Due to unnatural restrictions upon the women, and upon their interaction with the men, the Islamic society has gone to that extent in sexual frustration, where in 82% cases, the child girls are raped by their close relatives like fathers, grandfathers, paternal uncles, maternal uncles, brothers and cousins.

Please watch the video below, where Miss Shandana Gulzar (Member of National Assembly of Pakistan from the ruling party PTI) is telling about a Research, which was done in hospitals and gynecologist clinics, which revealed these figures. 


Link to the Video 

But on social media, Pakistani reacted very negatively (and stupidly) against Miss Shandana Gulzar for highlighting this evil in the society. They blamed her for being a western agent, who was giving false figures in order to give bad name to Islam and Pakistan. They wanted the authorities to send her to the prison and a death sentence against her for insulting the religion and the country. 

Actually, this sexual frustration is very much evident from the large number of cases of rape of small children in the Madrassas (Quran schools). And if girls have to go outside, then they are molested on large scale by the men. 

At least the sexual frustration in Madrassas and on the road is reported in the media, nevertheless, the incest rapes inside the houses are absolutely not reported. Pakistan needs are very strong "Feminist Movement" in order to come over these evils. 

Even 'Google Trend' is also a witness to it

Pakistanis are at the top for the last 2 decades in search of incest terms like:

  1. Sister Rape
  2. Mother Rape
  3. Child Sex
  4. Donkey Rape

Till the time Pakistanis are not going to give freedom to their women, and make natural interaction possible between women and men, their whole society (mostly the small children) is going to pay the price for this extreme sexual frustration. 

This frustration among the Pakistani men has gone to that level, where even the dead bodies of women is taken out of their graves, and they are raped (link). And there are reports that it went to that extent where the relatives of the dead women were guarding their graves for the first couple of nights in the graveyards. 

2.5 million illegal abortions in Pakistan in one year

Famous organization "Population Council" published a report (link) of their research, that alone in year 2012, there were 2.5 million illegal abortions which took place in Pakistan.

Please once again listen to the interview of Miss Shandana Gulzar, who is telling that hospitals and Gynecologist clinics witness how mothers of the raped child girls are refusing to register a case in police, while their own husbands or fathers or brothers or sons are involved in the rape of child girls.