There is no bigger proof than LOVE, that homosexuality is Natural

There is absolutely no doubt that homosexual people also indulge in love with each other as straight people indulge in love with each other. They also dream about their lover, they also feel mental satisfaction in living with their lover.

And love could never be unnatural.

Therefore, homosexuality could only be considered unnatural when we deny that there exists any love between homosexuals. 

Homosexuality among the animals

Scientists have found 450 species of animals who clearly show homosexual behavior. Among animals we see elephants, giraffes, dogs, loins etc. show homosexual behavior (link). Among primates, these are Bonobos, Gorillas, Japanese macaques and Orangutans who show homosexual behavior (link). Sheep, goats, reptiles like lizards and insects all show homosexual behavior. 

Not only homosexuality, but "masturbation" is also natural for humans

Humans enjoy the sex through masturbation too. They could enjoy:

        • Sex between man and woman
        • Sex between homosexuals
        • Masturbation with their own hands
        • When their partners masturbate them.  

First Muslim Objection: Homosexuality is not natural, but it develops due to the environment

Muslim claims that homosexuality could not exist naturally, but it is only due to the brainwashing of the environment. 

And we answer them that no one brainwashes the animals, but they are naturally involved in homosexuality. 

If homosexuality is a product of brainwashing only, then there would have been ZERO homosexuality in the Muslim societies. But contrary to this, we see a huge level of homosexuality in the Muslim Madaris (Quran Schools). Even those Mullahs, who have wives, they are also involved in homosexuality in these Quran-Schools. 

In Islamic societies, they actually brainwash people against homosexuality, they also threaten people with draconian physical punishments, and as well as eternal punishments in the hereafter. But despite all this, natural homosexuality wins over all the fears of Allah, and eternal hell, and physical punishments, and religious brainwashing. 

Second Muslim Objection: The shape of reproductive organs is a witness that homosexuality is unnatural

And we answer Muslims that reproductive organs of animals also show they are not perfect for homosexuality, but still homosexuality is natural among them. And they are involved in homosexual activities without any brainwashing from the atheists. If any, then Allah has to be blamed for misguiding them towards the crime of homosexuality. 

Similarly, the shape of reproductive organs of human beings is also not natural for masturbation. Still Islam itself allows the partners to masturbate each other too. All the Muslims agree upon it that partners could masturbate each other (link).

All Muslims had to agree upon it, while Muhammad himself used to fondle his wives during their menses (Sahih Bukahri, Hadith 302).

So, when a Muslim husband is masturbated from his wife, or from his slave-girl, then how Muslims are going to fit such masturbation in the box of "shape of reproductive organs and nature"? 

Similarly, Islam also allows a man to marry a minor child girl (even if she is breast-fed) and to make her naked, and then to rub his penis in her thighs in order to ejaculate.

The biggest Islamic website gave this fatwa(link):
الاستمتاع بالزوجة الصغيرة.. رؤية شرعية ۔۔۔
Taking sexual pleasure from minor girl according to Sharia. 
فإنه لا حرجَ في تقبيلِ الزوجة الصغيرة بشهوة والمفاخذة ونحوَ ذلك ولو كانت لا تطيقُ الجماع وقد بيَّنَ العلماء أن الأصلَ جوازُ استمتاع الرجل بزوجته كيف شاء إذا لم يكن ضرر وذكروا في ذلك استمناءَه بيدها ومداعبَتها وتقبيلَها وغير ذلك
There is no problem to kiss the minor girl wife with intention of sexual pleasure and to do "thighing (Arabic: مفاخذہ)" which is to rub the penis between her thighs in order to ejaculate the sperms, or to do any other similar act. All these acts of sexual pleasure are permitted, even if she does not possess the power to bear penetration. According to Ulama, a husband is free to enjoy her in every way till the time no harm is done to her. So, the minor girl could masturbate him, foreplay could be done with her, she could be kissed and similar other things.

Do Muslims consider the thighs of minor child girl to be a reproductive organ and its shape to be natural for sex? 

