There exists no such thing as "Islamophobia", while Islam is an ideology and FULLY open to criticism.

If anything exists, then it could only be called "Muslimophobia". 

Yes, moderate Muslims are also humans and their rights should be protected as equal human beings, and attacking the mosques is wrong. This is the arena of "politics". But as far as criticizing Islam is concerned, then it is not "Islamophobia".

Islamophobia vs Kafirophobia

As compared to Islamophobia, the threat of Quranic "Kafirophobia" is real.

The Secular West said welcome to Muslims and allowed millions of Muslims to settle in their countries. But it is the Quranic Lesson of Kafirophobia, which incites hatred against the non-Muslims.

The peak of hatred of this Quranic Kafirophobia is this that Islam does not even allow Muslims to greet the non-Muslims by saying "Assalam-o-Alikum" (Peace be upon you). This teaching of Kafirophobia tells Muslim that saying "Peace be upon you" is great sin, while Allah wants to DESTROY the Kafirs and then to put them in the eternal hell fire.

This Quraic Kafirophobia teaches Muslims to:

  • CURSE them everywhere in Quran

  • Abuse them by calling them “animals” (and at some places call them “worst of animals”)

  • Abuse them by calling them “donkeys” and “dogs”

  • Abuse them by calling them “worst of creatures”

  • Call them deaf and blind

  • Call them Evil transgressors (Fasiq)

  • Call them Filthy and Unclean

  • Call them Fools for questioning illogical decision of Allah

"Muslimophobia" cannot be stopped as its origins lie in the Quranic Kafirophobia

Muslims didn't face any persecution in the West in the past, and they were provided with equal human rights. That is why millions of Muslims migrated to the Western countries.

This so called Muslimophobia started recently, and mainly due to the own ACTS of Muslims. Many Muslims in the west openly hate the SECULAR Liberal Laws of the local countries, and openly call for the imposition of the Sharia Laws by force. Many Muslims absolutely do not want to integrate in the local community and still consider them to be impure Kafirs. Only after these clashes by the Muslims in the West, the hatred against them increased and now Muslims call it Islamophobia, while they are still the aggressor and the first one who started this cycle of hatred.

As compared to the Muslim in the West, the non-Muslim minorities in the Muslims countries are thousands of times more peaceful, and never indulged in any terrorist activity, but still, they are persecuted thousands of times more than Muslims in the West.

Thing is very simple, when Muslims say they have the right to preach their religion in the Western countries, but deny non-Muslims to preach their ideologies in the Muslim countries and if any one dare to criticize Islam, then kill him in name of Blasphemy in the Muslim countries, then automatically these Double Standards will bring hatred against the Muslims and they will be persecuted in reply. ... Thus, the most important question is who is responsible for this persecution of Muslims

... And answer is Muslims themselves, and their double standards and their hypocrisy. And till the time this Quranic Kafirophobia is not ended, till that time it is impossible to end this Muslimophobia. 

Muslims only protest in name of Islamophobia (which is actually Muslimophobia), but they have never acknowledged the real ROOT of the problem, which is not Islamophobia, but which is Quranic Kafirophobia.

This so called Muslimophobia is not going to go away till Muslims don't get rid of their own disease of Kafirophobia.

The West may become more Secular or whatever, but we are Humans, and it is thus natural that reaction of Kafirophobia is always going to come out in form of Muslimophobia.

At present, Muslims are 100% concentrated upon Muslimophobia, but they have 0% concentration upon their own diesease of Kafirophobia, and thus not in position of reforming themselves, and thus this problem is going to continue.

Moreover, one ex-Muslim said: "Just like you can’t call a Jew Naziphobic, you can’t call an ex-muslim islamophobic"