Ex-Muslims encompass diverse perspectives, and individual opinions are respected.

However, a prevailing viewpoint among ex-Muslims is as follows:

  1. The primary and most significant issue in the Israel-Palestine conflict is the refusal of Hamas and the majority of Palestinians to recognize Israel's right to exist. This stands as the foremost challenge.

  2. The problem of illegal Israeli settlements is secondary but intricately linked to the first issue. Addressing the settlements becomes challenging without resolving the foundational problem of non-recognition of Israel's right to exist.

The Initial Issue: Recognition of Israel

Azerbaijan also invaded the Armenian land of Nagorno-Karabakh with the help of colonial Iran and then colonial Russia, who declared it a part of Azerbaijan without the consent of the local people (somewhat similar to what colonial Britain did i.e. declared the state of Israel without the consent of the majority of the local population). Armenian people were living in Nagorno Karabakh for thousands of years till the Azery Government started to settle Azeries there to change the demographics (somewhat similar to what Israel is doing today i.e. settling zionists in illegal settlements).

Muslims should see that it will become double standards when they blame Israelis for invading Palestine but don't blame Azeris for the same thing.

Turkey killed millions in the Armenian Genocide in 1915 and made the whole area of Western Armenia a part of Turkey. Again Muslims have to see these double standards where they blame only Jews for being invaders but utter no words against the same things that their Muslim brothers did on a much bigger level.

We (i.e. ex-Muslims) have no love affair with the wrongdoings of Israel and Zionists. We would have opposed a Zionist state in 1948. But today Israel is a reality, just like:

  • It is a reality that the historic Western Armenia is a part of Turkey now.
  • Or just like Pakistan is a separate state from India, although colonial Britain conspired against the majority of the population of India of that time and created Pakistan against their wishes. Millions of people had to suffer, and they had to leave their houses, and become refugees due to this decision. Yes, the people of united India also suffered the same way as Palestinians suffered.

The situation of today is clear, there should exist no Iran or Taliban type Muslim Palestinian State under the influence of Hamas, where non-Muslims have to live under fear and have no equal rights to preach their religion and convert people to their religion and to criticize Islam. Where LGBT members are thrown down from high buildings while they also don't have any rights to exist. Where ex-Muslims are lynched and killed brutally for their crime of leaving Islam. Why should we ever support such oppressive Islamic states? Why should we not criticize the double standards of Muslims where they are quick to demand equal rights to preach Islam and convert people to Islam in non-Muslim countries, but are not ready to give us the same human rights?

Muslims want to talk about Islamophobia and invasion by Jews, then let us also talk about double standards and homophobia and Murtadphobia (i.e. Apostatephobia) and Kafirophobia of Muslims.


The Secondary Issue: Illegal Israeli Settlements

The second issue revolves around Israeli illegal settlements, coupled with a mindset among some Israelis that claims a birthright to the entire land based on a divine promise for Greater Israel. Unfortunately, this issue receives less attention due to the overarching problem of Palestinian non-recognition and support for Hamas and its suicide bombings and Islamic Jihad.

Israel has strategically used attacks attributed to Islamic Jihad by Hamas to further its agenda of illegal settlements. Previously, Israel leveraged attacks by the PLO for the same purpose.


The Full Solution (From the perspective of ex-Muslims):

Despite Israel's heavy influence, no Western country officially endorses illegal settlements. Significant opposition exists, even in the USA.

Even within Israel, there are secularists who seek a peaceful solution. Unfortunately, suicide bombing in the name of Islamic Jihad of Hamas weakened these secular forces and they started losing their popularity in Israel. Consequently, extremist Zionist forces gained popularity in Israel and seized power.

We are not living in a 100% perfect world. Justice is not immediately served and positive changes take time (sometimes decades or centuries) to develop. But we can learn a lesson from the peaceful resistance in South Africa. This peaceful resistance took decades, but in the end, it gave time to the remaining world to get united against the illegal settlements.  

Palestinians and Hamas are urged to adopt a similar approach. Only peaceful resistance unites the world against illegal Israeli settlements and garners support for the Palestinian cause. It may take some time, but this is the only solution. 

Western countries deserve credit here that they didn't recognise illegal settlements, although Israel has a lot of influence there. But, if Hamas keep on attacking instead, then only EXTREMIST powers will gain popularity and the secularist forces will become weaker and weaker. We have already seen how the Trump administration started recognising illegal settlements in favour of Israel. 

The suggested steps are clear:

  1. Palestinians (at least their majority) must acknowledge Israel's right to exist.
  2. Secondly, Hamas should be eliminated (or otherwise, Hamas agrees to give up its stance to expel all Jews and recognise Israel's right to exist). 

  3. Protest illegal Israeli settlements, initiate boycotts, impose sanctions (like it happened in the case of apartheid South Africa), and hope for a shift in power toward secular Israelis advocating a peaceful solution.

  4. Even a peaceful resistance may take a longer time, but it can produce the best results in today's world as we saw in the case of South Africa.