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There is no bigger proof than LOVE, that homosexuality is Natural

Homosexuality is rooted in a profound sense of love between individuals, where sexual intimacy is just one facet of their connection. It is evident that:

  • Homosexual individuals experience love for one another, much like heterosexual individuals do.
  • They do dream about their lovers.
  • Living together with their loved ones brings them emotional fulfilment.
  • They derive pleasure from their sexual encounters.

Love, being a natural and fundamental human experience, cannot be deemed unnatural. Thus, the perception of homosexuality as unnatural can only arise when we disregard the presence of love within same-sex relationships.

If love is love, why don't you drink water from the toilet? (The biggest Homophobic Argument against LOVE between same-sex relationships)?

But those who hold homophobic views, they come up with this objection:

If love is love, then water is also water. Why don't you drink from toilet?

This comparison is fallacious because: 

  • There is no love or attraction associated with a particular toilet or its water.
  • Drinking toilet water is not a source of amusement or attraction for anyone, unlike drinking bottled water.
  • People don't dream of drinking toilet water. 
  • On the other hand, homosexuality is a complex aspect of human identity where love, attraction, and amusement are intricately connected.
  • Homosexual individuals dream about their love, which is a natural part of human nature.

We hope that those who hold homophobic views can recognize the error in equating human love with toilet water and understand the significance of embracing love and acceptance.

Homosexuality is unnatural while it is disgusting, and a crime while it brings MORE risks for STDs (Sexually Transmitted Diseases)


One common mistake among religious individuals is the belief that their God/Allah is PERFECT, and He created a 100% perfect NATURE too. As a result, they find it inconceivable that more than two genders can exist in nature since God supposedly created only two genders.


  • Nature is indifferent to the concerns of humans and does not guarantee a state of absolute 100% perfection tailored specifically for them.
  • In order to survive, we must adapt and make compromises in accordance with nature, even if we find them imperfect, distasteful, or encompassing certain risks.

The male and female genitalia harbor numerous bacteria and can carry diseases, unlike other parts of the body's skin. They may also lack a pleasant fragrance, often emanating an unpleasant odor due to their dual function for waste elimination. One might question why nature didn't design separate organs for sexual activity that was free from bacteria, and diseases, and possessed a pleasant scent like flowers. However, nature does not prioritize absolute perfection for human satisfaction. As humans, we must compromise and accept some level of disgust and risks for the sake of experiencing greater pleasure. The same is true about oral sex (i.e. kissing the vagina or penis) and kissing on the mouth despite the saliva being disgusting and also having bacteria.

Even Islam allows kissing the mouth, vagina and penis in a hetero relationship. Here is a Shia Fatwa about kissing and mouthing each other’s genitals being Halal. And here is a Sunni Fatwa that it is Halal that a wife can take the dirty penis in her mouth, and the husband can splash his semen upon her hair and face and all over. 

In conclusion:

  • Instead of criminalizing sex, the emphasis should be on promoting safe sexual practices and raising awareness about preventive measures.
  • And homophobic Muslims cannot declare homosexuality to be a "crime" and "unnatural" on the basis of their argument of it being "disgusting" and "more" dangerous. While the challenge for homophobic Muslims is to prove that their 100% perfect Allah has created a 100% perfect Nature which is absolutely free of any disgust and risk in a hetero sex-relationship.  
  • If they are unable to establish the absolute perfection of nature, their argument against homosexuality also loses its validity.

Islamic TEMPORARY POLYGAMOUS relationships with Slave Girls can bring more STDs than a homosexual relationship:

Islam not only allowed 4 wives, but also allowed to rape dozens of slave girls, and that too in TEMPORARY sexual relationship. 

  • Firstly, Islam allowed the master to rape the slave girl (against her will). 
  • Then, after fulfilling his lust, the master was allowed to hand her over to any of his brothers or slaves (against her will). 
  • And after all of his brother and slaves had raped her and fulfilled their lust one by one in a TEMPORARY sexual relationship (like of Mut'ah in Shia Islam), she was sold to the 2nd master in the Islamic Bazaar of slavery, while the 1st master bought a new slave girl and started raping her. 
  • And the 2nd master raped her again and then sold her to the 3rd master in the slave market. Thus, the cycle of rape of the poor slave girl continued.

