Modesty is not concealed within the Hijab; rather, it lies in respecting women and their choices.

The MORALS of the Western world stand as an example of true modesty as they educate men to respect women and their autonomy. Although, on the ground level, the Western world is still far away from being perfect, it is in an evolutionary stage where it is gradually moving towards the right direction. 

However, in contrast, Muslim men often experience great frustration due to the restrictions imposed on natural interactions between men and women in the name of Hijab and Islamic modesty.

Not showing men women's bodies is only going to make them fetishize the tiniest detail they do get to see. If women's bodies were treated normally, men would get used to them and not fetishize every tiny part of them. The same is true if you don't let men talk and interact with women. It will never allow them to understand women and their feelings and how to deal with them respectfully.

Segregating genders is what causes violent & misogynistic & over-sexualized behavior in men & causes a gap between the genders. Children should be raised to see their peers & others as human equals. When men & women are friends, they develop respect & mutual understanding between them & relate to one another beyond the scope of gender roles. Repressing sexuality makes it so men have intrusive thoughts because they don’t have a healthy outlet for their urges.

That is why, even girls with Hijab are still harassed and molested in Islamic countries. 

Muhammad Hussein Yacoub is a famous Egyptian Islamic Dawah Scholar (He is a Salafi scholar). When he was asked why women are still molested despite the Hijab, he replied that Hijabi girls are molested while they are leaving their eyes, hands and feet uncovered and thus they incite lust among men. He proposed the solution that they should hide their hands in gloves, feet in socks and their eyes in Niqaab.

But this molestation is not going to stop despite the Niqab, gloves and socks. In the next steps, Islamic preachers are going to tell the women:

  • You are being molested while you leave the Four Walls of your house and come outside. You are inciting men by coming out of your homes. 
  • But the molestation of girls is not going to stop even in their homes. The sexual frustration among Muslim men will make them molest their girls inside their homes. It is a reality as you will read about incest in Islamic Pakistan later in this article. 

The hijab didn't stop Muhammad from becoming sexually aroused

Mohammad once called a presumably fully clothed woman in Medina a devil for just existing and became sexually aroused after seeing her.

Sahih Muslim, 1403a:

Jabir reported that Allah's Messenger (ﷺ) saw a woman, and so he came to his wife, Zainab, as she was tanning a leather and had sexual intercourse with her. He then went to his Companions and told them: The woman advances and retires in the shape of a devil, so when one of you sees a woman, he should come to his wife, for that will repel what he feels in his heart.

Please think about it: Why did the Hijab fail to make Muhammad safe from being sexually aroused? 

Tahrir Square (Egypt) Incident: 

The incident at Tahrir Square (Egypt) showcases the evident sexual frustration among Muslim masses resulting from unnatural restrictions imposed in the name of Hijab and modesty.

According to this UNO report,  99% of Egyptian women have experienced sexual harassment, despite the majority of them wearing Hijab and Niqab. Surprisingly, even small girls who are made to wear hijabs face sexual harassment by Egyptian Muslim men.

Sexual harassment

Sexual harassment is a widespread and serious problem in Egypt, as the country ranks second in the world after Afghanistan in terms of this issue. Also, the research “Study on Ways and Methods to Eliminate Sexual Harassment in Egypt” carried out by UN Women in 2013 revealed that over 99.3 % of Egyptian girls and women surveyed reported experiencing some form of sexual harassment in their lifetime. According to the same study 82.6 percent of the total female respondents did not feel safe or secure in the street. The percentage increased to 86.5 percent with regard to safety and security in public transportation.

Muslim Women are abused and harassed by Muslim men during the most spiritual Hajj and 'Umra gatherings

During the most spiritual Hajj and 'Umra gatherings, Muslim women endure abuse and harassment from Muslim men. There are numerous stories shared by Muslim girls recounting their experiences of harassment during Hajj and 'Umra, which occurs due to the combined gatherings of women and men (link). This is just one instance where Muslim men and women come together in a shared setting.

Direct link to this video on Facebook.

Please read the testimonies of Hijabi women here, how they were molested during Hajj. 

Hajj and 'Umra represent the most spiritually significant gatherings for Muslims. However, if even in such a deeply sacred place and event, Muslim men fail to restrain themselves from exhibiting sexual frustration, it may be attributed to the unnatural restrictions of Islam concerning the interaction between men and women, under the guise of the Hijab and Islamic modesty.

