There are many knowledgeable Muslims, who are doubtful about Islam. But their journey of doubting Islam ends with this question: "What was there before the Big Bang?" And when they don't find the answer to this question, then they keep on sticking to Islam and taking Allah as a true god. But this is wrong, and it happens only while they have this impression that in order to leave Islam, they have to first deny the existence of any god (i.e. they have to become atheists). 

But this is only a misunderstanding. There is absolutely no condition of denying the existence of any god/gods in order to leave Islam.

Science has yet not found where the 'matter' came from. Thus, till this question is fully answered by science, every atheist will keep on having a part from 0.01% to 49% of 'agnosticism' in him (i.e. there may exist any god/gods). Please watch the following video of Dr. Richard Dawkins to understand it clearly.  

Thus, it is not necessary to find the answer first from where did the matter come from in order to leave religion. But we only need to deny any religion which claims that its "religious god" convey the message to humans through angels. 

Please note that the discussion of the presence or absence of any god is an "internal" discussion among Atheists, Agnostics and Deists. While the discussion with religious people is only about their "religious god".

Moreover, do you know that Muslim Preachers are teaching these TACTICS to Muslims in private gatherings that they should engage us only in the discussion if god exists or not so that we don't get a chance to do a Direct Criticism upon Allah and Islam. 

It is a reality that Allah/Quran/Islam has no chance to face the direct criticism of Humanity and modern science. Whether it is Islamic Slavery, oppression against women, rape of minor girls in name of marriage, or scientific mistakes in the Quran and Hadith, then the religious god (i.e. Allah) is immediately EXPOSED. 

Therefore, please don't get into the trap of Muslim preachers, and don't indulge in an unnecessary debate about the existence of god, but target and criticize Allah and Islam directly in the first step and prove them wrong. 


A Dialogue with a Muslim preacher:

A Muslim preacher came up with this argument:

I am ready to become an atheist if atheists could answer these questions (1) Where the matter came from (2) How the life began in that matter?


It is absolutely not a BASIC question between Atheists and Muslims if the god exists or not. 

But the BASIC question is if any “Religious God” exists or not.

So, in the case of Muslims, the basic question is, if the  “Religious God” of Muslims (i.e. ALLAH) exists or not. 

Therefore, when we see Scientific Blunders in the Quran, or when we see that Islam goes against humanity and spread tyranny, then it automatically it proves that there exists no Allah and that Muhammad was making the revelations on his own. 

While the discussion about the question of where the matter came from, is an INTERNAL discussion between Atheists, Agnostics & Deists

Secondly, the issue of the existence of any god in this universe is not a primary, but a SECONDARY (non-important) issue between Atheists, Agnostics & Deists. This means, that all Atheists, Agnostics & Deists unanimously agree upon it that no god is going to interfere in our practical lives in this world. And thus, we have to form our system in this world ourselves, by using our brains. 

That is why, you never hear that any atheist has killed any agnostic person, by blaming him to be misguided. 

While, for the followers of different religions, their religious gods are very important. That they kill the followers of other gods on a mass scale in the name of their religious god.

What to talk about the followers of different religious gods, even different SECTS of the same religious god also kill each other on a mass scale in the name of their religious god. 

Therefore, there is no comparison between us (i.e. Atheists/Agnostics/Deists), and the followers of the other religious gods. 

In simple words, you don't need to become an atheist, in order to leave Islam. Neither you need the answer to questions like where did the matter come from nor how life started. But if simply it is proven that your religious god is making scientific blunders, and goes against humanity, then it is enough for you to leave Islam.