Islamic preachers spread a lot of hate against the Western world by preaching that:

The West denounces Islamic Sharia for marrying a 9 years old girl and demands that Muslims should not wed their daughters till 18 years. But the West doesn't feel ashamed that small girls are doing sex at the age of 12 years in their own western societies. The West is simply a hypocrite. 

But contrary to this propaganda of Islamic preachers, the real facts are different. 

The West is not against SEX but against the EXPLOITATION of Kids

Western laws are based on human logic and rationale. For example, in many European countries (link):

  • A sexual act with a person under 14 years old is always a criminal offence!
  • It's important to note that persons under 14 years old are considered "not guilty" by law and cannot be prosecuted or punished. However, this changes at the age of 14. In other words, the West discourages any sexual activity at the age of 12. The reason is simple, kids at the age of 12 are not mentally mature enough to decide for their consent. 
  • Some European countries also allow sex at the age of 13, if the other partner is not older than 3 years. The reason is simple, adults have greater influence, and they are in a position to misuse their influence upon kids.

Another important point is, in the case young boys and girls decide to have sex, then the West provides them with Sex Education in schools. This way, children understand how to do "safe sex" and they know how to avoid the dangers of sexual activities (like becoming pregnant and avoiding sexually transmitted diseases etc.).

The HUGE Difference between the sex of 14 years old children in the West and marriage at 9 in Islamic Sharia

If 14-year-old kids indulge in sexual activities with mutual consent, then it is not a crime.

But if a girl is wed at the age of 9 in Islam, then it has the following flaws:

  • The First Flaw: It is not about the "consent" of a girl, but Islamic Sharia gives the father the right to wed his daughter to any old man even without her consent. Actually, a father can wed her at any age. Abu Bakr wed Aisha to Muhammad when she was only 6 years old. She was not able to give any consent at the age of 6. 
  • The Second Flaw: Actually, Islamic Sharia also allows a man to wed a breastfed baby girl, undress her, and drive all kinds of sexual pleasures with her naked body, except for penetration. Yes, there is no condition of being 9 years old for sexual activity in Islam. This misconception came while marriage with 'Aisha was consummated at the age of 9. Please read our detailed article: Islam: Even a Breastfed Baby Girl Can Be Married and Used for Sexual Pleasure
  • The Third Flaw: There is a huge difference in the physical and mental capabilities of a 14-year-old girl and a 9-year-old girl. There is hardly any 9-year-old girl who gets her periods at this age. Moreover, a 9-year-old girl is not mentally mature enough to give her consent. 

Difference between sexual pleasure at 14, and compulsory Responsibilities of Marriage at 9

Another problem arises when Islam connects sexual pleasure with the compulsory responsibilities of marriage.

The West also separated sexual pleasure from the "responsibilities" of marriage. These are the responsibilities of marriage which break the youth at this tender age.

A marriage of a girl at 9 years in Islamic societies means:

  • Islam compels a 9-year-old girl to leave her loving parents and family and house and friends and move to a family and place which are strangers to her. Alone this is a huge stress for a 9-year-old girl.

  • The main problem is, a marriage in Islamic society is always a GAMBLE for both parties. If a Muslim girl loses her virginity and later finds out that her husband in an arranged marriage is not mentally suitable to her, then she has no chance to escape with such an arrangement. Her life becomes a nightmare for her, and she has to endure it her entire life. The same is true for men, they suffer this GAMBLE too, but still less than Muslim girls.

  • And it is only about SEX in Islamic marriage, and not about LOVE. The husband is often many years older than the 9-year-old girl, and even an old man of 50 years in some cases. He is also often a total stranger to that 9-year-old girl. This goes in the direction of RAPE instead of LOVE. 

  • A 9-year-old girl is not in a mental position to give her consent for a partner for her entire life. If the husband turns out to be abusive, then it is almost next to impossible for such a girl to get rid of him. Please read our article: Khul’ خلع (i.e. getting freedom from husband) is not a “right” of a woman, but it is still a “right” of a husband to either grant it or deny it.