Sahih Muslim, Kitab-ul-Nikah (link), Sahih Bukhari, Kitab-ul-Qadr (link), Sahih Bukhari, Kitab-ul-Tauheed (link):

0 Abu Sa'id al-Khadri said: We went out with Allah's Messenger on the expedition to the Bi'l-Mustaliq and took captive some excellent Arab women; and we desired (to have sex with) them, for we were suffering from the absence of our wives, (but we also desired good ransom money by selling them). So we decided to have sexual intercourse with them but by observing 'azl (i.e. withdrawing the male sexual organ before emission of semen to avoid-conception so that they don’t become pregnant and could be sold for good ransom money). But then we said: We are doing an act whereas Allah's Messenger is amongst us; why not ask him? So we asked Allah's Messenger, and he said: (Yes, it is allowed, but) it does not matter if you do it or not, while if any soul has to be born up to the Day of Resurrection, then it will be born.

Furthermore, Islam also allowed the master, if he got lust for the wife of his male slave, then he could snatch away the wife from his male slave and rape her, thus destroying the whole slave family. 

Sahih Bukhari, [Chapter: "Forbidden to you (for marriage) are: your mothers, your daughters..."]:
وَقَالَ أَنَسٌ: {وَالْمُحْصَنَاتُ مِنَ النِّسَاءِ} ذَوَاتُ الأَزْوَاجِ الْحَرَائِرُ حَرَامٌ إِلاَّ مَا مَلَكَتْ أَيْمَانُكُمْ لاَ يَرَى بَأْسًا أَنْ يَنْزِعَ الرَّجُلُ جَارِيَتَهُ مِنْ عَبْدِهِ.
Anas said: The meaning of the Quranic verse: {وَالْمُحْصَنَاتُ مِنَ النِّسَاءِ} Married free women are forbidden to you except your married slave women that your right hands possess. But there is no problem if a man (i.e. the owner) takes his (married) female slave (for himself) from his male slave.

The evil of "Temporary" sexual relationships with slave girls in Islam also led to another evil, where the swapping of slave girls also became Halal Allah. If a Muslim man got lust for a slave girl of another person, he can simply offer that other man to swap their slave girls for rape. 

Tafsir-e-Mazhari is a commentary of the Quran, which is taught in every Hanafi school. It is written under the commentary of verse 33:52 (Link):

Ibn Zayd said about this verse {وَلَآ أَن تَبَدَّلَ بِهِنَّ مِنْ أَزْوَٰجٍ nor to exchange your present wives for other women (Verse 33:52)} that people used to swap their wives during the era of ignorance ... upon that Allah revealed this verse and the swapping of wives is thus not allowed. But the slave women are not included in it, and you can swapp them and there is no issue in it

Objection: Homosexuality should be banned while it raises the rate of AIDS

It has been established that nature is not flawlessly designed for human beings, as discussed earlier.

Therefore, all forms of sexual relationships carry some level of risk, and individuals must make compromises between greater gain and lesser risk.

Additionally, it is essential for religious individuals to differentiate between "crime" and "disease." When an action is classified as a crime, it is prohibited. However, in the case of a disease, it is not declared a crime but rather treated and cured.

Sexually transmitted diseases, including AIDS, can be transmitted through both anal and vaginal intercourse, although the risk may be comparatively lower in vaginal intercourse. Should we then consider sex in the vagina as a "lesser criminal act"?

Hence, when there is a possibility of disease transmission during consensual sexual interactions, the focus should be on finding cures for the diseases and taking precautions to prevent their spread. It is not appropriate to criminalize these natural actions.

Scientific advancements have reached a point where AIDS is considered less dangerous than diseases like diabetes. Should we now consider the consumption of sugar a crime as well?

Note: Homosexuals don't transmit AIDS to children, but heterosexuals do

It is important to clarify that homosexuality itself does not transmit AIDS to children. However, in the context of heterosexual relationships, the transmission of AIDS from an infected parent to a child can occur and is indeed a significant concern.

AIDS, which is caused by the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), can be transmitted through various means, including unprotected sexual intercourse, sharing contaminated needles, and mother-to-child transmission during pregnancy, childbirth, or breastfeeding. In heterosexual relationships where one partner is HIV-positive, there is a risk of transmitting the virus to their partner and potentially to any children conceived or born during the course of the relationship.