Moreover, have you ever seen in animal kingdom if any female partner is masturbating her male partner or vice versa? But still Islam allows this masturbation. 

Problem is this that Muslims believe not only their Allah to be 100% perfect, but they also believe that the "system of Allah" is also an "intelligent and 100% perfect system", and free of any mistake. While the truth is this, there exists no such perfect system in nature. According to the theory of evolution, the survival of the fittest is possible, but it does not make them 100% mistake free and they could have thousands of problems and irregularities present in their bodies. 

Thus, the human body is also not perfect, and it could have many irregularities. Especially, human hormones and tendencies are especially delicate, and millions of humans are witness to their natural homosexual tendencies. 

Third Muslim Objection: Some people even get the tendencies about rape and robbery, should then they also be allowed?

Of course, it is possible people get tendencies to steal or to rape. That is why animals fight others upon food and sex, and even kill them. 

But human beings have 'Aql (brains)', and that is why they are able to distance themselves from this beastly behavior and become civilized, and learn how to share things and to live in peace. Humans formed societies on the basis that one person is not allowed to hurt another person.

For example, the tendency to love someone is natural. Till love is not imposed upon the other person forcefully without one's consent, it is fully allowed to love anyone, even one-sidedly. 

Similarly, hunger is also natural. And if a person is not stealing and hurting others, then one is fully allowed to eat food of one's own personal choice and satisfy one's hunger. 

It is the same with homosexuality. It is natural just like love and hunger in straight people, and till homosexuality is not imposed upon another person forcefully without one's consent, there is absolutely no problem in fulfilling this natural desire.

While in stealing, or robbery, or killing or rape, other people are looted without their consent and they are hurt. Therefore, both things could not be compared with each other. 

A man could also have a tendency to let himself masturbate. And Islam allows the wife to masturbate him. Nevertheless, Islam does not care about the consent of wife, and husband could even compel her to provide the sex services. Same is true when Islam says that a man could compel the slave-girl to provide him with sex services too including masturbating him, and letting him to play with her body and to rape her against her consent. This ruling of Islam is as evil as stealing and robbing, or perhaps even worse. 

Fourth Muslim Objection: Homosexuality should be banned while it raises the rate of AIDS

Muslims should learn to differentiate between the "crime" and "disease". In case of a crime, that particular action is banned. But in case of disease, it is not declared to be a crime, but it is cured. 

AIDS and other sexual diseases are not only spread through the anus only, but also through vagina too (despite the fact that the rate of spread could be lower in case of vagina). Should we then also declare sex in vagina to be a crime? 

Therefore, if there is a chance of spread of diseases due to the sexual interaction of two consenting adults, then we find the cure for the disease and take precautions against its spreading, but we don't declare these natural actions to be crimes.

Science has already progressed to that extent in curing AIDS, where it is considered even less dangerous than the disease of Sugar (link). Should we now declare consuming sugar to be a crime too? 

Fifth Muslim Objection: People in west should not be allowed to have sex without marriage. otherwise, they spread sexual diseases in their multiple sex partners

This is a strange objection, while it is Islam itself which allowed the Muslim men to marry 4 wives. And it also allowed the men to buy dozens of slave-girls from the market, then to rape them in temporary sexual relationship (like Shia Muta), and after fulfilling the sexual lust, just sell them again to another masters, who again rape them and sell further to another masters ... and this chain of rape of slave-girls continued. 

Therefore, if sexual diseases are spread due to temporary sexual relationships, then Islam is itself a criminal in this case. 

Sixth Muslim Objection: When atheist could ban Cousin marriages due to dangers of diseases, why then they could not ban the Anal Sex?

The answer is very simple. In the case of cousin marriages, these are not the consenting adults who are getting affected, but this is a third party (i.e. children), who are affected and they are born with deficiencies. While no 3rd party is affected in case of Anal sex, and both partners are involved in it through mutual consent. And both of these adults are responsible for evaluating how safe their sex is, and if they need extra protection or not. 

