Religious proponents argue:

It is crucial to shield humanity from atheism, contending that when an individual is in distress, they require support and hope to cultivate patience. They assert that this support, hope, and patience are absent in atheism.


Many atheist and non-religious societies, such as those in China, Vietnam, and Africa, have thrived for millennia. If reliance on false hopes from gods were necessary, these societies would have perished in their early generations.


Because it is your mind, which supports you and prepares you to face all kinds of terrible situations. 

For example, if you are close to death, then it is your mind which will prepare you to face it by presenting this argument that death is a reality, and the whole universe is functioning upon the same principle, then why fear death? It will further prepare you by giving this argument that death is a form of ‘blessing’ too. 

The result of this mental preparation is that Atheists are much more peaceful at the time of their death as compared to religious people. 

Similarly, if someone does any injustice to you, still it is your mind that guides you that this universe didn’t come into being on the principles of ‘justice’. And there is no principle of justice present within ‘nature’ itself, but these are human beings who developed the sense of justice during the process of evolution, and thus they try to uphold justice for the betterment of humanity. 

It is your mind which will guide you if that person is strong and is doing injustice to you, then we have to show ‘patience’ and we should be persistent in raising our voices against this injustice. Thus our mind prepares us mentally to face injustices too with courage and bravery. 

In short, there is not a single situation in the world for which our mind could not prepare us mentally to face it. And once we are ready mentally, then we don’t need any other false hope and false support of any god. 


  • Religious people depend upon the false hope of gods, and they are not ‘mentally’ prepared for the worst situations. Thus, when their false hopes are broken, then they face even more pain than before.
  • And false hopes don’t let people prepare and face the real situation, and thus they are often not in a position to make the ‘right decisions’. They often make the wrong decision due to this false hope and they are even more broken than before in the end.
  • And religious people don't spend their energies, time and money on solving the original issues, but they spend it on prayers and making sacrifices to gods.