Discovery, Knowledge and Extremism: Reasons for leaving Islam

Reasons to Leave Religion (Islam)


Errors in The Quran and Proofs of Its Humanness

A Translation From Arabic


Criticism.. is the friend of belief. Your friend is that who says what is right, not who says you are right. Rather, they are a pair that cannot be separated unless the balance of truth is disturbed. Religion is based on belief; and belief is ideas. No idea should be immune from criticism and skepticism, with full respect for its believers and any noble values ​​it may contain.

Despite the ban imposed by some governments, criticism of religions is useful, important, even necessary, in order to see the truth as truth so we follow it, and to see falseness as falseness so we avoid it, and for the sake of having the empowerment by rightness substitute the rightfulness by power.

Extremism.. is a relative attribute, with a disputable definition that cannot be settled, but I think that its worst form is what leads the holders of some belief to claim that their belief invalidates the other beliefs and that it must be imposed on an entire people, and pushes them to terrorism toward that who disagrees with them, and to harming that person or even killing him|her, whether formally through a government or personally through an extremist individual or group.

Acknowledging that we don’t know all the answers is better for us than taking the wrong answers, delusionally or arrogantly. To see things as they truly are, it is necessary to strip the mind of inherited beliefs so that it gets freed from their influence. That who cannot leave them, at least, when searching or contemplating, he|she should put them in the “silent” mode.

After the spread of the Internet, and despite the semi-full blockade imposed by the Saudi government against websites critical of religion and politics, I had curiosity and tendency to liberty and exploration of the hidden; so I got into the habit of bypassing the blockade. After some time, I viewed information that was not previously available when governments fully controlled the media and education: What the critics of Islam have published on strong proofs for the humanness of religion. And by pondering them, with the ability to understand classic Arabic.. I attained awareness, and realized the extent of falsity, and the magnitude of the greatest historical deceit. So I left religion on that basis.

Over the years.. I gathered the strongest proofs, paraphrased them, and finally documented them in this book, along with my own research and thoughts, to arm myself with it in defending my position. Praise and thanks to those who preceded me in discovering and publishing them (Christians and irreligionists), and because of them I knew many of them. These proofs implicate the three Abrahamic religions, as they have the same flaws. No difference between us and the followers of any other religion; the children inherit the beliefs of parents through hundreds of years, and they are mere beliefs.. most of which are delusive, built on fraud and myth, and enticement and intimidation.

To the scholars of Quran and Hadith I say: If you don’t know, then it’s a calamity, and if you know, then the calamity is greater.
Dear reader, the Quran says: “Will they not ponder the Quran? Or are there locks upon their hearts?” 47|24 I – This book helps you to do that, if you’re one of those who prefer truth over delusion; it is directed to anyone who believes in the Islamic belief especially and the Abrahamic belief in general, and anyone who is interested, in order to contribute to the materialization of humanity, freedom and dignity for all people, and the abatement of physical and mental terrorism; and it is a means of defense, not offense, as its main purpose is to record and explain the reasons that pushed me to leave the religion, and more reasons that would make others leave it or avoid it, and to prove that the irreligionist.. left falseness for the sake of becoming on the right path to truth.



The 1st edition of this ebook was released in 2020 as a translation from the original Arabic book with the same title:
al-Iktishaaf w’al-Maa’rifah wa Afkar Mutatarrifah

This is the final edition – 2022.

ISBN 9781005104719

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