  • Even if a girl succeeds in getting a divorce, but her worth decreases in Islam after losing her virginity. Please read the details here: Islam and the Disease of Virginophilia

  • Then Islam turned her into a child-producing machine at 9, while the Islamic Prophet wanted to feel proud over other prophets due to the large number of his Ummah. 

  • Please read the extreme dangers to 9-year-old girls (or teen mothers till 20) and their babies. The rate of death and complications is many times higher as compared to the 20-25-year-old mothers and their babies. The DATA is not Islamophobic, and you can read this data here: EXTREME dangers and harms to 9-year-old Mothers and their babies (Is DATA Islamophobic too?)

Thus, although the West allows to enjoy sexual life at the age of 14, the age of marriage is 18. It is to safeguard the interests and health of teen mothers and their babies. 

Islam snatches away the right from Children to indulge in "Natural Love" with each other

  • Love is 'natural', but Islam is not 'natural'.
  • According to religion, the love of Romeo and Juliet was against modesty and a crime. And the lovers should be punished for this crime. 
  • Religion allows the guardians to marry their daughters at age of 6, 7, or 8 (even without their consent) with any guy (even if he is an old man) and then 'compel' them not to look at any other boy in their age group, or to talk to them and to get in love with him.
  • Religion is the killer of 'natural Love'.

Thus, all those who say that Islam is a religion of nature, are wrong.

Institution of Family:

Religious individuals assert that the West and its values have contributed to the deterioration of the family unit and an increase in divorce rates. However, this argument is flawed.

The reality is that as humans have evolved and become less reliant on their families and tribes for survival, both the family system and tribal system have naturally weakened. This shift is a result of technological advancements and increased access to education and economic opportunities, rather than the granting of liberties to women.

It's unfair to place blame solely on women and their newly recognized human rights. The truth is that Islamic societies have historically exploited women, denying them fundamental rights and freedoms. The West, on the other hand, has worked towards recognizing and protecting these rights, thereby promoting gender equality.

The decline of the extended family system and the rise in divorce rates cannot be attributed to women's empowerment alone; men must also take responsibility for their role in these changes. Divorce rates have risen significantly (up to 60%. Link) in wealthy Muslim nations such as the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, and Kuwait, where women no longer feel obligated to remain in unhappy marriages. Even in conservative Saudi Arabia, the divorce rate is nearing 50%. In Iran, where women are becoming increasingly educated, the divorce rate is also rising.

Contrastingly, in impoverished, secular countries like Vietnam, the divorce rate remains low due to the necessity of a strong family unit for survival. Similarly, China, an atheist nation, had a low divorce rate for centuries until it experienced economic growth and the need for a robust family system diminished. Now, as Vietnam and China have become wealthier, their divorce rates are also increasing.

In conclusion, the decline of the traditional family structure and the rise in divorce rates are not solely caused by women's liberation or Western influence. Rather, they are the result of broader social, economic, and technological developments that have led to greater individual independence and autonomy.

Objections by Islam Apologists:


A functional family is an anthropological and psychological need of human beings.


While a healthy family environment can provide valuable support and nurturing, it is important to recognize that an abusive family dynamic can have severe negative effects on mental health and overall well-being. In fact, being part of a family where oppression and abuse occur can lead to depression and other serious emotional problems.

Rather than promoting the idea that maintaining a unified family unit at all costs is necessary, it's crucial to acknowledge that sometimes, dissolving a harmful family dynamic and creating separate households can be beneficial for everyone involved. By prioritizing personal safety and happiness, individuals can thrive in a healthier environment, free from daily conflict and mistreatment. Ultimately, it's essential to put the well-being of each person ahead of preserving a potentially harmful family structure.



Mass pornography and the fact that it is being deliberately made available to children as young as 5 or 6, is not "discouraging" sexuality, on the contrary.


