Islamophobia is same as Wolfophobia

There exists no such thing as “Islamophobia”, while Islam is an ideology and FULLY open to criticism.

If Muslims face any discrimination in Western countries for being Muslims, then it should be called "Muslimophobia", but not Islamophobia. All Muslims, who live in Western countries, and who believe in Secularism and are ready to integrate into Western society, then they have EQUAL Human Rights. It is wrong if they are still discriminated against for being only Muslims.

While 'Islamophobia' is nothing more than a smartly crafted propaganda word that shields Islam (which is an ideology) from legitimate criticism by painting that criticism as hatred or prejudice towards Muslims.

Table of Contents:


Islamophobia vs Kafirophobia

As compared to Islamophobia, the threat of Quranic "Kafirophobia" is real.

This Quranic teachings of Kafirophobia teaches Muslims that Kafirs:

These Quranic teachings are nothing else than Hate Speech against non-Muslims, who don't accept Muhammad's message and prophethood. 

Effects & Harms of Kafirophobia

Islamic apologists come up with an excuse:

All religious books have such hate speeches against others. Therefore, criticizing Quran for hate speech is only Islamophobia.

But the truth is:

  • The followers of other religions cannot be compared with Muslims. 
  • They have vastly reformed themselves, they have adopted Secularist teachings, and they no longer believe or act upon those hate speeches in their religious books. Their books and their religion are openly criticized, and nobody calls it Bibleophobia or Vedophobia etc. Islamists are unique and the only ones who blame others for Islamophobia for criticizing hate speech in their religious books. 
  • However Islamic scholars failed in reforming Islam. They went in the opposite direction, and they literally believe in this hate speech against Kafirs by the Quran. 

This becomes automatically evident when we see the practical situation on the ground. 


Effects & Harms of Kafirophobia on the State Level:

How can Muslim apologists compare the effects & harms of Quranic teachings of Kafirophobia with any other religious book, when: 

Muslim States Non-Muslim (so-called Kafir) States
  • In nearly all Muslim-majority countries, non-Muslims are prohibited from preaching their beliefs or religion to Muslims. Those who attempt to do so may face punishment, and in some cases, even death.
  •  Not a single non-Muslim country has such a law, but Muslims are free to preach their religion to the local non-Muslims all over the world.  
  • And no Muslim is allowed to leave Islam. He will be severely punished for that and killed in the name of Apostasy.
  • Loss of child custody/marriage: if he is not killed, but only imprisoned, still he will lose the custody of his children and his marriage will be dissolved. 
  • Please read further details regarding apostasy here:
  • No non-Muslim country has such a law, and all non-Muslims are totally free to convert to Islam. 
  • Non-Muslims are not allowed to publish even a single book which criticizes Islam.
  • Non-Muslims are not allowed to deliver any speech in public which criticizes Islam. 
  • Muslims are fully allowed to criticize other religions, publish books and deliver speeches.
  • Any criticism of Islam is given the name of BLASPHEMY, and non-Muslims are immediately imprisoned by the State laws and are awarded death sentences. 
  • Muslims criticize and insult other religions/ideologies without any fear of being killed under the accusation of blasphemy. 
  • The Islamic State makes sure that no non-Muslim man can marry a Muslim woman. And if they do so, then both of them are put to death by stoning, or they are lashed 100 times.
  • No non-Muslim country has such laws, but all of them allow Muslim men to marry their women. 


Note: Some Islamic apologists claim that Islam indeed allows non-Muslims to criticize it. But this is not true, and only a deception. The Quranic teachings of Kafirophobia have resulted in practically any criticism of Islam automatically becoming impossible. They simply give it the name of Blasphemy (or Disturbance of Harmony in the society etc.) and immediately imprison anyone who dares to criticize Islam. Thus, practically you cannot find even a single book or any other material in Islamic countries which criticizes Islam. 


Effects & Harms of Kafirophobia on the Public Level:


When a Muslim faces discrimination in jobs in Western countries, then we hear all over about Islamophobia.

But in Islamic States, Islamic preachers are totally free to preach Quranic Hate Speech against Kafirs in mosques and in public, like:

  • Don't take Kafirs as friends
  • And don't wish them their festivals or socialize with them. It is a form of social boycott.
  • And all Kafirs are one nation (الكفر كله ملة واحدة) while all Muslims are another nation. 

