Ex-Muslims respond to this objection by pointing out that Muslims assert their right to reject all false deities before acknowledging Allah (i.e., لأ إله إلا الله There is no god but Allah). Then, what's wrong with us exercising our right to renounce Islam first by identifying as ex-Muslims?

Moreover, even if we call ourselves Christian or Hindu or atheist, do Islam and Muslims admit it?

No, absolutely not:

  • Islam/Muslims don't consider us like other non-Muslims and don't call us Christian/Hindu/Atheist, but they call us Murtad (Apostates).
  • All non-Muslim minorities get registration as Christian/Hindu/Jew/Nones etc. But the Islamic countries don't register us (i.e. ex-Muslims) as Christian/Hindu/Atheists. Instead of that, they register us Murtads (apostates) and file a crime charge against us, imprison us and then kill us. 
  • Even in the Western countries, where they cannot kill us, still they don't consider us like other Christians/Jews, but they always consider us Murtads. 

Are you able to see this difference between a normal Christian/Jew/Hindu and an ex-Muslim turned Christian/Jew/Hindu?

When Islam refers to us with the abusive terminology of Murtad (i.e. An Islamic Apostate), Islamic preachers happily accept this abusive terminology for us. But when we label ourselves ex-Muslims, it becomes an issue for Islamic preachers.

If they want us to leave the terminology of ex-Muslim, then:

  • Firstly, Muslims have to stop the use of the abusive Quranic terminology of Murtad. Murtad does not mean "apostate", but it means "an Islamic apostate". Islam/Muslims have no problem with normal apostasy like if any non-Muslim apostates from his/her religion and converts to Islam. 
  • Secondly, Muslims have to agree that the usage of the word Murtad is a CRIME against humanity, just like the use of the "N" word. Yes, the word Murtad is a bigger derogatory term than the "N" word, and it also brings more HATRED and HARM to innocent people than the "N" word. 

When Muslims start considering us like other non-Muslim Christians/Jews/Atheists, only then they can demand us to stop calling ourselves ex-Muslims. 

Yes, the reality is that we leave Islam, but Islam never leaves us

Yes, it is Islam that is obsessed with us. 

Yes, we challenge Muslims to prove us otherwise i.e. Islam does leave us and Islam is not obsessed with us. 

It's our fundamental human right to select whatever terminology we believe best represents us. We will never leave using its usage while it is helping us to fight back us Islamic Oppression:

  • It gives an individual a feeling that he/she is not alone in rebelling against the religion of Islam, but there is a whole community of people who have done so. 
  • Ex-Muslims are arguably the most persecuted religious community on earth at present. They are often lonely individuals who must conceal their beliefs and live in fear throughout their lives. They cannot share their secrets with their Muslim families or even their children, as there is a risk that innocent children may reveal their secrets to others.
  • They feel obligated to raise their children as Muslims, despite considering Islam to be a false religion.
  • The usage of the term ex-Muslims serves as the most effective means of bringing awareness to the existence of these oppressed individuals who have abandoned Islam. This terminology helps highlight their struggles, hardships, and suffering to the world.

Thus the term ex-Muslim is self-descriptive and can open the eyes of people who are kept in the dark, those who say:

- I didn't even know you could be an Ex-Muslim.

It's a name that passively fights against Islamic propaganda.

Muslim preachers ask: "If there exist ex-Jews, ex-Hindus, ex-Christians, ex-Buddhists? If not, why then ex-Muslims?"

But ex-Muslims challenge these Muslim preachers to show them where any other religion (except for Islam) is obsessed with people who leave the religion, abuse them with terminology like "mulhid", and kill them in the name of "murtad"?

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