It is a false allegation. No one is deliberately making pornography available to 5 or 6-year-olds in the West, but there is a restriction of 18 years upon pornography. 



Same goes for the increasing trend in western media to portray children and young teenagers in a sexualized manner or making them mimic adults.


Criticism of it is already present in Western societies and movies and dramas are no longer presenting young kids as sexual objects. 

How strange, religious people cry for dramas and films where kids play the roles, but they forget that their religion is worse here while it allows marriage and sexual activities with minor girls of 5 or 6 years too.

Moreover, they also forget that Islam prohibited slave women from wearing Hijabs and made them move in public with naked breasts. So, what message did Islam send to small children with half-naked slave women in public, who were also raped by multiple Muslim masters? What message did Islamic Bazaars of slavery send to small children where those half-naked slave women were put for auction, where Muslim customers were also allowed to touch their bodies? Was it any less than porno films? LINK



Sex classes are compulsory for children in shcools, not optional.


Of course, sex education classes are compulsory and they should not be optional as the probability is already present that young kids may indulge in sexual activities. It is there to ensure the safety of kids. 
The same probability is also present in Islamic countries of young kids indulging in sexual activities, but Islamic societies just turn a blind eye to this fact. Very often, Islamic Scholars in Quran Schools take advantage of this absence of sex education, and they indeed rape many children. 



And their goal is not to help children avoid supposed "dangers", but very much to sexualize them at young age,


False. Sex education is about making kids aware of the dangers, which are related to sexual activities. How can sex education to kids sexualize them? 



and also to dissociate biological and "assumed" gender identity in their poor innocent minds, as per the injunctions of the predominant homosexualist ideology.


Homosexuality is present in Human Nature. The religious system is at fault here as it goes against Nature. Please read our article: Homosexuality (All Objections of Islamic Preachers Answered)

Look, no one teaches kids in any Islamic Country to be homosexual, but all kids are taught Islamic teachings which portray homosexuality as the biggest sin etc. But despite all this religious brainwashing, many Muslims are involved in homosexual activities, while this thing is present in their nature.



It is uncontrolled, boundless, expansive and unfettered sexuality, not the responsibilities of marriage, which breaks young people.


Of course, these are the responsibilities of marriage which break young girls.

Religious marriage means that the guardian of the girl can marry her to even an old guy without her consent.

And then religious marriage means that the husband could compel the child-wife to provide him with sexual services at his demand, and her consent means nothing. She has to let her be used as a sexual object even if she abhors her husband.

And this is totally different from the sexual enjoyment that is allowed in Western countries. This is fully controlled sexual activity where no one could compel a young girl to provide others with sexual services. 



Thousands of years of Tradition mostly produced successive generations of mentally healthy individuals, liberal-masonic modernity however generates hordes of uprooted, zombified, neurotic wrecks.


This is a conjecture without any proof. 

There were many cultures in the world that did not even wear clothes and who lived totally naked for thousands of years. But they didn't produce any zombies for thousands of years. They had a strong family system. 

Moreover, Islam itself practiced Public Nudity.  There were thousands of slave women were present in Islamic society with their naked breasts (LINK).



I posted abundant evidence for the networked paedocriminal activities of oligarchs in secular so-called "democracies". As said, a Mossad agent like Epstein alone raped thousands of children to his own admission. An endless list of elites from so-called "democracies" attended his paedocriminal rape sessions.


All such people are criminals as they are involved in these activities at an individual level against the State and its law.

The problem with Religion is that its proposed State Religious Law is itself CRIMINAL and involved in all these criminal activities.



In western liberal society however, slavery is practiced right now as we speak. For instance, by organized criminal groups forcing women into prostitution, and so on.


They are criminal gangs and not the State Law. Such criminal gangs are also active in Islamic countries and diamond markets are present in all Muslim countries. Should we then start to blame Islam for the presence of these criminal activities in the diamond markets?