There are many knowledgeable Muslims who are doubtful about Islam. However, their journey of doubting Islam often ends with the question, "What existed before the Big Bang?" And when they fail to find an answer to this question, they continue to cling to Islam and accept Allah as a true god. But this is wrong, and it occurs only when they believe that leaving Islam requires denying the existence of any deity (i.e., becoming atheists).

This assumption is incorrect. There is no requirement to reject the existence of any deity to abandon Islam.

Science has yet to discover the origin of matter. Therefore, until this question is fully addressed by science, every atheist will retain some degree of agnosticism – between 0.01% and 49%. That is, the possibility remains that one or more deities may exist. To gain a clearer understanding, please watch Dr. Richard Dawkins' video below.

Thus, it is not necessary to find the answer first regarding the origin of matter in order to leave religion. Rather, we only need to deny any religion that claims its "religious god" communicated messages to humans through angels.

Note that the debate over the existence or nonexistence of any deity is an internal discussion among atheists, agnostics, and deists. In contrast, the conversation with religious individuals focuses solely on their "religious god."

Moreover, do you know that some Islamic Preachers are teaching these TACTICS to Muslims in private gatherings that they should engage us only in the discussion if god exists or not so that we don't get a chance to do Direct Criticism upon Islam, Muhammad and Islamic Sharia. 

It is almost impossible for Islamic apologists to answer the direct criticism of Islam/Sharia in the light of humanity and modern science. Whether it is Islamic Slavery, oppression against women, rape of minor girls in the name of marriage, or scientific mistakes in the Quran and Hadith, then the religious god (i.e. Allah) is immediately EXPOSED. 

Therefore, please don't get into the trap of Islamic preachers, and don't indulge in an unnecessary debate about the existence of god, but target and criticize Islam, Muhammad and Sharia directly in the first step and prove them wrong. 


A Dialogue with a Muslim preacher:

A Muslim preacher came up with this argument:

I am ready to become an atheist if atheists could answer these questions (1) Where the matter came from (2) How the life began in that matter?


The existence of a " Religious God" is the real issue between atheists and Muslims, not the origins of matter or life. When we see scientific errors in the Quran or Islam promoting tyranny, it suggests that Allah doesn't exist and Muhammad fabricated revelations.

Discussing the source of matter is an internal debate among atheists, agnostics, and deists. More crucially, the existence of any deity is a secondary concern for them since they agree that no god intervenes in earthly affairs. As a result, they create systems based on reason rather than faith.

Unlike believers of various religions who fight and kill each other over their beliefs, atheists, agnostics, and deists do not engage in such violence. You never hear that any atheist has killed any agnostic person, by blaming him to be misguided. 

In simple terms, you don't need to become an atheist to leave Islam, nor do you need answers to questions like where matter came from or how life began. However, if it's proven that your religious god makes scientific blunders and goes against humanity, that's enough reason to leave Islam.