For example, look how this Saudi Grand Mufti is openly propagating hate speech against non-Muslims through Quranic verses (link):

Undoubtedly the Muslim should hate the enemies of Allaah and disavow them, because this is the way of the Messengers and their followers. Allaah says (interpretation of the meaning): 

“Indeed, there has been an excellent example for you in Ibraaheem (Abraham) and those with him, when they said to their people: Verily, we are free from you and whatever you worship besides Allaah, we have rejected you, and there has started between us and you, hostility and hatred for ever until you believe in Allaah Alone” [al-Quran, Surah al-Mumtahanah 60:4] 

“You (O Muhammad) will not find any people who believe in Allaah and the Last Day, making friendship with those who oppose Allaah and His Messenger (Muhammad), even though they were their fathers or their sons or their brothers or their kindred (people). For such He has written Faith in their hearts, and strengthened them with Rooh (proofs, light and true guidance) from Himself” [al-Quran Surah al-Mujaadilah 58:22] 

Based on this, it is not permissible for the Muslim to feel any love in his heart (for them). 

The open preaching of this th results in extreme hatred against Kafirs on the Public and Society levels, where Islamic fanatics (on the individual level) kill thousands of Christians, Hindus, Sikhs, Ahmadis and Shias alone in Pakistan (link). 

The injustices and bloodshed due to Quranic teachings of Kafirophobia are thousands of times bigger than any Muslimophobia in Western countries, but still, we only hear about Islamophobia in the media, but nothing against this Kafirophobia. 


If a Hijabi Muslim woman is harassed due to her Hijab in Western countries, then again, we hear about Islamophobia. 

But what about thousands of non-Muslim girls, who are abducted and forcefully married to Muslim men, and forced to convert to Islam?

In 2016 Sindh with Pakistan's largest Hindu minority passed a bill that outlawed forced conversions. However, the bill was never ratified by the Governor.[19] The bill was tabled by a faction of the Pakistan Muslim League which in Sindh is led by Sufi leader Pir Pagara, called PML-F, Pakistan Muslim League functional.[20] In 2014, NGOs estimated that around 1000 girls from minority groups every year are being forcibly converted to Islam.[21][4][22] 

Again, we hear only Western societies being accused of Islamophobia, but we hear nothing about Kafirophobia in Islamic societies. 


Ex-Muslims are the most oppressed minority in Islamic countries (both on State Level and Public level)

Normally the perception is that Ahmadi Muslims are the most oppressed minority in the Islamic world. But this perception is wrong. The most oppressed minority in the Islamic world is ex-Muslims by a huge margin

On State Level:

Ex-Muslims are not even allowed to declare themselves as non-Muslims. They don't have the right to exist in Islamic states. They will be hanged till death. They are imprisoned. They lose the right to inheritance. They lose their children and spouses. The disease of Kafirophobia is at its PEAK in the case of ex-Muslims. 

Ahmadis at least have the right to stay alive. They are not being hanged for being Ahmadis. Their inheritance and family are not snatched away from them.

Unfortunately, the world has still not realized the huge sufferings of ex-Muslims. 


On Public Level:

On a public level, it is impossible for ex-Muslims to openly express their lack of belief without facing severe consequences. Muslim public has been brainwashed to the point where they would lynch and kill ex-Muslims in public. As a result, ex-Muslims are forced to lead a double life, pretending to practice Islam outwardly while secretly questioning or rejecting its teachings. They have to perform the five daily prayers, observe the Ramadhan fast, attend Friday prayers, and study Islamic texts in school, college, and university, even though they absolutely do not believe in them. This duplicity is mentally draining.

Ex-Muslim women face particularly harsh challenges. They must wear the hijab throughout their lives, whether they want to or not. They are often coerced into marrying Muslim men against their will and are expected to serve their husbands for the rest of their lives. They cannot reveal their true beliefs even to their own children, who may accidentally disclose their mothers' apostasy to others. To avoid social repercussions, ex-Muslim women must raise their children as Muslims, further perpetuating the cycle of secrecy and deception. The psychological strain of living such a life can become unbearable, leading some individuals to resort to suicide as a means of escape.

Why all this suffering? The answer is: Only due to the disease of Kafirophobia. 

Please go to the Ex-Muslim Subreddit and read the stories of thousands of ex-Muslims, who are forced to live this double life in their Islamic countries. 

Despite all this oppression, we never hear any word against this Kafirophobia, but we hear only and only Islamophobia while some Western cities don't allow minarets of mosques on a building. 

Ex-Muslims are killed in Muslims countries for only being an ex-Muslim.


The Disease of Kafirophobia is making Western Society POLARIZED, which is making the Integration of Muslims impossible

Muslims didn't face any persecution in the West in the past, and they were provided with equal human rights. That is why millions of Muslims immigrated on their own to Western countries.

