(1) Muhammad expelled ALL Effeminate from homes

Muslims were to attack the city of 'Taif the next day. 

A eunuch (whose name was Hit) visited Um Salama (the wife of Muhammad) and told her brother that after the victory, he should try to take possession of one specific woman among the opponents (as a slave woman).  Then he described the beauty that she had four folds in her stomach (which was considered a sign of beauty in that era).

But Muhammad also heard those words. And he ordered the expelling of ALL effeminate from their homes (even if the other effeminate didn't commit any mistake/crime).

Sahih Bukhari, 4324:

Narrated Um Salama: The Prophet (ﷺ) came to me while there was an effeminate man sitting with me, and I heard him (i.e. the effeminate man) saying to `Abdullah bin Abi Umaiya, "O `Abdullah! See if Allah should make you conquer Ta'if tomorrow, then take the daughter of Ghailan (in marriage) as (she is so beautiful and fat that) she shows four folds of flesh when facing you, and eight when she turns her back." The Prophet (ﷺ) then said, "These (effeminate men) should never enter upon you (in your homes)." Ibn Juraij said, "That effeminate man was called Hit."

(2) Muhammad further ordered to separate them from their families, and then Exile them ALL from the city

Muhammad didn't stop expelling them from homes alone, but he further ordered to even EXILE them ALL from the city, where they had to live alone, practically in solitary confinement like situations.

This means, even if they are innocent, and even if they never committed any mistake/crime, still after becoming adults, they are forcefully separated from their families (i.e. their mothers, fathers, brothers, and sister) and sent into exile. 

Sunan Abi Dawud, 4107and 4109:

.... He (the Prophet) exiled him and he lived in a desert (outside Medina).

Grade: SAHIH (Albani)

(3) Their only option to survive is to Beg For Food, otherwise, they should die of starving

Muhammad prohibited effeminate to take any job and to earn their living, but to live in exile. People told Muhammad, in that case, they would die due to starvation. Upon that, Muhammad allowed them to enter the city twice, and beg for food. 

Sunan Abi Dawud 4110:

.. (when Muhammad exiled that eunuch in the above mentioned narration, then he was told) Messenger of Allah, in that case he will die of starvation. So he allowed him to visit (the city) twice a week so that he might ask for food and go back.

Grade: SAHIH (Albani)

Remember, Muhammad made the status of effeminate even much lower than beggars. A normal beggar is allowed to beg 7 days a week, and he needs not to leave the city, but a poor eunuch is allowed to beg only for 2 days, and then he has to leave the city. 

Excuse by Muslim Preachers: It was a CRIME to describe the beauty of a woman

Muslim Preachers blame that eunuch (Hit) for committing a CRIME by describing the beauty of that woman to another man, for which he was punished.


How it can be counted as a crime of that eunuch when Islamic Sharia itself compels all slave/prisoner women of the enemy to move in public with naked breasts and their stomachs exposed? 

Please read this detailed article: Part 2: Allah/Muhammad forced the poor slave women to move with naked breasts in public 

And those prisoner/slave women were sold in this semi-naked state in the Bazaars of Slavery, where Muslim customers were even allowed to touch their private parts too? 

Thus, on one hand, Muslim Preachers made it a CRIME for that eunuch to only describe the beauty of the stomach of that lady and give the punishment of exile and begging. But on the other hand, Islam exposed the breasts and stomachs of prisoner/slave women, yet Muslim Preachers call Muhammad “a Mercy to all Worlds, Mankind, Jinns & Animals”.

Why are these Muslim Preachers not able to see their Double Standards? Why can't they feel the pain of millions of poor effeminate ? 


Even if assume that Hit (the eunuch) committed a crime by describing the beauty of that woman, still:

  • Why did Muhammad punish ALL other effeminate by expelling them from their homes? They didn't commit any mistake/crime. 
  • Why was simple expulsion from their homes not enough? Why he also EXILED them?
  • After expulsion from their homes, the effeminate were not able to see the beauty of any woman. And thus they would not be able to describe the beauty of any other woman. But despite this, Muhammad EXILED them ALL from the city too. Why? 

Moreover, if these are only effeminate , who can describe the beauty of women?

Is it not possible for women to describe the beauty of other women? Are you then going to expel and exile all other women too?

