1. Islam allegedly came to save the newborn female girls from being buried alive, but millions of women today are buried alive to suffocate in 4 walls of their houses and in the Hijab due to Islam.

  2. We were deeply brainwashed by culture and religion. The fear of disappointing our family or god is real and fear is the biggest motivator.

  3. Under brainwashing, we used to claim to be proud hijabi and it was our "choice" to wear hijab. It was a Delusion of freedom.

  4. The mindset of Hijabi Muslim girls can be described as Stockholm syndrome. Muslim women are the victims and Islam/Muhammad is the captor.

  5.  Being hijabi is like being a part of a cult as those who don’t wear it or do it properly or remove it entirely face heavy consequences that can lead to death. Once you are in it, leaving is hard as people make your life a living nightmare and don’t leave you alone.

  6. It encourages mistreatment, victim-blaming, slut-shaming and violence towards those who don’t wear it.

  7. It creates a false dichotomy where women are seen as either a whore or pious women.

  8. It makes men believe that women who wear it are not attractive and they consider angelic as opposed to humans and at the same time, it makes men see those who don’t wear it as sexual objects and not humans.

  9. It was created by men to control women.

  10. It was created as a way to separate and distinguish between the slave women and the free women - to make it easier to harass and rape the slaves while protecting the free women.

  11. Not only were the poor slave not allowed to wear hijab and got punished for it, but they were also forced to reveal their chest so that they could be groped in public.

  12. Basically, hijab now makes it easier for men to distinguish, mistreat, harass and rape non-hijabi women the same is it made it easier to mistreat to distinguish, mistreat, harass and rape the slaves. It now only protects the ones who wear it in Islamic societies, just as it did for the free women

  13. It creates the false mentality in which men are absolved of their mistakes and instead, women take all the blame.

  14. Even though it is supposed to make women less attractive so that they can be seen as humans rather than sexual objects, it does the exact opposite and makes them “sexual beings” instead and makes men see women's bodies as something sinful.

  15. It’s now associated with modesty and chastity and only women who wear it are considered wife materials. Muslim men now use non-hijabi and non-Muslim women for sex and short-term relationships as they are not considered wife materials to them.

  16. It pits women against each other. It doesn’t unite women but separates them. It’s a false way to compare women to each other.

  17. Religious Muslims make accusations against those women who don’t wear it, to be slaves to the media.

  18. For thousands of years, hijab and so-called Islamic modesty were nothing but a burden for women. By far the worst thing that has ever been created as it caused nothing but harm for women. Hijabi women suffer from hair loss, baldness, receding hairline, fungi, sticky hair, bad odour, scratching, candida, neck and head pain, and vitamin D deficiency

  19. Not only does it encourage rape but it also legitimizes it for non-hijabi women.

  20. It made men shallow and judge women only by their appearance.

  21. It led to the creation of the stupid wrapped candy analogy.

  22. The hijab is unnatural and is a cause of extreme sexual frustration in society. Not showing men women's bodies is only going to make them fetishize the tiniest detail they do get to see. If women's bodies were treated normally, men would get used to them and not fetishize every tiny part of them.

  23. The same is true if you don't let men talk and interact with women. It will never allow them to understand women and their feelings and how to deal with them respectfully.

  24. Being a Hijabi is a hindrance in education, and being a useful and productive member of society. Instead, there are sometimes many women and girls present inside a house, but are unable to do anything useful. 

  25. The hijab brought psychological disasters. Even after leaving Islam, and suffering from hair loss, extreme vitamin D deficiency and other health problems,  many ex-Muslim girls found it difficult to get rid of Hijab, as it felt like being naked in public without Hijab. 

  26. Since the Islamic hijab is supposed to shield and protect women from men, so why bother putting on makeup? Why bother looking nice if hijab is supposed to either stop men from lusting after women or even look at them - aren’t they doing the exact opposite of what hijab is supposed to do?

  27. Can't express their sexual needs because their husband will be like "wHeRe dId yOu LeArN tHaT fRoM?" Might draw suspension of cheating to herself.

  28. Muslim men want their wives to be creatures that are sexually desirable with no sexual desires of their own.

  29. Don't get me started with the gross, dehumanizing virginity test.