It is crucial to emphasize that AIDS and HIV do not discriminate based on sexual orientation. The risk of transmission exists for individuals of any sexual orientation who engage in behaviors that can lead to the spread of the virus. Proper education, awareness, and access to healthcare services are essential in preventing the transmission of HIV/AIDS in all populations, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity.

HIV now infects more heterosexual people than gay or bisexual men – 

We have already mentioned above, instead of criminalizing sex, the emphasis should be on promoting safe sexual practices and raising awareness about preventive measures and medical advancements. 

It has already made a difference. Please read this article:

Article: HIV now infects more heterosexual people than gay or bisexual men


  • In 2022, 49% of new diagnoses in England are among straight people (with an almost even split between men and women), compared with 45% for gay and bisexual men.  This is the first time in a decade that new diagnoses among heterosexuals are higher – marking a clear change in the shape of the domestic HIV epidemic.
  • Thankfully, this isn’t about a huge spike in HIV diagnoses among heterosexuals. Instead, it’s primarily the result of a sharp, sustained drop in diagnoses among gay and bisexual men with a 71% fall since 2014. 
  • Three big changes are making this difference. First, we are increasingly getting better at HIV testing. Second, the HIV prevention pill PrEP (pre-exposure prophylaxis) is highly effective at protecting against HIV. Finally, we now treat people living with HIV as close to their diagnosis as possible. Early diagnosis and access to effective treatment means the virus is quickly suppressed to “undetectable” levels, meaning zero risk of passing the virus to sexual partners.

Objection: Pedophiles also feel attraction towards children

It is imperative to address the objection that homosexuality is wrong by drawing parallels with pedophilia. To comprehend this issue, two key principles must be considered:

  1. Nature is not 100% Perfect for humans. It is not flawlessly tailored for humans; it operates independently of human concerns. Humans make compromises and adapt to nature's course to ensure survival.
  2. Humans formed societies on the PRINCIPLE that one person is not allowed to hurt another person. 

Imperfect Nature makes animals (including humans) fight others for food and sex and even kill them. 

Humans, unlike animals, have intellect and the capacity to control natural instincts, including love and hunger for food, to maintain a civilized society. While natural inclinations such as the tendency for love and to have sex and the need for food are innate, society encourages individuals to exercise control and refrain from imposing these desires forcefully on others without consent.

The same principle applies to homosexuality, where natural desires are acknowledged, but acting upon them is acceptable only when consensual and not imposed forcefully on another person.

Acknowledging Imperfections:

  • Imperfect nature may lead some individuals to exhibit short tempers, aggression, or even unnatural attractions, such as towards children.
  • Individuals with such inclinations are encouraged to exercise self-control, seek psychological assistance, and explore beneficial measures to address these circumstances.
  • Laws and punishments act as deterrents to prevent individuals from imposing their desires forcefully on others.

Distinguishing Pedophilia and Homosexuality:

  • Categorizing pedophilia and homosexuality together is erroneous, as there is a fundamental distinction between predatory dynamics ('prey') and consensual love between two humans.
  • The origins of pedophilia and rape are rooted in violence, where victims are treated as prey. Homosexuality, on the other hand, involves consent based on love, where the other party is not considered as prey but as a partner


  • Nature is imperfect, requiring compromises. While some individuals may be naturally attracted to children, the absence of consent from the second party makes it unacceptable.
  • In the case of homosexuality, where both parties provide consent, no compromise is necessary, allowing individuals to lead fulfilling lives together.


A man can also tend to let himself masturbate. And Islam allows the wife to masturbate him. Nevertheless, Islam does not care about the consent of the wife, and the husband can even compel her to provide sex services. The same is true when Islam says that a man could compel the slave girl to provide him with sex services too including masturbating him and letting him play with her body and rape her against her consent. This ruling of Islam is as evil as stealing and robbing, or perhaps even worse. 

Objection: 12 years old kids are allowed to take Toxic Hormone Blockers 

Individuals who hold homophobic views, they accuse liberals of administering toxic hormone blockers to their children under the guise of addressing homosexuality.

We repeat, the core issue at hand is the belief held by many religious individuals that nature is inherently flawless, as it was created by their perfect God/Allah. However, this is a misconception and a mistake. Nature does not strive for perfection specifically for human beings; it follows its own course without concern for us. As humans, we must adapt ourselves to nature.