And what about “Male Slaves”? According to Islamic Sharia, an adult male slave automatically becomes a “Mahram” for all the wives and all the daughters of his master, as soon as he is bought, and they need not take Hijab from him. Please read our detailed article: Double Standards of Islam: An adult male slave becomes Mahram as soon as he is bought, but an adopted son becomes a Non-Mahram for his foster mother, as soon as he becomes an adult.

So what if male slaves describe the beauty of any woman? Are you then going to expel and exile all slaves too? Or are you going to show Double Standards again, and keep the slaves in your homes, although male slaves have more LUST for women than effeminate ?

How Muslim Preachers cannot see such huge and clear CONTRADICTIONS in the system of Islam? 


And instead of giving the punishment of exile and solitary confinement on the very first time, was it not possible for Muhammad to tell and teach him the etiquette and rules that describing the beauty of a woman is forbidden? And this warning should not only be given to effeminate but to women too, not to describe the beauty of other women. 

But Muhammad immediately reached the peak of tyranny, where he took away all the joys from the life of all effeminate , separated them from their families, exiled them from the city to live in a solitary confinement like situation, and compelled them to beg for food in order to survive, and that too only for 2 days. 


Due to these strange teachings of Muhammad/Islamic Sharia, Muslims started hating All Effeminate as they hate All Dogs today. 

During the last 1400 years of the history of Islam, poor Effeminate had to suffer. Actually, their own families started hating them. It is the most horrible thing when your own family start hating you for reasons which are not in your hand. 


We are thankful to the non-religious WESTERN System, which realized Effeminate as human beings and gave them full respect and full rights for the first time. The whole of humanity is thankful to the Western System for noble deeds like giving full rights to slaves, women, the effeminate , minorities, and even animals for the first time in human history. 

Yes, that same non-religious Western System showed the MORALITY, which is immensely hated by Islam followers, and blame them for being “immoral”. 

We are proud of ourselves, of our non-religious system, of our non-religious morality. 

Yes, Muslims claim that Allah has a monopoly upon morality, but then we see the true colours of the morality of Allah/Muhammad in cases like these. 

(4) Killing an effeminate only for resembling women

Sunan Abi Dawud, 4928:

An effeminate man (mukhannath) who had dyed his hands and feet with henna was brought to the Prophet (ﷺ). He asked: What is the matter with this man? He was told: "Messenger of Allah! He imitates the look of women." So he issued an order regarding him and he was banished to an-Naqi'. The people said: Messenger of Allah! Should we not kill him? He said: I have been prohibited from killing people who pray. AbuUsamah said: Naqi' is a region near Medina and not a Baqi'.

Grade: SAHIH (Al-Albani)

According to human nature, an effeminate person also has feelings of love. It is purely natural if such an effeminate person feels attraction towards men, and feels inside them as women. 

But Muhammad/Allah made it the BIGGEST Crime in the universe. 

Yes, if such an effeminate man (or any gay person) indulges in love with any man, and also marries and has a sexual relationship, then it is considered the BIGGEST Crime in the universe by Muhammad/Allah. 

Actually, even without any physical sexual relationship, alone feeling like a woman from the inside, and resembling them by using Henna, is a big enough crime for which Muhammad/Allah wants them to be killed. 

The only thing that saved that effeminate person from being killed, was Salah (i.e. prayer). In the absence of prayer, that effeminate person would have been surely killed by Muhammad. Nevertheless, Muhammad still banished that person from the city. 

Remember, Muslims claim that their Allah is 100% perfect, thus the NATURE is also 100% perfect. Thus, those effeminate and gay people, who feel differently in their bodies, they are only misled by Satan. 

But the issue is, even if these effeminate/gap people recite "Lahoola wallah Quwah ... لا حول ولا قوة إلا بالله" (i.e. an Islamic prayer to get rid of Satan), still they keep on feeling differently inside their bodies. Even if the whole Quran is read, still Satan wins, and they keep on feeling the same. 

Upon that, Muslims come up with another excuse that it is perhaps not Satan, but an “illness” of mind. But we tell them that there is no scientific proof present that it is an illness of the mind. Moreover, even if we consider that these effeminate and gay people are ill, then the question is, why Islam wants to kill these “mentally ill” people? Illness means you have to cure them, and not kill them. 

Humanity is the greatest       لا أكبر إلا الإنسانية

Eunuchs vs Islam