Table of Contents


Chapter 0: Free Will

0.1 Free will doesn’t exist

0.2 Hatred towards the Qadariyyah (People who believe in free will)

0.3 Allah is responsible for disbelief

Chapter 1: The Immorality of Islam:

1.1 Islamic Mistreatment of Women

Restrictive female dress code

Female subservience to men


Islam worsened women’s rights in arabia

Female Intellectual Deficiency

Women should not be in Rulership


Female Objectification:

Female Impiety

Misogyny in Slave manumission:

Travel Restrictions

1.2 Mistreatment of Disbelievers

Muslim Supremacism

Disrespect to disbelievers

Hatred Towards Jews and Christians

Offensive Jihad and Fighting Disbelievers/Killing Apostates and Blasphemers

Allah’s punishment for not believing him

Destroying Holy Objects of other Religions

1.3 islam permits Slavery


Allah’s opinion of Slaves

Muhammad had no problem using slaves

Muhammad’s Black Slaves

Muhammad does not always support the freeing of slaves

1.4 Islam permits Sex slavery

1.5 Islam permits Raping female war captives

1.6 Islam permits Paedophilia

1.7 Islam commands Homophobia

1.8 Islamic animal cruelty




1.9 Allah punishes people for crimes they haven’t committed.

BONUS: Faith over Family

Chapter 2: Islam as a tool of Political Control


2.1 Commands of Absolute Obedience to the Religion

2.2 The Ruling Class is Muhammad’s tribe

2.3 Using Religion to keep the masses obedient to the Ruling Class

2.4 Killing dissenters, blasphemers, and mockers

Chapter 3: Scientific/Historical Inaccuracies and errors


3.1 Islamic Medicine and human Biology

3.2 Islamic Atmospheric Mechanics

3.3 Islamic Oceanography

3.4 Islamic Astronomy

3.5 Islamic Weather Mechanics

3.6 Islamic mathematics

3.6 Islamic Historical Errors

Chapter 4: Fantastical Beliefs.


4.1 Sentient Trees and Stones

4.2 Mythical Creatures

4.3 The Dark Arts


4.4 Islamic Demonology

4.5 Therianthropy

4.6 Muslim Animals

4.7 Islamic Afterlife



Chapter 5: False Prophecies


Chapter 6: Bad Qur’anic Preservation


6.1 Unreliability of Muhammad’s memory

6.2 Missing Text:

6.3 Disagreements between the sahaba about Qur’anic compilation

6.4 Changed verses in the Quran

Chapter 7: Qur’anic Plagiarism:

7.1 Jewish Talmud

7.2 Quran Adopting Legends

Chapter 8: Allah uses the last message to mankind to solve Muhammad’s personal problems:


8.1 Trivial Issues

8.2 Sex

8.3 Allah giving threats on behalf of Muhammad

Chapter 9: Infringements on Cultural and Daily Life


9.1 Arts

9.2 Food

9.3 Business

9.4 Fashion

9.5 Social Life


9.6 Reclining Etiquette

9.7 Toilet Rules

Chapter 10: Islam Adopting Pagan Beliefs

10.1 Hajj

10.2 Pagan traditions