Unfortunately, the Quranic teachings of Kafirophobia make it difficult for Muslims (especially religious Muslims) to integrate into the local community.:

  • The Quran ask them to consider the local community to be impure Kafirs.
  • The Quran ask them to openly hate and oppose the SECULAR Liberal Laws of the local countries and openly call for the imposition of the Sharia Laws.
  • The Quran ask them not to join them in any of their celebrations and festivals. 
  • The Quran ask them not to marry them. 

All these Quranic teachings of Kafirophobia are making Western society extremely POLARIZED, where different groups hate each other and are not ready to mix and integrate. 

The Disease of Kafirophobia is giving birth to the Disease of "Political Islam", which aims to destroy the Secular System and impose the Sharia System

The Quranic teachings of Kafirophobia are directly giving birth to the disease of "Political Islam".

Political Islam aims to destroy and end Secular laws and replace them with Sharia laws. For example:

  • Secular laws allow to criticize Islam and even to insult it as the Quran criticizes and insults non-Muslims, but Political Islam wants to end any criticism/insult of Islam but keeps on spreading one-sided criticism and insult of non-Muslims as the Quran does. Even if it fails to make it a punishable crime due to being a minority group, still it opposes this Seclar law on the community and political level. 
  • Secular laws allow people of different faiths to marry each other. But Political Islam wants to change it and prohibits Muslim girls from marrying any non-Muslims. Even if it fails to make it a punishable crime by law, still it opposes it on the community and political level. 
  • Secular laws allow people to change their religion, but Political Islam wants to criminalize if a Muslim individual leaves Islam and changes his religion. It is opposed to it on the community and political level. 

In short, political Islam is a TRAITOR to the Secular system and it aims to break the secular system and replace it with the Sharia system. 

Of course, as a minority, they are not able to achieve these goals. They still dream about it and find ways to implement it through different means, like increasing their population through increased birthrate. 

Many Muslims do not even hide these malicious intentions anymore against the secular system and they openly express their intention. 

Islamic Preachers come up with the following argument, to defend the Quranic teachings of non-integration:

Secularism is against collectivism and based upon ‘individualism’ and talks about the rights and liberties of an individual person. It’s moral stance is that an individual person is allowed to do whatever he wishes to do, and let others do whatever they want to do. Therefore, when the Western people demands the ‘social integration’ from Muslim, who are living in the West, they are themselves contradicting the basics of the Liberalism/Secularism.

These Islamic Preachers are suffering from the huge disease of misunderstanding Secularism. 

Yes, of course, Secularism gives the liberty of 'personal choice' to a person on an "individual" level. For example, if an individual Muslim does not participate in the Christmas celebrations according to his ‘personal choice’, then there is no problem with it. 

But the criticism is not upon the ‘personal choice’ of an individual Muslim, but it is upon the ‘Collective behaviour' of the ‘Muslim Community’, where their religion Islam has ordered them ‘collectively’ to neither marry Kafirs, nor they are allowed to celebrate their festivals, nor to integrate in their society in any way. This is equal to NEGATING and DECEIVING Secularism by MISUSING it. 

Islamists are TRAITORS to the Secular system. They are always CONSPIRING against the Secular system (while living under it) and they want to bring death to it. 

All other communities (Jews, Christians, Hindus, atheist Chinese etc.) are integrating into the local Western societies without any problems. It is due to the reason that they have accepted that Secular Values stand above all religions (while they stand for humanity, and humanity is above all religions). 

If the Muslim community does not get rid of the political Islam, and does not learn to give preference to the Human Secular Values above the hate teachings of the Kafirophobia, then they will never be able to integrate, even if they keep on living here in Europre for the next thousands of years. 

The Lesson is simple, HUMANITY stands above all religions. 

“Muslimophobia” cannot be stopped as its origins lie in the Kafirophobia

Muslims didn't face any persecution in the West in the past, and they were provided with equal human rights. That is why millions of Muslims migrated to Western countries.

Only after the rise of 'Political Islam'  in the West, did the hatred against them increase. And now Islamic preachers call this opposition to political Islam by local societies to be Islamophobia. But indeed, it is the Qruanic Kafirophobia, which is the 'aggressor', while it was the first who started this cycle of hatred.

The issue is, when Muslims say they have the right to preach their religion in Western countries, but deny non-Muslims to preach their ideologies in Muslim countries and if anyone dares to criticize Islam, then kill him in the name of Blasphemy in the Muslim countries, then automatically these Double Standards will bring hatred against the Muslim community.. ... Thus, the most important question is who is responsible for this hatred against Muslims?

