirs, nor they are allowed to celebrate their festivals, nor to dress like them, nor to integrate in their society in any way. A paint shirt is a complete dress for men to hide their nakedness (i.e., 'Awrah) according to Islamic rules, but Islam still prohibits Muslim men from wearing a paint shirt, which is equal to integrating into the kafir society according to Islamic Sharia.  

Islam has thus killed this very basic ‘personal choice’ of an individual person by giving these collective orders

Thus, these teachings of Islam about the collective opposition to integration into Western society is a ‘Hate Speech’ against others, and it is against the SPIRIT of Secularism.

Secularism says it is a crime that people differentiate others on the basis of religion, race or colour. But religious Muslims living in Western countries under Secularism are committing exactly this same crime by differentiating other people on the basis of religion.

There is a direct clash between Secular Human Values and the teachings of Islam. 

All other communities (Jews, Christians, Hindus, or Atheist Chinese etc.) are integrating into the local Western societies without any problems. It is due to the reason that they have accepted that Secular Values stand above all religions (while they stand for humanity, and humanity is above all religions). 

If the Muslim community does not learn to give preference to the Human Secular Values above the hate teachings of the Quranic Kafirophobia, then they will never be able to integrate, even if they keep on living there for the next thousands of years. 

The lesson is simple, HUMANITY stands above all religions.