Seventh Muslim Objection: Pedophile also feel attraction towards children

We have already discussed human tendencies and the human system of society, so that only those tendencies could be declared as crimes, in which other people are hurt and something is imposed upon them without their consent. And exactly this same problem is present in Pedophilia. 

Therefore, this Muslim claim is wrong that pedophilia and homosexuality should be put in the same category, while there is a difference between 'prey' and 'love'. In pedophilia, 'prey' is involved. While in homosexuality, 'love' is involved.

Muslims also claim that the origin of pedophilia and homosexuality is the same. But they are again wrong, while the origin of 'pedophilia' and 'rape' is same, and the name of that origin is 'violence'. And the victim in pedophilia and rape is called the 'prey', while in homosexuality and love, it is called 'partner' and not 'prey'.

Therefore, rape and pedophilia are not (or hardly) present among women, while they don't have that extreme element of 'violence' in them.  But still a sizeable number of women are attracted towards homosexuality, while its origin is love, and the element of love is indeed present in women. 

Eight Muslim Objection: Homosexuality should be banned while it will cause human species to extinct

This objection is also not correct, while not all people are homosexual in society, but there are Heteros and bisexuals too. That is why in ancient Roman culture, where homosexuality was common and practiced on a large scale, there still existed no danger of the human species going extinct due to homosexuality. 

Moreover, if human species does not get extinct due to masturbation, then it is also not going to get extinct due to homosexuality, while more than 99% males (including religious males too) practice masturbation. 

Moreover, lesbian couples also wish to have children, and they have a lot of ways to fulfill their wish. 

Similarly, even if gay couples cannot have children of their own, but still they also wish to have children, and they also adopt  and raise children. 

The "wish" to have children is not dependent upon being gay or lesbian, but it is dependent upon the "circumstances". For example, ancient Romans were heavily involved in gay practices, but still they had a lot of children. It was due to the reason that in that old era producing more and more children was necessary for existence. 

As compared to ancient Romans, today humans (especially in the advanced countries) are not dependent upon children for their existence in old age. Thus, this 'wish' to have more and more children also became less and less among the 'straight' people, and many of them don't want to have any children. 

Ninth Muslim Objection: Scientists found no gene of homosexuality

The answer is simple that Scientists also didn't find any separate gene for being straight too. And those Muslim men, who ask their women to masturbate them, then there is no separate gene of masturbation found in them too. And those animals, who indulge in homosexuality, then scientists found no separate gene for their homosexuality too. 

The genes for the sex are the same, and it depends upon them how they express themselves further.

For example, there are no separate genes present for one's liking or disliking. But still some boys like fair complexion girls, some like a brown/black girls. Some like thin girls, while others like fat girls. Some like young girls, while some are attracted towards mature ladies. All this is not happening due to the presence of some separate genes, but due to the reason how these same genes express themselves. 

Tenth Muslim Objection: Animals are not homosexuals, but it is only about Dominance 

This Muslim claim of Dominance is wrong, while:

  • Male animals don't do the act to homosexuality to show the dominance, but they "fight" with each other in order to show the dominance. In many species of animals, males do it while they feel exact the same urge of doing sex, as they feel the urge of doing sex with the females. A male goat neither pair with female nor with males, but it is ready to do sex with either of them. 
  • And there are other homosexual species of animals too, who even form pairs and they also have nothing to do with dominance. 
  • And Bonobos also don't do it for dominance, but for pleasure and for showing affection (which is another form of love). Bonobos don't form pairs with females in name of love. But they live in a family system where they show the same affection/love to males, as they show to the females. 

In Humans, the most important and the weighty thing is the personal testimony of a person. If one testifies about oneself to have love and attraction towards the same sex, then no other power in the universe could deny this witness of a person about one's internal feelings/tendencies.

Muslim claims that Allah also knows what one has in the heart, but problem is this that Allah of Muslims does not exist.