Gender dysphoria typically emerges in childhood and often worsens with the onset of puberty, rarely resolving itself. This condition manifests in children through:

  1. Depression and anxiety.
  2. Challenges in social interactions with peers.
  3. Self-harm and suicidal thoughts or behaviors.

Homophobes collectively deny the existence of these issues in affected children, relying on the notion that their God/Allah is flawless.

It is important to note that it is not solely liberals who propose the use of hormone blockers in these cases. Rather, this suggestion comes from numerous psychiatrists and decades-long scientific research involving hundreds of studies.

Puberty blockers offer transgender children additional time to explore their gender identity and make informed decisions regarding potential future medical interventions like hormone therapy or surgery. It is crucial to understand that puberty blockers are generally reversible and do not necessarily lead to irreversible changes. Contrary to the portrayal by homophobes, hormone blockers are not toxic. While they may have some negative side effects, as with any medication, all doctors, psychiatrists, and scientific studies unanimously agree that the benefits of hormone blockers outweigh any potential drawbacks.

Furthermore, hormone blockers have their advantages:

  • Imagine a biologically male individual who identifies as a girl. They do not wish to develop facial or body hair or experience a deepening of their voice, but they desire to present themselves outwardly as a girl. Hormone blockers provide the only solution in such cases. For those assigned male at birth, hormone blockers reduce the growth of facial and body hair and prevent voice deepening.
  • Similarly, envision a biologically female individual who identifies as a boy. They do not want to develop breasts. In such cases, hormone blockers limit or halt breast development and menstrual cycles.

These changes typically begin around the age of 12, coinciding with the onset of puberty, thus necessitating intervention at this age. And we have to adapt according to imperfect nature and we are compelled to take steps at the age of 12. 

For more information on puberty blockers, please refer to this resource.

Note: Hormone blockers are distinct from hormone therapy. It is crucial not to confuse hormone blockers with hormone therapy or surgery.

The decision to initiate hormone therapy or surgery for transgender children is typically made by a team of qualified healthcare professionals in collaboration with the child and their family. In most cases, children under the age of 18 require parental or guardian consent to begin hormone therapy.

Objection: "Do you believe a child who's 3 years old can decide their gender?"

Muslim preachers object (link) of whether it is appropriate to let a 3-year-old child determine their gender identity.

The response to this objection is not about asking 3-year-olds to make decisions about their gender, but rather about granting them the freedom to explore their own gender identity. There is no specific age limit; they can take as much time as they need.

We have two options:

  • The first option is to allow children to express how they feel internally, as nobody knows their feelings better than themselves. They can then seek the assistance of professionals who have extensive experience and knowledge of scientific studies in this field to explore their gender identity. Ultimately, the final decision rests with the children themselves, under the careful guidance and supervision of professionals.
  • The second option is to let parents make the decision, following solely what their religion dictates.

Choosing between these two options is straightforward. The decision of Children + Science should always take precedence over the decision of parents who rely solely on their religious beliefs.

It's important to note that children can continue exploring their gender identity without needing to make any significant decisions until the age of 12-13 years when their bodies undergo changes and the question of hormone blockers becomes relevant.

Islamic preachers hold an interesting perspective. They argue that a 6-year-old girl is wise enough to make a decision about her husband (even if she has never met him before), yet when it comes to deciding about their own bodies (something they inherently understand), these same Islamic preachers claim that children are not wise enough to make such decisions. Can you see the double standards here?

Unfortunately, Islamic preachers often propagate falsehoods, such as the notion that parents want to mutilate their children (while being accepting of circumcision and even intersex genital mutilation!). In reality, it is rare to find transgender activists advocating for surgery or hormone therapy before the age of 18. Typically, their support centers around granting transgender children the freedom to dress according to their gender identity and the option to receive puberty blockers ONLY AFTER MEDICAL PRESCRIPTION, so they can avoid additional dysphoria, suffering, and undesired traits that they would need to address later.

Sadly, children's rights are often neglected, and even requesting parents not to physically discipline their kids is deemed excessive and labeled as "woke."

Please also read this scientific study:

How Early in Life do Transgender Adults Begin to Experience Gender Dysphoria?


Data from 155 TW (mean age 41.3; SD 16.3) and 55 TM (mean age 35.4; SD 10.8) were collected. Most patients (TM: 78%; TW: 73%) reported experiencing GD for the first time between ages 3 and 7 years. For TM the mean age of onset was 6.17 years; for TW it was 6.71 years. A total of 81% of TW and 80% of TM described their first recollection of GD as one of their earliest memories. Mean years of persistent GD before the start of gender transition were 22.9 (TM) and 27.1 (TW). Rates of depression, anxiety, and suicide ideation decreased following gender transition.

