Even a blind man can also see that 1400 years old system of Islam is unjust, unlogical, against humanity, and in no way it can logically compete with the modern secular system. But still a huge majority of Muslims demand to abolish the secular system and impose the Islamic Sharia system. 

And this demand is not made only by non-educated Muslims, but the educated Muslims of countries like Malaysia and Indonesia also demand an Islamic Sharia system. Even Turkey is going in the opposite direction of a secular system under Erdogan, 

What to talk about Islamic countries, the secular system even got defeated among the Muslim communities in Western secular countries too. And these Muslim communities are not integrating into the local secular communities, but they are moving towards radical Islam. 


Most Important Question: What is the reason for this defeat?

If we have to describe the reason for this defeat in very simple words, then it is "The Concept of God", which supports the Islamic Sharia system. 

Islam brainwashes its followers by telling them that Allah is All-Wise and All-Knowledgeable, and cannot be challenged in any way. Thus, even if Allah's commands appear to be unjust and oppressive to human intellect, still they are the best for mankind while Human intellect cannot comprehend Allah's wisdom and knowledge. 

Thus, once a Muslim is brainwashed into believing this logic, then he also accepts all illogical and flawed commands of Allah and rejects the principles of a secular system, which are based on justice, humanity, and virtues.


Question: How then it will become possible to implement a secular system in Islamic countries?

The answer is, it is absolutely not enough to raise voices "only" for a secular system in Islamic countries, but it also needs the support of Atheism/Agnosticism (i.e. of non-religionism which consists of Atheism, Agnosticism and also Deism). 

At the moment, there is absolutely no criticism present of the "concept of Allah". Therefore, secularism "ALONE" has to compete with the combination of the Islamic System + the concept of Allah. This is the main reason why secularism got defeated in Islamic countries. 

The voices which demand secularism in Islamic countries are already present there for many decades. Nevertheless, the Atheist movement just got started during the last one or two decades after the arrival of the internet and social media. It is still in its infancy, and gradually getting organised. 

And when secularism and atheism come together in opposition to the "concept of Allah" and the "Islamic system," then in that battle, the fate of Islam and the Islamic system will be defeat and death.

The situation at the moment is as under:

  • Europe is the centre of secularism, but still a lot of people are converting to Islam in this centre itself. 
  • But on the other hand, the Atheist Movement is also getting organised and stronger in the West gradually. 
  • It is possible that a "secular European" may convert to Islam, but it is almost impossible that any "atheist European" can ever convert to Islam after believing in science and the theory of evolution. 
  • That is why, the rate of conversion of "atheist European" to Islam is already zero.
  • But the opposite is not true. There are already thousands of Muslims who are leaving Islam and becoming atheists. 


The lesson is clear:

  • Radical Muslims don't fear secularism. 
  • But they are absolutely worried and fearful of Atheism/Agnosticism. 
  • Whenever secularism and atheism come together, then they will demolish the Islamic system and the concept of Allah, which were made by Muhammad. 


Question: How secular system succeeded in defeating religion the religious system in Europe without Atheism?

Although the majority of Europe was not atheist, still it succeeded in implementing a secular system. So, why was the atheist movement not needed in Europe, but it is needed in Islamic countries in order to attract Muslim masses towards secularism? 


The atheist movement was indeed present in Europe during the previous centuries. And freedom to criticize religion (Christianity) was also present in Europe during the previous centuries. Due to this criticism, even if the majority of Europeans didn't become open atheists, but they still became less and less religious, which ultimately resulted in becoming secularists. 

In Islamic countries today, there exists absolutely no freedom of speech against Islam. Moreover, whenever Islam is criticized, then they practice draconian blasphemy laws and mob lynchings and kill people. Due to this, Muslims are "highly religious" today, and thus they are not moving towards secularism. 

It was (and still) a great mistake of the West, where they give a lot of importance to "democracy", but they let Islamic countries to introduce blasphemy laws and kill any criticism of Islam. A democracy without true secularism is nothing else than the "dictatorship of the majority". And in Islamic countries, the majority of Muslims imposed the dictatorship of Sharia laws, which don't give "equal" human rights to non-Muslims. In simple words, Islamic Sharia is nothing else than "dictatorship" itself against non-Muslim minorities. 

Therefore, if we want Islamic countries to become secular, then blasphemy laws should come to an end, and criticism of Islam should become possible. As soon as open criticism of Islam becomes possible, then millions of Muslims will either leave Islam or at least become secularists. From inside, there are already millions of Muslims present who are not SATISFIED with Islam. Only if they can get open access to criticism of Islam, then they will too rebel against Islam as Europeans rebelled against Christianity. 

At the moment, the internet and social media are providing only limited chances to bring criticism of Islam to the Muslim masses.