Interestingly, during Hajj gatherings, Muslims engage in behaviours that we non-Muslims do not partake in even during Discos, where music and dance are prevalent. Islam considers music and dance as Haram, leading individuals towards the dark side of Satan. However, contrary to Islam's claim, the truth remains that music and dance do not induce the same level of sexual frustration as observed in Muslims during Hajj gatherings.

'I never told anyone: 5 women's stories of sexual abuse at the Hajj [CNN]

A video of sexual harassment during Hajj:

Saudi government takes severe actions against such harassment at Kaba. But it fails to stop such incidents while Islam is going against human nature. 

This is a direct result of the unnatural sex-segregation restrictions of Islam, which is a cause of huge sexual frustration in Islamic societies. You will hardly see any such sexual harassment of girls in trains and Buses and at music festivals in Western countries.

Incest in Islamic Pakistan

Due to unnatural restrictions imposed upon women and their limited interaction with men, Islamic society has reached a distressing level of sexual frustration. Shockingly, in 82% of cases, child girls fall victim to rape by their close relatives, including fathers, grandfathers, paternal uncles, maternal uncles, brothers, and cousins.

Miss Shandana Gulzar, a Member of the National Assembly of Pakistan from the ruling party PTI, discusses the findings of research conducted in hospitals and gynaecologist clinics, which uncovered these alarming statistics. To understand her speech, please enable captions for the English translation.


However, on social media, Pakistani Muslims responded with strong and misguided negativity towards Miss Shandana Gulzar for shedding light on this societal issue. They unjustly labelled her a Western agent, accusing her of fabricating figures to defame Islam and Pakistan. Some even demanded severe punishment, including imprisonment and a death sentence, for allegedly insulting the religion and the country.

This sexual frustration is very much evident from a large number of cases of rape of small children in the Madrassas (Quran schools).

Furthermore, when girls venture outside, they are subjected to widespread molestation by men.

While incidents of sexual frustration in Madrassas and public spaces may receive media coverage, the alarming issue of incestuous rapes within households remains largely unreported. Pakistan is in dire need of a robust "Feminist Movement" to combat these pervasive evils.

Even 'Google Trend' is also a witness to the incest trend in Pakistan

Pakistani Muslim men have been at the top of the list for the last 2 decades in search of incest terms like:

  1. Sister Rape
  2. Mother Rape
  3. Child Sex
  4. Donkey Rape

Till the time Pakistani Muslims are not going to give freedom to their women and make natural interaction possible between women and men, their whole society (mostly the small children) is going to pay the price for this extreme sexual frustration. 


However, Islamic preachers deny it. They call it only false propaganda against Islam and Muslims. And they come up with this argument:

Pornhub's official statistics for the top 20 countries in 2020. show that the only Islamic country Egypt just barely managed to enter the top 20s last year for the first time. The USA is at #1 far outpacing the other countries on the list.


It is due to the reason while Islamic countries have already banned porn websites. Therefore, Muslims in these Islamic countries reach these porn websites only through VPN, where their IP address is changed from their original Islamic country to a non-Muslim country.

Here is a report by BBC Urdu (from the year 2006) that 45% of Internet traffic from Pakistan went to porn websites daily. Google Trends also showed that Islamic countries were at the top for searching for different types of porn films. 

After 2010, almost all Islamic countries started banning access to porn websites. After the ban, the trend didn't stop, and people in Islamic countries started using VPNs to watch porn films, but it became impossible to calculate the data based on the IP addresses of Islamic countries. 

Nevertheless, Google Trends is not banned in Islamic countries, thus it is still able to show till today that Islamic countries are still at the top for porn-related searches. 

Dead bodies of girls are taken out of their GRAVES and raped in Islamic Pakistan

The frustration among Pakistani Muslim men has reached an appalling level, to the extent that even the corpses of women are violated after being taken out of their graves (link). Disturbing reports suggest that relatives have had to guard the graves of deceased women during the first few nights in graveyards.

When you link the Hijab with rape, it follows you to the grave.

And watch this video (Urdu) where one man raped 48 dead women in their graves:

In a single year, Pakistan witnessed 2.5 million illegal abortions

The famous organization "Population Council" published a report (link) of their research, that alone in the year 2012, there were 2.5 million illegal abortions which took place in Pakistan.

