Let's begin and examine the double standards in Islam:

For Men:
There is no difference between a young virgin man and a non-virgin man. Women should marry them without showing any preference to one over the other.

For Women:
However, when it comes to women, Islam considers widowed or divorced women as second-class citizens, labelling them as non-virgins. They are deemed inferior to virgin girls. Muslim men are commanded to choose virgin brides over non-virgin widows or divorcees, even if the latter are younger.

And Muhammad told the following reason for this:

Sahih MuslimSunan Nasai:

Jabir said: "I got married then I came to the Prophet and he said: 'Have you got married, O Jabir?' I said: 'Yes.' He said: 'To a virgin or to a previously married woman?' I said: 'To a previously married woman.' He said: 'Why not a virgin, so you could play with her and she could play with you?'"

Muhammad provided two reasons for why men should marry virgins instead of widows or divorcees. The first reason he gave was that virgins are more fun to play with and can play with their husbands too. However, this reasoning is flawed because widows and divorcees can also be playful and enjoy intimacy with their partners. Denying them the same opportunities for marriage and treating them as less valuable than virgins is unjust and cruel.

And the next reason that Muhammad described was as under.

Sunnan Ibn Majah:

قال رسول الله صلى الله عليه وسلم:" عليكم بالابكار، فإنهن اعذب افواها، وانتق ارحاما، وارضى باليسير

The Messenger of Allah said: 'You should marry virgins, for their mouths are sweetertheir wombs are more prolific (i.e. they give birth to more children), and they are satisfied with less.'Sheikh Albani declared it a Hasan (fair) Hadith.

The second reason Muhammad gave was that virgins have sweeter mouths, are more fertile, and are content with less. However, these qualities do not necessarily depend on a woman's virginity. A woman's sweetness and fertility are determined by her natural disposition and health, respectively. Moreover, a woman's ability to be content with less is a function of her patience and character, not her sexual experience.

If Muhammad truly wanted to offer sound advice, he should have suggested that men marry women based on their positive qualities, regardless of whether they are virgins or not. For instance, he could have advised men to seek out women with good natures, sweet dispositions, and strong health. Instead, Muhammad's arguments only served to make life more challenging for widows and divorcees, and perpetuated harmful attitudes towards women.

Due to this same disease of Virginophilia, the writer of the Quran threatened the wives of Muhammad, that they should obey Muhammad, otherwise Allah would replace them with newer wives who would also be virgins.

Quran 66:5:

Perhaps his Lord, if he divorced you [all], would substitute for him wives better than you - submitting [to Allah], believing, devoutly obedient, repentant, worshipping, and traveling - [ones] previously married and virgins.

Additionally, the writer of the Quran (i.e. Muhammad) promised Muslim men that they would receive 72 Houris in Paradise, all of whom would be virgins and remain so forever, regaining their virginity after each sexual encounter (Quran 56:35-36).

Quran 56:35-36:

We have created (Houris) of special creation. And made them virgins.

Poor widow/divorced women will neither get the virgin young boys (i.e. Ghilman Male Houris) in this world nor will they get them in paradise.

These poor divorced/widow women will again get only those Muslim men in paradise, who will be busy in sex with those other 72 virgin Houris too. And the poor women had to wait for their turns in paradise too, just like in this world they had to wait for their turn when their husbands came to them after making sex with other wives and other dozens of slave girls.

This brainwashing has resulted in the entire Islamic society suffering from the disease of virginophilia.

Those women who were married as virgins had the opportunity to taunt and mock the other non-virgin wives, telling them that they were better than them because they were married as virgin girls. 'Aisha herself used to taunt the other wives of Muhammad throughout their lives, boasting that she was better than them because she was a virgin when she was married.

Sahih Bukhari:

Narrated `Aisha:

I said, "O Allah's Messenger! Suppose you landed in a valley where there is a tree of which something has been eaten (i.e. non-virgin women) and then you found trees of which nothing has been eaten (i.e. virgin girls), of which tree would you let your camel graze?" He (the prophet Muhammad) said, "(I will let my camel graze) of the one of which nothing has been eaten before." (The sub-narrator added: `Aisha meant that Allah's Messenger had not married a virgin besides herself.)

Note that the love of a woman cannot be compared to a material object like the leaves of a tree, which diminishes in quantity when consumed. Muhammad made an error by agreeing with 'Aisha's flawed analogy, which likened a woman's love to the leaves of a tree.

Muslim Excuse: But prophet Muhammad married only one virgin girl


  • Women of that time too didn’t like their husbands to have multiple wives. When Muhammad wed the wealthy lady Khadijah, he was financially dependent on Khadijah. And what to talk about a beautiful young virgin girl, she didn’t even allow Muhammad to marry any other old widow lady or even to take any slave girl for pleasure. Khadijah was 15 years older than Muhammad, yet Muhammad didn’t dare to oppose her in the matter of marrying other women.
  • Similarly, when Muhammad asked for the hand of the virgin ‘Aisha, Abu Bakr asked in surprise how he could marry her while he was her uncle (Sahih Bukhari).  Although Abu Bakr allowed Muhammad to marry ‘Aisha at that time, he didn’t send her to Muhammad’s house to consummate the marriage. Muhammad had to wait three years for this. Thus, this Nikah with a virgin girl wasn’t so easy for Muhammad. 
  • Till that time, when Muhammad gained power in Medina and started taking multiple wives, he had already passed the prime age of marriage and was already an old man of 58 years. 
  • Then he had already married Hafsa and Umm Salama too before the revelation of verse 4:3, which stipulated the maximum number of wives to be four. 
  • When Muhammad again used revelation to make those women lawful to him who presented themselves as a gift, he had to put another limit on himself—he could not marry other women even if he was pleased with their beauty (Verse 33:52). Still, ‘Aisha became furious about it. She mocked Muhammad, saying that Allah hastened only in fulfilling his sexual desires (Sahih Bukhari).
  •  Then Muhammad made all types of women lawful to him and married the young 20-year-old Juwayriya and 16-year-old Safiyyah.
  • Then he acquired a virgin and beautiful slave girl named Mariyah too. 

In summary, as the number of Muhammad's wives increased, the anger of ‘Aisha and the other wives also increased. It was not easy for Muhammad to get his hands on another young virgin girl after having so many wives and concubines. Despite using revelations, his morals were questioned by his wives, and he was discouraged from taking on new wives. Muhammad always needed an excuse to satisfy his previous wives to cross the limits of four wives.

Islamist's Excuse: But the vagina of a virgin is tight

Unfortunately, Islamists still have a lot of ignorance, and they don't want to know modern scientific facts either. 

Modern science tells us that:

  • Even if a penis of a man is huge, still it has no ability to increase the elasticity of a woman's vagina. 
  • The elasticity of a woman's vagina neither increases nor decreases due to sex, but it is mostly dependent upon the woman's increasing age, and her health.
  • Men get this feeling of tightness in the virgins, while they are initially of young age, and are at the prime of their health. But as time goes by, even without any sex, they will start to lose the tightness. 
  • Therefore, a vagina of a widow/divorced woman of young age will be tighter than of a virgin girl of older age. 

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