"Indeed, We created humans in the best form." (95:4)

"So blessed be Allah, the best of creators!" (23:14)

“The work of Allah who has perfected everything (He created)." (27:88)

“He is the One Who has made perfectly everything He has created.” (32:7)

"You will never see any imperfection in the creation of the Most Compassionate. So look again: do you see any flaws?" (67:3)

Quran clearly states that everything allah has made is perfect and has no flaws whatsoever. Yet when birth defects and genetic mutations are brought up, apologists will claim that they're simply "part of allah's plan".

There are many flaws in animal bodies, but listing them all would take forever (See: giraffe's neck design and how it could've been designed better) so I'm only going to talk about the human body.

  1. For example a woman's pelvis being too narrow, which makes child birth extremely painful. But some muslims don't acknowledge this and keep on defending child marriage (that's ongoing in countries like yemen, afghanistan, lebanon, etc.) and making these young girls suffer through child birth.

Allah purposefully made the pelvis too narrow to make child birth painful, and then he allows child marriage so little girls have to suffer through it.

Do these seem like the actions of an all-merciful god? Or was all of this part of his plan?

2. So many creationists point out to the human eye as proof of god's intelligent design, and how it couldn't have been made through evolution. However, the human eye has many flaws such as a backwards retina and a blind spot.

"This design forces light to travel the length of each cell, as well as through blood and tissue, to reach the equivalent of a receiver on the cell’s backside. The setup may encourage the retina to detach from its supporting tissue, which is a leading cause of blindness."

Which doesn't make sense at all why a designer would do this, because some animals like squids and octopuses don't have a backward retina, thus they don't have a blind spot.

Some animals also have better eyes than humans, such as owls and eagles. And some of them have better eyesight in nighttime.

So the human eye is not perfect at all, nor is it intelligent design. The fact that people have to wear glasses is proof of that.

3. Humans have a lot of unused muscles that are leftovers from evolution, such as the palmaris longus muscle which runs from the wrist to the elbow. One in ten people will not have this muscle in either arm. If we would hang out in trees, these muscles would come in handy. They help strengthen our grip. So not many people have this muscle, which is proof it's devolving from the human body.

And so they are definitely remnants of our primate past and disprove creationist theories. They would make sense if Adam and Eve were some ape-like creatures who travelled by hanging on trees, but the quran & hadith completely deny that.

4. Speaking of muscles, we have some that let us wiggle our ears (The auricular/extrinsic muscles). Not many can do it though!

In many mammals it helps them figure out where a sound is coming from, and it's an important part of body language. But humans have no real use for them, because we turn our head to localize sound and generally don't communicate using our ears.

5. The urinary tract in males passes through (rather than being routed around) the prostate gland, which can swell and block urinary function.

6. It's also dangerous enough that our balls are literally hanging down there with no protection, meaning they're a vulnerable and easy target to attack. For example monkeys usually go for the genitals when attacking each other, because it's very painful and takes away the privilege to reproduce and dominate.

There are many better choices to place the testicles, including inside the human himself just like how ovaries are inside a woman. This wouldn't be a problem at all for somebody like god, but he made the choice of placing them in a very vulnerable location.

This is not impossible (especially for god) because elephants have their testicles buried deep within their body, next to the kidneys. Maybe if allah did the same for humans, his claim that semen emerges from backbone and ribs (86:5-7) would be more accurate lol


Either all of these were results of evolution and natural selection, or allah just really sucks at designing his creations then label them as "perfect".

Especially when they're so problematic to us and could cause death such as choking, because we're forced to use the same anatomical structure for both ingestion and respiration. But when obstructed, airflow is blocked and it can lead to choking and death.

There are more flaws in the human body but these are one of the most prominent, some animals have it way worse than us but I guess in the eyes of allah that's perfect creation with no flaws.

If you have more to add, please do so!

Credit: Taha