A Muslim preacher was telling a gathering of Muslims:

  • Islam wants to kill Valentine’s day. It wants to kill incidents like of Layla and Majnun (an Arabic old LOVE Story). Boys and girls falling in love with each other is a door to immodesty.

  • Our total asset regarding LOVE, should only be the love story of the Prophet with 'Aisha. No one can inspire us regarding love more than our prophet.

  • Marry your daughters around puberty, like ‘Aisha, so that they get no chance to fall in evil of immodest love of any boy.

But what type of love was that between Muhammad and Aisha:

  • When Muhammad kept on marrying more and more women, and 'Aisha became more and more angry with Muhammad. It went to that extent that 'Aisha told Muhammad that she started doubting Muhammad's prophethood. She told him why Allah HASTENS so much in revealing the Quranic verses which fulfil his sexual desires (Sahih Bukhari, 5113)?


Dear Muslims! Please ask yourself this question:

Was love between Layla Manjun really immodest?

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