How can I support a transgender child or a child who doesn't conform to the assigned sex at birth?

Experts (link) advise listening to your child's feelings about gender identity. Talk to your child and ask questions without judgment. To support your child, you can:

  • Allow your child to express gender in public or at family activities. It's important to do this even if it makes you or someone else uncomfortable.
  • Give your child access to gender-diverse friends, activities or resources.
  • Don't assume your child's gender expression is a form of rebellion or defiance.
  • Don't try to shame or punish your child for gender expression.
  • Don't allow others in your family to belittle or ridicule your child's gender expression.
  • Understand that experiencing discrimination isn't your child's fault.

What is a woman? What is a man?

You would not believe it, but these are some of the favourite questions by homophobes during discussions. 

So, why do homophobes ask these dumb questions? It has been made clear in this video

In short, the answer is:

  • A man is a male human being who identifies and presents himself as male, often based on biological sex characteristics, such as having male genitalia, hormones, and chromosomes.
  • A woman is a female human being who identifies and presents herself as female, often based on biological sex characteristics, such as having female genitalia, hormones, and chromosomes.
  • A trans man is a person who was assigned female at birth but identifies and presents himself as male. Trans men may take steps to alter their physical appearance, such as taking hormones or undergoing surgery, to better align with their gender identity.
  • A trans woman is a person who was assigned male at birth but identifies and presents herself as female. Trans women may take steps to alter their physical appearance, such as taking hormones or undergoing surgery, to better align with their gender identity.

Objection: Can a man get pregnant?

This is again a dumb question, but still one of the favourite questions of homophobes. Please see in this video how Islamic preachers Ali Dawah asks this question again and again from the supporters of homosexuality. 


Have these Islamic preachers ever pondered upon it that many women can also not become pregnant, but still they want to be a mother of a child?

So what is wrong if a transgender woman cannot become pregnant? This does not kill her wish to become a mother.

Not only homosexuality but "masturbation" is also natural for humans

Humans enjoy sex through masturbation too. They could enjoy:

  • Sex between man and woman
  • Sex between homosexuals
  • Masturbation with their own hands
  • When their partners masturbate them.  

Objection: Homosexuality is not natural, but it develops due to the environment

Islamic preachers claim that homosexuality cannot exist naturally, but it is only due to the brainwashing of the environment. 

And we answer them that no one brainwashes the animals, but they are naturally involved in homosexuality. 

If homosexuality is a product of brainwashing only, then there would have been ZERO homosexuality in Muslim societies. In Islamic societies, they actually brainwash people against homosexuality, they also threaten people with draconian physical punishments, as well as eternal punishments in the hereafter. But despite all this, natural homosexuality wins over all the fears of Allah, eternal hell, physical punishments, and religious brainwashing. 

Similarly, no one brainwashes 3-year-old small children into homosexuality. But they automatically by nature start showing such homosexual behaviour at such ages. 

Objection: The shape of reproductive organs is a witness that homosexuality is unnatural

And we answer religious people that the reproductive organs of animals also show they are not perfect for homosexuality, but still homosexuality is natural among them. And they are involved in homosexual activities without any brainwashing from the atheists. If any, then Allah has to be blamed for misguiding them towards the crime of homosexuality. 

Similarly, the shape of the reproductive organs of human beings is also not natural for masturbation. Still, Islam itself allows the partners to masturbate each other too. All Muslims agree upon it that partners could masturbate each other (link).

All religious people had to agree upon it, while Muhammad himself used to fondle his wives during their menses (Sahih Bukhari, Hadith 302).

So, when a Muslim husband is masturbated by his wife, or by his slave girl, then how religious people are going to fit such masturbation in the box of "shape of reproductive organs and nature"? 

Similarly, Islam also allows a man to marry a minor child girl (even if she is breastfed) and to make her naked, and then to rub his penis in her thighs in order to ejaculate.