And the answer is Muslims themselves, their double standards, and their persecution of non-Muslims. And till the time this Kafirophobia is not going to end, till that time it is impossible to end this Muslimophobia. 

Muslims only protest in the name of Islamophobia (which is actually Muslimophobia), but they have never acknowledged the real ROOT of the problem, which is not Islamophobia, but the Quranic teachings of Kafirophobia.

This so-called Muslimophobia is not going to go away till Muslims don't get rid of their disease of Kafirophobia.

At present, Muslims are 100% concentrated upon Muslimophobia, but they have 0% concentration upon their own disease of Kafirophobia, and thus not in a position to reform themselves.

Moreover, one ex-Muslim said: "Just like you can’t call a Jew Naziphobic, you can’t call an ex-Muslim Islamophobic"

Sam Harris: What is "Islamophobia"?

Please listen to an excellent explanation of Islamophobia by Sam Harris (link). 

A Western Woman about Islamophobia:

A Western woman (who first converted to Islam, but then left it after becoming aware of issues with it) wrote about her experiences as under:

"They make it seem as though they are all kind, loving, and peaceful individuals who are victims of islamophobia. While in reality, that's what they do:

  • convince themselves that they are superior to non-muslims

  • men and even women trash talk, slut shame, and use derogatory terms for non-muslims especially women. Non-muslim misogynists slut shame women for embracing sexuality, showing too much cleavage etc while muslims are on another level misoginistic and see no difference between a prostitute and a woman just being a woman, YET THEY HATE being told they are opressive and backwards for covering up. Many women feel insecure wearing a veil where the majority isn't.

  • men use non-muslim women for sex or temporary relationships while pretending that they are not that muslim. They lie and hide their true values to lure them in. And they think they are entitled to do so because those women are easy whores. Those women are to be blamed you know.

  • expect to be treated with respect when in western countries while not dimming their values. They want to keep their values and the visible expression of it- which is good- until well, this thing is not applied in their countries. Foreigners can't go to their countries and dress up the way they want to and show a true expression of their values.

  • they act so sweet and warm in your face but not so much behind your back

  • these ones have been mentioned a lot: their intolerance for anyone who is different from them: lgbtq, atheists, etc. I get it that their religion doesn't allow those things, I don't want to change their minds, but if so, they can change their outlook on it. I'd rather they adopt this mentality instead: "Being gay is bad, but if someone is gay, it's none of my business, I'm not gonna promote homosexuality, but I'm gonna leave them alone and it's none of my business of other people have different beliefs from mine, no matter how wrong they are".

I used to be that person in the past who used to look at people as people without discrimination even when it came to friendships and acquaintances. But unfortunately, they probably aren't able to interpret friendliness, respect, and kindness for what it is especially the men. They see me as an easy target while I saw them as humans."

The disease of Kafirophobia stabbed in the back of humanity-loving Left-Wing Secular People:

It was the humanity-loving left-wing Secular people of the West, who said welcome to Muslims in their countries, allowed them to immigrate and gave them EQUAL human rights. 

By not getting rid of the disease of Kafirophobia, by not REFORMING yourself, by not considering non-Muslims as equal humans, and by not integrating, the Muslim community only stabbed in the back of the humanity-loving left-wing forces in Western countries. It will result only in the weakening of left-wing forces and the strengthening of right-wing forces, which will ultimately only result in increased hatred against Muslims. 

If the right-wing parties are winning the elections in European countries, then this disease of Kafirophobia is the main reason behind their rise. 

If you really want to reduce the hatred against Muslims and make it safer for Muslims, then you have to recognise the real cause and reform yourself first. 



Islamist's Excuse: The term Islamophobia was invented by a non-Muslim

An Islamic preacher offered the following justification:

It was rather uninformed and foolish to assert that the term "Islamophobia" originated with Muslims when it is widely known that it was first coined by Alain Quellien, a non-Muslim Frenchman, in 1910. He used it to describe a "prejudice against Islam that is widespread among the peoples of Western and Christian civilization." Therefore, the term was introduced by a non-Muslim Westerner.


Even if we concede that the term originated with a Westerner, it does not exempt Western scholars from critique. They are fallible, and their works are subject to scrutiny like any others.

As demonstrated earlier, the term "Islamophobia" is flawed, and any animosity towards Muslims should rightly be termed "Muslimophobia."

 And it has also been proved that Islamists are using it as a tactic to put a ban on all types of criticism against Islam by calling it Islamophobia.

