Strange Islam: If a widow/divorced woman remarries, then she will lose the custody of her children

If a woman is a widow or divorced, then she is badly destroyed, while:

  • Parents in an Islamic society don't let their daughters to get higher education. 
  • Even if she completes her education, then she is normally not allowed to practice her profession, in name of so-called "modesty", while then she has to go out of the house, and there she will come in contact with other men. 
  • She is told her actual career is to take care of her children, and not to practice her profession. 
  • And the outside environment in Islamic societies is worse for a woman who wants to do work outside, while it is a man-dominated society. 

Therefore, in the case of a widow or divorce, a woman runs into a financial crisis. And an Islamic society does not look favorably towards a divorced woman, who is living alone along with her children. Her character is easily doubted. 

Thus, the best option for a widow/divorced woman is to remarry as soon as possible, in order to get a financial support, and to avoid the gossips regarding her character. 

But sadly, Islam is such a worse religion for women, that it has also practically closed this door of remarriage for women, and it punishes her for this too. Islam compels the women to not to even think about the remarriage, otherwise her small children will be snatched away from her. 

Please see the following two Fatwas (Fatwa 1 and Fatwa 2):

It is true that if the mother remarries, she loses the right of the custody of her children, and some scholars reported a consensus among the scholars on this issue ... 
“This is because the child is harmed by the hatred of the 2nd husband who may get fed up with him and because the mother, by necessity, may neglect her child out of her desire to please her husband and her being preoccupied by him, and all this harms the child. This is why she loses the right of fostering.” 
Moreover, An-Nawawi  from the Shaafi’e School of jurisprudence, said in “Al-Majmoo’”: “Because if she remarries, her husband has the right to enjoy her (at all times) except at the time of worship (i.e. when she is performing an act of worship), so she cannot foster her children (form a previous marriage).”

Both of them are lame excuses, while:

  • Islam is totally wrong when it claims that (all or at least a majority of) step fathers will hate their step children and will get fed up with the stepchildren. This problem started with Islam in the case when Muhammad declared that adopted children could not be a part of the family. Muhammad simply extended this ruling upon the step children too, along with the adopted children. Islam is indeed not a religion of nature, while it thinks that father and mother could form no spiritual relationship with their adopted or stepchildren. 
  • Islam is also totally wrong when it claims that a mother should be separated from her children, while she will neglect them in order to make her 2nd husband happy. Islam is indeed not a religion of NATURE when it thinks so low of mothers. 
  • And when Islam claims that a woman should be separated from her children, while she has to provide the sex services to the 2nd husband who heartedly, and children are a hindrance in this sex service, then again Islam is proving itself to be the cruelest religion of the world against the poor women. 

Islamic Sharia got defeated by Muslims themselves:

This Islamic Ruling (of mother being separated from children if she remarries, while her duty is to provide sexual services to her 2nd husband) is such an illogical, and cruel, and an unjust ruling that today Muslims themselves threw this Sharia Ruling into the dustbin, and they themselves (using their own 'Aql and commonsense)  made new laws in their Islamic countries where mothers are not separated from their children if they wish to remarry. 

Double Standards of Islam: A non-Mahram guardian has more rights than the real mother + step father

Islamic laws are against the logic, and against the nature, where it is ready to give a child in the guardianship of any non-Mahram man, but does not allow the real mother + step father to take care of the child.

Even worse, Islam not only gave a small orphan girl in the guardianship of a non-Mahram man, but it also allowed that guardian to take that small (minor) old girl in his Nikah (without her consent), and start playing and doing sex with her naked body. 

Quran 4:3:
And if you fear that you will not deal justly with the orphan girls, then marry those that please you of [other] women, two or three or four ...

Why Muhammad was forced to claim the revelation of this verse? The following tradition of ‘Aisha makes it clear:

Sahih Bukhari, Hadith 5064:
('Urwa narrated from ‘Aisha that she said about this verse 4:3) "O my nephew! (This Verse has been revealed in connection with) an orphan girl under the guardianship of her guardian who is attracted by her wealth and beauty and intends to marry her with a Mahr (i.e. money for dowry) less than what other women of her standard deserve. So they (such guardians) have been forbidden to marry them unless they do justice to them and give them their full Mahr..

In Islam, a father (or guardian) is not needed to ask for the consent from the minor girl child before giving her into Nikah of any man (Link). 

Please read our detailed article: If got lust for the “minor adopted daughter” due to her beauty, then taking her into Nikah is “Halal Allah” and raping her is also “Halal Allah” for the Muslim Father

Due to these non-logical rulings of Islam against the women, they are being blackmailed by their husbands. And women had to avoid the divorce, despite their husbands being abusive, while in case of remarriage, they children are snatched away from them by Islam. 




Don't forget the Bigger Picture: Whereas a woman in the West gets her freedom just by going to the court, Muslim women suffer horribly in an Islamic system due to these unjust and oppressive 10 Sharia Rulings. Islam provided women with almost no protection, and exposed them badly for blackmailing at the hands of their abusive husbands. Muhammad took all these rulings regarding divorce from the pre-Islamic era of ignorance (like only husband having the right to give divorce, the system of 3 Talaqs, Halala, Ila, Zihar etc.). All of them are not only extremely oppressive against the women, but they are also illogical and unnecessary. They became part of Islamic Sharia while no divine Allah is present above in the heavens, and Muhammad was making the revelation and Sharia rulings on his own. Thus, we see the human errors and influence of the era of ignorance in these Islamic rulings.