The largest Islamic website gave this fatwa (link1, 2, 3, 4):

الاستمتاع بالزوجة الصغيرة.. رؤية شرعية ۔۔۔
Taking sexual pleasure from minor girl according to Sharia. 
فإنه لا حرجَ في تقبيلِ الزوجة الصغيرة بشهوة والمفاخذة ونحوَ ذلك ولو كانت لا تطيقُ الجماع وقد بيَّنَ العلماء أن الأصلَ جوازُ استمتاع الرجل بزوجته كيف شاء إذا لم يكن ضرر وذكروا في ذلك استمناءَه بيدها ومداعبَتها وتقبيلَها وغير ذلك
There is no objection to kissing with desire one's wife, who is a minor girl, and engaging in "thighing (Arabic: مفاخذہ)" which is to rub the penis between her thighs in order to ejaculate the sperms, and similar actions, even if she is unable to engage in sexual intercourse. Scholars have clarified that the default ruling is the permissibility of a man enjoying his wife in any manner he wishes, as long as there is no harm. They have mentioned activities such as self-stimulation by the husband using his hand, foreplay, kissing, and other similar actions.
(For more details, please read our article: Even a Breastfed Baby Girl Can Be Married in Islam and Used for Sexual Pleasure)

Do religious people consider the thighs of a minor child girl to be a reproductive organ and its shape to be natural for sex? 

Moreover, have you ever seen in the animal kingdom if any female partner is masturbating to her male partner or vice versa? But still Islam allows this masturbation for humans. 

The problem is that religious people believe not only their Allah to be 100% perfect, but they also believe that the "system of Allah" is also an "intelligent and 100% perfect system", and free of any mistake. While the truth is this, there exists no such perfect system in nature. According to the theory of evolution, the survival of the fittest is possible, but it does not make them 100% mistake-free and they could have thousands of problems and irregularities present in their bodies. 

Thus, the human body is also not perfect, and it could have many irregularities. Especially, human hormones and tendencies are delicate, and millions of humans are witness to their natural homosexual tendencies. 

Objection: People in the West should not be allowed to have sex without marriage, otherwise, they spread sexual diseases to their multiple sex partners

This is a strange objection, while it is Islam itself which allowed Muslim men to marry 4 wives. And it also allowed the men to buy dozens of slave girls from the market, then rape them in a TEMPORARY sexual relationship (like Shia Muta), and after fulfilling the sexual lust, just sell them again to another master, who again rape them and sell further to another master... and this chain of rape of slave-girls continued. 

Therefore, if sexual diseases are spread due to temporary sexual relationships, then Islam is itself a criminal in this case. 

Objection:  Atheists argue for the banning of cousin marriages due to the risks of genetic diseases, so why don't they advocate for the banning of anal sex?

The answer is very simple. In the case of cousin marriages, these are not the consenting adults who are getting affected, but this is a third party (i.e. children), who are affected and are born with deficiencies. While no 3rd party is affected in the case of Anal sex, and both partners are involved in it through mutual consent. And both of these adults are responsible for evaluating how safe their sex is, and if they need extra protection or not. 

Objection: Homosexuality should be banned because it will cause the human species to extinct

This objection is also not correct, while not all people are homosexual in society, but there are Heteros and bisexuals too. That is why in ancient Roman culture, where homosexuality was common and practised on a large scale, there still existed no danger of the human species going extinct due to homosexuality. 

Similarly, homosexuality was openly accepted and practised in China, during its entire history. But despite thousands of years of homosexuality, still they didn't go extinct:

Moreover, if the human species does not get extinct due to masturbation, then it is also not going to get extinct due to homosexuality, while more than 99% of males (including religious males too) practice masturbation. 

Moreover, lesbian couples also wish to have children, and they have a lot of ways to fulfil their wishes. 

Similarly, even if gay couples cannot have children of their own, but still they also wish to have children, and they also adopt and raise children. 

The "wish" to have children is not dependent upon being gay or lesbian, but it is dependent upon the "circumstances". For example, ancient Romans and Chinese were heavily involved in gay practices, but still they had a lot of children. It was due to the reason that in that old era producing more and more children was necessary for existence. 

As compared to ancient Romans, today humans (especially in advanced countries) are not dependent upon children for their existence in old age, but the government takes care of them. Thus, this 'wish' to have more and more children also became less and less among the 'straight' people, and many of them don't want to have any children. 

Objection: Scientists found no gene for homosexuality

The answer is simple Scientists also didn't find any separate gene for being straight too. And those Muslim men, who ask their women to masturbate them, then there is no separate gene of masturbation found in them too. And for those animals, who indulge in homosexuality, then scientists found no separate gene for their homosexuality too. 

