Muslim Preachers do a lot of propaganda that:

Atheists have no hopes of support from Allah in times of difficulties. Thus, they commit suicide due to pressure. 

But this claim is totally false. 

The reality is, it is only and only religious people who fear death, For example:

  • All Muslims fear the process of death when the soul is taken out by the angel of death. The process of taking out the souls is so painful, that Moses slapped the angel of death (Sahih Bukhari, 1339). And Muhammad was himself afraid of death and used to say: 'O Allah! Help me with the throes of death and the agony of death.' (Sunan al-Tirmidhi, 978)
  • Then all Muslims fear Munkir and Nakir, and the horrible punishment in the grave.
  • And then they fear the fire of hell (even if they are put there for a short period of time). 

While Atheists have absolutely NO FEAR of any punishment in the graves or of eternal fire in hell.

Yes, Atheists know that the process of death causes physical pain, but they suffer from no extra psychological pain that any angel will take out their souls while causing some spiritual pain. And actually, modern medical processes (like Euthanasia) have taken out even the fear of any physical pain at the time of death too from atheists. 

That is why atheists enjoy life till they are able to enjoy it. And when suffering due to old age or illnesses catches them, then they are already 'mentally prepared' to hug death peacefully. 

This 'mental preparedness' is very important. It is your ‘mind’, which supports you and prepares you to face all kinds of terrible situations. For example:

  • If you are close to death, then it is your mind which will prepare you to face it by presenting this argument that death is a reality. If the whole universe is functioning upon the same principle, then why fear death?
  • It will further prepare you by giving this argument that death is a form of ‘blessing’ too.

The result of this mental preparation is that Atheists are much more peaceful at the time of their death as compared to religious people

  • Muslims are not only suffering physically at the time of death, but they are suffering mentally too.
  • And they are absolutely not peaceful, and they are crying and praying and trying to seek Allah's support in their time of distress.
  • But when Allah remains absent and does not come to reduce their pain and suffering, then Muslims start suffering from mental tensions too. They think as if they made any sin in their life, due to which Allah is not hearing their prayers, and that is why Allah is making their death so painful. 

Contrary to Muslims, while Atheists are already MENTALLY prepared for death, thus they seek means to make their death as pain-free as possible. This leads them to  Euthanasia (a practice of intentionally ending a life to relieve pain and suffering) too.  

But Muslims call this Euthanasia to be suicide and thus Haram. 

Nevertheless, for atheists, this Euthanasia is not Haram, but a very important basic Human Right.

While religions took away this right from humans in the name of false hope and lie that God/Gods will come to their rescue, and will get them rid of illness and pain. This religious lie compels the poor human being to suffer a long painful life till his natural death becomes a blessing for him and gets him rid of this suffering. This is perhaps the biggest cruelty of religion which it brought upon human beings

Today, we already have thousands of cases of Euthanasia in front of us. 

And in each and every case of Euthanasia, we see that every person was peacefully and happily going into the valley of death. 

Therefore, even the death of atheists is not miserable, their death is also bringing them Happiness. 

It is a challenge to all Muslim preachers, to show us people going for Euthanasia, and they are not peaceful and happy about that. They can hardly find any, while all of them are happy. 

Thus, the reality is, the rate of suicide is higher in the Atheist community, while they are mentally prepared to welcome their death. 

The atheist societies of China and Vietnam and Africa have existed for thousands of years. If any false hopes from gods were really needed, then these societies would have died in their first generation.


Because it is your ‘mind’, which supports you and prepares you to face all kinds of terrible situations. For example, if you are close to death, then it is your mind which will prepare you to face it by presenting this argument that death is a reality, and the whole universe is functioning upon the same principle, then why to fear death?

Similarly, if someone does any injustice to you, still it is your mind that guides you that this universe didn’t come into being on the principles of ‘justice’. And there is no principle of justice present within ‘nature’ itself, but these are human beings who developed the sense of justice during the process of evolution, and thus they try to uphold justice for the betterment of humanity. It is your mind which will guide you if that person is strong and is doing injustice to you, then we have to show ‘patience’ and we should be persistent in raising our voices against this injustice. Thus, our mind prepares us mentally to face injustices too with courage and bravery. 

In short, there is not a single situation in the world for which our mind could not prepare us mentally to face it. And once we are ready mentally, then we don’t need any other false hope and false support of any god. Moreover:

  • Religious people depend upon the false hope of gods, and they are not ‘mentally’ prepared for the worst situations. Thus, when their false hopes are broken, then they face even more pain than before.
  • And false hopes don’t let people prepare and face the real situation, and thus they are often not in a position to make the ‘right decisions’. They frequently make the wrong decision due to this false hope, and they are even more broken than before in the end.
  • And religious people don't spend their energies, time, and money on solving the original issues, but they spend it on prayers and making sacrifices to gods.

One ex-Muslim wrote: I know for me, it’s not my atheism which causes depression, it’s from other extremist Muslims!

Another ex-Muslim wrote: What makes me depressed and suicidal isn't the fact that I don't believe in god, it's the fact that I have to pretend as if i do.

Another ex-Muslim wrote: Life is tough when your whole world is Muslim, but u the outcast. If you are a loner, like me, uh it's fine, hell with them, but for a social person .. he just lost the entire social life.

Another ex-Muslim wrote: For me, it's the fact that it makes “people like me” who are gay and atheist seem like demons, and when everyone around you believes you should be put to death because of who you are and what you believe in, it's quite hard to stay sane and not want to kill yourself