Please once again listen to the interview of Miss Shandana Gulzar, who sheds light on a distressing reality where hospitals and gynaecologist clinics encounter cases where mothers of sexually abused young girls refuse to file a report with the police. The perpetrators, in many instances, include their husbands, fathers, brothers, or sons.

Sexual frustration pushing young Muslims in the UK to join ISIS

Please read the full story here


It is essential to teach young boys to respect women, regardless of their dress. Moreover, they should not be segregated from girls. Allowing them to grow up together fosters mutual empathy, so the young men wouldn't even consider engaging in inappropriate behaviour, as they would not want to lower themselves in their own eyes.

Sheikh blames a girl for not dressing properly while her father sexually abused her


My brother sexually assaults his daughter.

I'll talk about that in detail. You don't have to continue.

Sister Um Sara mentioned a person who sexually assaulted his daughter.

Undoubtedly that's a deviation and obscenity, God forbid.

And the girl mustn't wear revealing clothes in front of her father.

Folks, some girls in their youth sometimes have beautiful bodies and such.

And she wears tight clothes like pants and short blouses.

And go out and sit with her father. At the end of the day, her father is a man.

He may have gotten tempted and seduced by his daughter, God forbid.

And maybe when he shook her hand, kissed her, or hugged her.

The devil might have seduced him to do some things.

I urge every girl, including this one and others.

If she was in her young adulthood, not to wear revealing clothes in front of her father.

Maybe she had revealed a part of her breast or such.

Because he's her father. But that father remains a man.

Therefore, she cannot wear tight or revealing clothes.

The other thing is that she shouldn't be alone with her father.

They shouldn't sit alone in a room by themselves.

She must make sure the mother or the siblings are present.

Until Allah facilitates her affairs and she gets married.

If a father becomes sexually aroused by looking at his daughter without a Hijab, it can be attributed to the unnatural Islamic restrictions imposed by the so-called Hijab. 

But in Original Islamic Sharia a Muslim woman can expose her naked breasts in front of Maharam men (i.e. her father/brother/son/uncle etc.)

According to Islamic Sharia, a Mahram can see the whole body of a woman, except for her vagina and buttocks.

This means:

  • A father can see even the naked breast of his daughter,
  • and a son can also see the naked breasts of his mother,
  • and a brother can also see the naked breasts of his sister.
  • and a nephew/uncle can also see the naked breasts of their aunt/niece.

Please read the following fatwa:


Your answer on the female awra in front of her mahram’s seems to suggest she can expose her chest (breasts) to her mahram (father, brother, son etc). Please clarify as this is causing confusion.


In the name of Allah, Most Compassionate, Most Merciful,

As you rightly point out, it was stated in an earlier detailed article that the nakedness (awra) of a woman in front of her Mahram men (unmarriageable kin) such as the father, brother, son, paternal uncle (father’s brother), maternal uncle (mother’s brother), father in-law, grandson, husband’s son (from another marriage) and son in-law consists of the area between the navel and knees (including the knees) and the stomach and back. It was also stated that as a consequence it will be permissible for a woman to expose her head, hair, face, neck, chest, shoulders, hands, forearms, and legs from below the knees in front of Mahram men and impermissible to expose the stomach, back or any area which is between the navel and knees. This ruling was based on the verse of Surah al-Nur (24-31) as explained by the Hanafi jurists (fuqaha) in al-Fatawa al-Hindiyya, 5/328, al-Hidaya, 4/461 and elsewhere.

It is also evident from this hadith of 'Aisha.

Sahih Bukhari, 251:

Narrated Abu Salama: `Aisha's brother and I went to `Aisha and he asked her about the bath of the Prophet. She brought a pot containing about a Sa` of water and took a bath and poured it over her head and at that time there was a screen between her and us.

Imam Ibn Hajar al-Asqallani is considered an ultimate Hadith Master by Muslims. He wrote the commentary of Sahih Bukhari. And under the commentary of this hadith, he wrote (link):

 قال القاضي عياض : ظاهره أنهما رأيا عملها في رأسها وأعالي جسدها مما يحل نظره للمحرم ; لأنها خالة أبي سلمة من الرضاع أرضعته أختها أم كلثوم وإنما سترت أسافل بدنها مما لا يحل للمحرم النظر إليه 

Qadi Ayad said: It is apparent that they could see her actions from her head and the top half of her body, because they were allowed to do as she was a milk-aunt to Abu Salamah and his brother from her sister Umm Kulthum. As for the lower part of her body, this was covered.