Islamist's Excuse: Muslims hate the West while they invaded and killed thousands in Iraq and Afghanistan


Wars are unfortunate, but they are not the reason for the hate among Muslims against the West. But the real reasons are:

  1. Quranic teachings of Kafirophobia
  2. And the wish among Muslim masses to IMPOSE Sharia all over the non-Muslim world by force.

When Muslims were stronger, they waged many more wars and brought much more destruction against their opponents. 

Look at Muhammad. He either killed ALL men of opponents or made the rest of them slaves. While all women were also made slaves and also raped. Islamic Jihadists looted all the money and goods of opponents. Muhammad also didn't spare small children (who had no role in wars), but he made them slaves too for their entire lives. It didn't end there, but Islamic Sharia also got the evil of "Slavery by Birth", and thus coming generations of those slaves were also automatically born as slaves. 

Thus, Muhammad brought 100% destruction upon his opponents, which the modern West never did during any war. 

Sahih Muslim, Hadith 1730a:

Ibn 'Aun reported: I wrote to Nafi' inquiring from him whether it was necessary to extend (to the disbelievers) an invitation to accept (Islam) before meeting them in fight. He wrote (in reply) to me that it was necessary (only) in the early days of Islam. The Messenger of Allah (ﷺ) made a raid upon Banu Mustaliq while they were unaware and their cattle were having a drink at the water. He killed those who fought and imprisoned others (and made them slaves). 

Or consider the actions of the Islamic Caliphate of Turkey towards its opponents in Europe over the past few centuries, particularly when it held significant power. Turkey's role in the genocide of the Armenian people in 1915, serves as a stark example. The Armenian genocide, documented in detail here (, resulted in the deaths of 1.5 million Christian Armenians.

Curiously absent from the discourse of Islamic preachers today is any mention of these atrocities committed against Christian Armenians, or Turkey's historical actions against Christian Europe. This selective silence may stem from the tendency for people to forgive and forget past wartime conflicts.

It's important to acknowledge that nobody is infallible; everyone is capable of making mistakes. While the West is not immune to errors, it has generally exhibited more restraint and compassion than Muhammad and Muslims did when they held positions of power.

Despite past conflicts, the West has demonstrated a remarkable capacity for forgiveness and reconciliation. Wars between European nations and Germany, as well as between the US and Japan, have not led to lasting hatred towards ordinary citizens.

Furthermore, the West has extended forgiveness even towards Muslims, allowing millions of Muslims to immigrate to their countries and granting them equal human rights. It's worth noting that there is no legal obligation for Western countries to accept Muslim immigrants due to their colonial past; rather, such decisions are motivated by humanitarian considerations. Contrastingly, Islamic countries often do not extend the same hospitality to Muslims from other Islamic nations.

The Fundamental Problem:

Wars were waged by governments. One may understand if fanatic Islamic preachers only hate Western Governments for wars. No, but their hate is directed towards the Western SECULAR System itself and the Western people (the so-called Kafir non-Muslims). 

These extremists reside within secular societies, yet they harbour no loyalty towards secularism. On the contrary, they vehemently oppose it, waging a relentless war against the secular order with the aim of destroying the secular system and imposing Sharia law by force.

These fanatic Islamic preachers are taking their inspiration directly from the Quranic teachings of Kafirophobia.

Pakistani Taliban waged a war against Islamic Pakistan

Once again, the primary conflict lies not in the wars of Iraq or Afghanistan, but rather in the clash over the enforcement of the Islamic system through coercion.

Consider the clash between Islamic systems themselves. In 2009, the Pakistani government ceded control of the Swat region to the Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) in an attempt to establish Sharia law there.

Yet, despite this concession, the TTP continued to denounce:

  • The Islamic Constitution of Pakistan as a "Kafir" system.
  • The Pakistani Islamic democracy as a "Kafir" system.

Following the agreement, the Pakistani Taliban regrouped and seized control of the adjacent Buner area, advancing towards Islamabad, with the intention of imposing Sharia law by force.

Thus, an internal conflict erupted in Pakistan, pitting one Islamic system against another, with the former branding the latter as "Kafir." Over 70,000 Pakistani Muslims lost their lives in this intra-Islamic war, and more than 10 million were displaced, becoming refugees in their own country.

Considering this internal strife within Islamic Pakistan, where even its constitution, democracy, and Islamic system are rejected by Islamists, it becomes evident that they will never accept the democracy and secularism of Western nations.

Thus, these Islamists don't hate the Western system due to any Afghan/Iraq wars, but basically, they hate them due to the Quranic teachings of Kafirophobia, and their wish to destroy the Western system and to impose the Sharia system by force upon all non-Muslim countries.