It is a common practice of Islamic preachers, where they object:

  • Why are "ex-Muslims" so obsessed with Islam/Muslims?
  • Ex-Muslims left Islam, yet can't stop talking about it.
  • Why do you call yourselves ex-Muslims?

Ex-Muslims reply that:

  • It is our fundamental human right to talk about Islam and criticize it as much as we wish. 
  • Both criticism of Islam and preaching of Islam go together. There are no limitations upon criticizing ideologies like Islam, just like there is no limitation on PREACHING Islam by Muslims. 
  • And Muslim preachers only want to stop any criticism of Islam by blaming it to be an obsession. 

And then ex-Muslims raise the counter-questions:

  • Why is Allah (i.e. Muhammad) obsessed with Apostates?
  • Yes, Allah is obsessed with apostates when it orders Muslims to kill apostates only for leaving Islam. This is not only obsession of Allah, but also a Double Standard of Allah, where it wants a right for Muslims to convert people to Islam in non-Muslim states, but is not ready to give the same rights to non-Muslims to convert Muslims to their religion. 
  • This obsession of Allah is many times bigger than any obsession of ex-Muslims against Islam. 


  • Can it be said that Muhammad was obsessed with pagans even after leaving their religion, and kept on criticizing them?
  • And in Madina, Muhammad and the Quran then became obsessed with the Jewish religion too and kept on criticizing it.

Even after Muhammad left the pagan religion, still this Quran kept on teaching that Kafirs:

Ex-Muslims claim that Islamic preachers are only showing double standards, where they make Quranic/Prophetic criticism HALAL, but if others criticize Islam, then they label it as an obsession. 


Please also see this important video. 


Why do ex-Muslims keep on calling themselves ex-Muslims?

Ex-Muslims reply to this objection by telling:

  • When Muslims claim they have a right to "negate" all false gods before witnessing Allah (i.e. لأ إله إلا الله There is NO god except for Allah), then what is wrong if we also use our right to negate Islam first by calling ourselves ex-Muslims?
  • When we call ourselves ex-Muslims, then it is an obsession in the eyes of Islamic preachers, but when Islam abuses us by using the terminology of MULHID (i.e. the one who is DEVIATED from the right path) for us, then Islamic preachers don't count it as an obsession of Islam, and they happily accept this abusive terminology for us.
  • Obviously, we are better with the terminology of ex-Muslims for ourselves, as compared to the Quranic abusive terminology of MULHID.
  • It is our basic human right to choose any terminology for us, which we think represents us in the best possible way. 

Moreover, they think that indeed the terminology of ex-Muslims is the most beneficial one for them, while:

  • It gives an individual a feeling that he/she is not ALONE who rebelled against the religion of Islam, but there is a whole community of people who rebelled against Islam. 
  • And ex-Muslims are perhaps the most persecuted religious community on the planet Earth at the moment. They are the most lonely people, who have to hide their beliefs and live under fear throughout their lives. They cannot share their secrets with their Muslim family, otherwise, their Muslim families can kill them for this crime. They cannot even tell it to their children, while there is a danger that innocent children can tell this secret to others. They are compelled to raise their children as Muslims, despite believing Islam to be a false religion. 
  • Using the terminology of ex-Muslims is the best way to make this world "aware" of the presence of these poor people, who have left Islam. Usage of this terminology is the only way to show their plight, their hardships, and their sufferings to the world. 

Thus, in simple words, they are obsessed with the terminology of ex-Muslims, while Islam/Fanatic Muslims are obsessed with the terminologies of "mulhid" and "murtad (apostate)". 

Muslim preachers ask: "If there exist ex-Jews, ex-Hindus, ex-Christians, ex-Buddhists? If not, why then ex-Muslims?"

But ex-Muslims challenge these Muslim preachers to show them where any other religion (except for Islam) is obsessed with people who leave the religion, abuse them with terminology like "mulhid", and kill them in the name of "murtad"?