The Prophet’s wife exposed the entire upper half of her body, hair, breasts, and all. The Muslim Scholars say that this is permissible because the sister of ‘A’isha had nursed Abu Salamah and his brother.

Background: How is it possible?

There were many cultures present where women didn't hide their breasts. Even today too, there exist such cultures. 

In pre-Islamic Arabs too, women didn't hide their breasts. 

But there was an old tradition in Arabia, where women of High Status used to take Hijab. That was considered their right and honour, while slave women and prostitutes were not allowed to take Hijab. 

Thus, Muhammad also re-introduced that old Arabic custom, where only "Free Muslim Women" were allowed to take the Hijab. But Muhammad prohibited slave women from taking the Hijab. Thus all slave women were present in public with naked breasts throughout 1300 years long the history of Islamic slavery. 

But the free Muslim women didn't need to take a Hijab in front of their Mahram men (i.e. father/son/brother/uncle ..). Thus, their breasts were also naked in front of them. 

Later Muslims attached the Hijab with MODESTY. But it was a mistake.

Muhammad didn't introduce the Hijab with the intention of any "modesty", but his intentions were only to differentiate between the high-status free Muslim women from low-status slave women. 

That is why, there occurred a huge CONTRADICTION, and it has become impossible for Muslims to defend the Hijab today. 

The Hijab is nothing else but a SIGN of the worst kind of discrimination against millions of slave women of the last 1400 years. 

Please read the details in this article:  Islam Prohibited Slave Women from Taking Hijab or Even Covering Their Naked Breasts in Public

Logical Argument: The companions of Muhammad were unable to abstain from illegal sex for only 30 nights of Ramadan and they sinned. How can Muslim youth avoid sinning until they are 30 years old (until they get married)?

Companions of Muhammad were unable to abstain from illegal sex for only 30 nights of Ramadan and they sinned. How can Muslim youth avoid sinning until they are 30 years old (until they get married)?

Firstly, Muhammad told Muslims that Allah made sex with wives Haram during the nights of the month of Ramadan. 

But this order of Sharia was totally against “Human Nature”. Even Sahaba (who were beacons of light and Eman) were not able to act upon this unnatural order of Sharia. Thus, they secretly started going to their wives during the nights of Ramadan. 

Thereupon Muhammad realized his mistake, and to correct it, he made the drama of revelation of Quranic verses once again, which then permitted Sahaba to have sex with their wives even during the nights of Ramadan. 

Surah Al-Baqarah (2:187)
It is made lawful for you to have sexual relations with your wives on the night of As-Siyam (fasting). They are Libas (i.e., body-cover, or screen) for you and you are Libas for them. Allah knows that you used to deceive yourselves (by going to wives secretly), so He turned to you and forgave you (for this sin). So now you are allowed to have sexual relations with your wives.

Sahih Bukhari, 4508:

Narrated Al-Bara': When the order of compulsory fasting of Ramadan was revealed, the people did not have sexual relations with their wives for the whole month of Ramadan, but some men cheated themselves (by violating that restriction). So Allah revealed: "Allah is aware that you were deceiving yourselves but He accepted your repentance and forgave you..".

If the Sahaba (who were the beacons of light and faith) were unable to control themselves for 30 nights, how can Muslim parents expect their young boys to abstain from sin until the age of 25 to 30 years (which is the average age of marriage for boys in Islamic countries today)?

Islamic apologists present this excuse that Muslim youth should FAST, as Muhammad prescribed to fast to overcome sexual urges.

But Muhammad was wrong that FASTING will take away sexual urges. The proof is that the companions of Muhammad were already fasting during the month of Ramadhan, still they were unable to control their sexual desires for only 30 nights, and they sinned.


Not showing men women's bodies is only going to make them fetishize the tiniest detail they do get to see. If women's bodies were treated normally, men would get used to them and not fetishize every tiny part of them. The same is true if you don't let men talk and interact with women. It will never allow them to understand women and their feelings and how to deal with them respectfully.