The genes for the sex are the same, and it depends upon them how they express themselves further.

For example, there are no separate genes present for one's liking or disliking. But still some boys like fair complexion girls, and some like brown/black girls. Some like thin girls, while others like fat girls. Some like young girls, while some are attracted towards mature ladies. All this is not happening due to the presence of some separate genes, but due to the reason how these same genes express themselves. 

Objection: Animals are not homosexuals, but it is only about Dominance 

This claim of Dominance is wrong, while:

  • Male animals don't do the act of homosexuality to show dominance, but they "fight" with each other to show dominance. In many species of animals, males do it while they feel exactly the same urge to doing sex with other males, as they feel the urge to do sex with females. A male goat neither pairs with females nor with males, but it is ready to do sex with either of them. 
  • And there are other homosexual species of animals too, who even form pairs and they also have nothing to do with dominance. 
  • And Bonobos also don't do it for dominance, but for pleasure and for showing affection (which is another form of love). Bonobos don't form pairs with females in name of love. But they live in a family system where they show the same affection/love to males, as they show to females. 

In Humans, the most important and weighty thing is the personal testimony of a person. If one testifies about oneself to have love and attraction towards the same sex, then no other power in the universe could deny this witness of a person about one's internal feelings/tendencies.

Muslim claims that Allah also knows what one has in the heart, but the problem is that Allah of Muslims does not exist. 

Homosexuality: Change of Narrative by Islamic Preachers [from "Misguidance" to "Diseases" and then to "Test/Trial"]

1st Narrative: Homosexuality as Shaitan's Misguidance

In the beginning, Islamic preachers presented the narrative that:

"Human nature does not encompass homosexuality; rather, it is Shaitan who misguides people into it."

As evidence, they referred to verse 7:80 of the Quran, which highlights the absence of homosexuality before the time of the nation of Lut {And We sent Lut – when he said to his people, 'What! You commit the shameful acts which no one in the creation has ever done before you?' Quran 7:80}.

However, a question emerged: "Why doesn't Shaitan flee when Muslim homosexuals recite the Islamic Prayers of لا حول ولا قوة إلا بالله (Meaning: There is no power or strength save in Allah)?" According to Islamic belief, this prayer should be sufficient to ward off Shaitan and his misguidance, as nothing is more powerful than the name of Allah.

This narrative of Shaitan's misguidance led to the practice of sending homosexual individuals to Mullahs who perform Ruqyah (exorcism) accusing them of being possessed by Jinns. These practices only exacerbated the emotional turmoil faced by homosexual individuals.

2nd Narrative: Homosexuality as a Disease

The prayer of لا حول ولا قوة إلا بالله (i.e., There is no power or strength save in Allah) failed miserably in curing Muslim homosexuals and enabling them to overcome their homosexuality.

Consequently, Islamic preachers introduced a new narrative where Shaitan's role diminishes. This time, they regarded homosexuality as not misguidance, but as a DISEASE. Instead of resorting to Ruqya/exorcisms, homosexual individuals were subjected to so-called Conversion Therapy, which unfortunately resulted in extreme depression.

However, it is important to note that this disease narrative is a relatively recent development. It emerged in the last century when doctors initially attempted to treat homosexuality through medications and consultations. Over time, these methods proved unsuccessful, and subsequent scientific studies debunked their efficacy.

3rd Narrative: Being gay is not a sin but practising it is a sin and crime

The first two narratives failed miserably. 

No one can deny this attraction and natural love, where homosexuals dream about their same-sex partners, just as straight people dream about their opposite-sex partners.

We have Muslim individuals who are gay and believe in Allah from the depths of their hearts, yet they cannot deny their natural attraction and love towards people of the same sex.

It became impossible for modern Islamic apologists to deny millions of testimonies of these millions of Muslim gay people. This ultimately compelled modern Islamic apologists to come up with a new narrative i.e.:

"Although one may feel helpless when they fall in love with someone of the same sex, nevertheless, Allah prohibited it, considering it a test or trial. You are not committing a sin simply because you are gay and feel attracted to someone of your own sex and fall in love with them, but engaging in sexual acts with them would be considered a sin and you must be killed in most horrible ways.. "

Please don't accept this 3rd narrative by them. The Quran or Hadith have nowhere told that homosexuality is a test/trial, or homosexuals are naturally born with it.

