• If that argument made sense then Polyandry also should be a thing since equal numbers of married women cheat.
  • Cheating is socially condemned in Western society. Some women want monogamous husbands and it is not acceptable for them that their husbands cheat them in a relationship and it usually ends in divorce. Allowing males to have multiple wives only means allowing them to exploit their wives legally. Poor women cannon save themselves from this exploitation in an Islamic society.

Please don't forget that Islam also allows men to rape dozens of slave girls in TEMPORARY sexual relationships. This means, after fulfilling lust, Muslim men sold their slave girls, bought new slave girls from Islamic Bazaars of slavery and started raping them. It is not done for any Necessity, but only for the Sexual Pleasure of Muslim men.

Moreover, Islamic laws always work against women and they are extremely misogynist. For example:

  • A Muslim girl gets no chance to talk and to evaluate if her future partner is suitable for her or not. In simple words, all Muslim girls are forced by Islam to play the biggest GAMBLE of their lives.

  • If a poor Muslim girl gets an abusive husband in Gamble (or one who does not suit her personality), then her entire life is ruined. It is due to the reason that she does not have a right to divorce in Islam. Even Khul' خلع is also not a woman's right but a right of the husband. In Khul' she has to offer RANSOM Money to her husband. If he accepts the offer and gives her a divorce, then she gets her freedom. But if he refuses, then she has no chance to get rid of her abusive husband. No Islamic court can grant her freedom.

  • The next problem is that Islam suffers from the disease of Virginophilia. This means that Muhammad said that a virgin girl should be preferred over a non-virgin girl. Please read the details of this evil of Islamic Virginophilia here.

  • The next problem is, if a Muslim girl gets children from her abusive husband, then again she is compelled in one way or another to stay with her abusive husband. It is due to the reason if she remarries, then according to unjust Islamic law, she will lose the custody of all her children. You can read about this unjust Islamic ruling here.

The West does not have Double Standards. If anyone cheats, then it is looked at as morally a bad thing for both men and women equally.

But Islam is suffering from extreme Double Standards.

  • Do you know that Islam allows two owners to swap their slave girls and rape them?

  • Do you know that Islam allows an owner to separate the female slave wife of his male slave, and then to rape her? And after fulfilling his lust, the owner can return her to his male slave.

Please read all the details here.

There are two different sets of morals:

  1. Morals of systems (i.e. Western Morals vs Islamic Morals)

  2. Morals of individuals

Islamic morals are based on Double Standards and thus they have no chance to stand in front of Western Morals which are based on Justice and Equality.

And in the West, we understand that this world is not perfect. Some individuals feel satisfied in monogamous relationships, but some individuals need polygamous relationships to be satisfied.

We allow such individuals, who need polygamous relationships, to have them openly (although not through marriage at the moment). But the beauty of the Western Secular System is that it can reform itself while allowing full CRITICISM. Thus, the debate is going on this issue that polygamous marriages should also be allowed. So, if a society feels that the advantages of allowing polygamous marriages outweigh the disadvantages, then one day they will reform their laws.

But the problem with Religious Systems is that no reformation is possible, while no criticism of Islamic Laws is allowed. In simple words, this means that Muslim women will unilaterally suffer for eternity in Islam.

For example, after the introduction of DNA tests, there remains no issue of finding out the paternity of a child (which is the main excuse for Islam to oppose polygamy for women). But still, Muslim women will not get this right today to indulge in polygamy, if they don't feel satisfied with their abusive Muslim husbands. Instead, Muslims will keep on stoning them to death in the name of adultery.