A similar pattern emerged in the past when scientific studies highlighted the risks associated with cousin marriages. At that time, Muslims accused the scientific community of corruption. However, as time passed, many Muslims eventually accepted the findings of scientific studies, recognizing them as reflective of the Ultimate Truth.

Likewise, with regard to homosexuality, a change in attitudes is inevitable. Science has already influenced the perceptions of many Muslims. Nevertheless, they cannot jump to this narrative that they accept being gay to be natural, before declaring Islam to be wrong, which advocates the 1st narrative of "misguidance from devil" only. Yes, even the 2nd narrative of DISEASE is also non-Islamic and has no proof in the Quran and Hadith.  

Please do challenge these 2nd and 3rd narratives, and demand Muslim apologists to first declare Islam to be wrong before going to these 2nd and 3rd narratives. 

Please understand the sufferings of a homosexual person in a religious society:

Please understand the immense suffering experienced by individuals in a religious society who identify as homosexual. A member of the LGBT community has shared their perspective:

  1. It is disheartening to believe that Allah specifically created homosexuality solely to deem it as sinful and subject to punishment. This implies that Allah did not create homosexuals for the same reasons as heterosexuals. Instead, homosexuality serves as a reminder to heterosexuals that if they exhibit similar behaviors, they too will be condemned. As gay individuals, we are doomed unless we deny our true selves and pretend to be heterosexual, as that is the only way society deems acceptable according to religious doctrine.
  2. Homosexual children are seemingly born as a "test" for the faith of their heterosexual family and parents, if we are to accept the teachings of Allah. We, as gay individuals, are informed that we have been given a "unique test" that only we can handle, as Allah does not burden a soul beyond its capacity. However, this feels profoundly unfair, as it has driven some of us to the brink of suicide.
  3. It is unjust to label our existence and innate desire for love and companionship as a test of character. We are denied the experiences, love, companionship, security, intimacy, and joy that heterosexual Muslims are permitted to have, sometimes multiple times over. Meanwhile, individuals like Muhammad had multiple wives (including slave women), and their actions were celebrated. On the other hand, people like me must constantly watch our backs, enduring the shame and disgust of onlookers when we hold our partner's hand, all while remaining celibate.
  4. The experience is more than alienating; it encompasses every negative feeling one can imagine. We feel like imposters in our own bodies, as if our very existence is a mistake. Doubt permeates our ability to think, trust, and believe in ourselves. We become terrified of everything: our safety, our sanity, and whether any little thing or thought might cause God's disdain or provoke Muslims around us. We self-police, lose interest in everything, succumb to depression, and contemplate suicide. Our health, body, and mind suffer neglect. We become people pleasers, unsure if the personality we present is truly our authentic self.
  5. Homosexuality is used as a dog whistle to accuse us of being secret pedophiles and rapists. We are dehumanized, with some Muslims suggesting that we have been possessed by jinn throughout our lives without our knowledge. Muslims will never comprehend the overwhelming isolation and loneliness we feel, even when surrounded by our Muslim families in the same building.
  6. Heterosexual individuals will never endure the torment of ruqyas (exorcisms) and conversion therapies—psychological, physical, mental tortures—in an attempt to be "cured." Simply having a partner, even without engaging in sexual activity, subjects both individuals to judgment, mockery, laughter, and lifelong shame.
  7. Some will go as far as telling us that we cannot be around our own nieces and nephews due to an irrational fear that we will "influence" them or that they will become gay themselves due to our presence.
  8. While heterosexual individuals do not face denial of healthcare, job opportunities, access to banking, social services, or help, openly gay Muslims encounter such discrimination in Islamic countries. Openly gay individuals worldwide live in constant fear of encountering religious zealots who own businesses, hotels, taxi services, clinics, or hold positions within emergency services. The risk of being harmed by a homophobic police officer or neglected by an anti-gay nurse or doctor is a genuine concern. Furthermore, the fear of being labeled a criminal and a threat to society by politicians or religious figures adds to the humiliation. The process of sheikhs delving into our medical history or doctors breaching confidentiality and outing us to everyone because we sought health screenings
  9. It's never going to be a criminal offence to be straight. But it will always stay as a criminal offence to be homosexual in Islamic societies. 

I can go on... But you see my point. Allah (if he is real) is simply cruel.


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