1st Narrative: Homosexuality is not natural; only Satan misguides people into it.

The original narrative by the Quran and Islam was: "Allah did not create homosexuality in human nature, but it is only Satan who misguides people into it."

And the proof is present in this verse:

Quran 7:80:  {And We sent Lut – when he said to his people, “What! You commit the shameful acts which no one in the creation has ever done before you?” Quran 7:80}

All Muslim commentators of the Quran write that there existed no homosexuality before the nation of Lot. Then Satan misguided them into it.

This means, according to the Islamic perspective, homosexuality is not innate to human beings but rather a result of Satan's misguidance.

But then a question arose: "Why doesn't Shaitan run away when Muslim homosexuals recite the Islamic prayers of لا حول ولا قوة إلا بالله (meaning: There is no power or strength save in Allah)?") According to Islamic belief, this prayer is enough to rid oneself of Shaitan and his misguidance, as no power is greater than the name of Allah.

Unfortunately, this Islamic narrative of Shaitan's misguidance has also led to accusations against homosexual people of being possessed by jinns, resulting in Islamic scholars performing strange rituals on them, such as Islamic exorcisms involving the recitation of prayers and the entire Quran. These practices of Ruqyahs and exorcisms only serve to deepen the depression experienced by homosexual individuals.

2nd Narrative: Homosexuality is a DISEASE 

The prayer of لا حول ولا قوة إلا بالله (i.e. There is no power or strength save in Allah) didn't help, and homosexual individuals didn't come out of their homosexuality.

Upon that, Islamic preachers came up with a new narrative, where the earlier narrative of Shaitan and his misguidance disappeared.

This new narrative claims that homosexuality is not natural but a disease. And instead of Ruqya/Exorcism, this time poor homosexual people have to undergo medical treatment and conversion therapy, which again brings only extreme depression to them.

This narrative of disease is recent though. It started only in the last century when initially doctors tried to cure homosexuality with medicines and consultations. Nevertheless, this cure also failed after some time and new scientific studies proved it wrong. 

Dear Supporters of LGBT Rights!

Please don't accept this 2nd narrative by Islamic apologists. This narrative is nothing else than a LAME Excuse and an innovation (Bid'ah) by them according to their own Islamic standards. The Quran and Hadith never claimed homosexuality to be a disease, but only Misguidance from Shaitan. And no Muslim homosexuals of the first 1400 years history of Islam were ever given any medicines to overcome their disease of homosexuality. They were only blamed for being misguided by Shaitan. 

3rd Narrative: Being gay is not a sin but practising it is a sin and crime

The first two narratives failed miserably. 

Moreover, modern scientific studies proved that homosexuality is indeed not a choice, but people are born this way (link 1, link 2). Nobody brainwashes and indoctrinates small kids towards homosexuality, but they themselves start showing behaviours which are typically present in the opposite sex.  (link 1, link 2). In fact, many children exhibit gender expressions and behaviours that are typical of the opposite sex, further supporting the notion that sexual orientation is not a choice.

Even as adults, nobody indoctrinates them, yet they naturally feel attracted to same-sex individuals and fall in love with them.

No one can deny this attraction and natural love, where homosexuals dream about their same-sex partners, just as straight people dream about their opposite-sex partners.

We have Muslim individuals who are gay and believe in Allah from the depths of their hearts, yet they cannot deny their natural attraction and love towards people of the same sex.

It became impossible for modern Islamic apologists to deny millions of testimonies of these millions of Muslim gay people. This ultimately compelled modern Islamic apologists to come up with a new narrative i.e.:

"Although one may feel helpless when they fall in love with someone of the same sex, nevertheless, Allah prohibited it, considering it a test or trial. You are not committing a sin simply because you are gay and feel attracted to someone of your own sex and fall in love with them, but engaging in sexual acts with them would be considered a sin and you must be killed in most horrible ways.. "

Please don't accept this 3rd narrative by them. The Quran or Hadith have nowhere told that homosexuality is a test/trial, or homosexuals are naturally born with it.

A similar pattern emerged in the past when scientific studies highlighted the risks associated with cousin marriages. At that time, Muslims accused the scientific community of corruption. However, as time passed, many Muslims eventually accepted the findings of scientific studies, recognizing them as reflective of the Ultimate Truth.

Likewise, with regard to homosexuality, a change in attitudes is inevitable. Science has already influenced the perceptions of many Muslims. Nevertheless, they cannot jump to this narrative that they accept being gay to be natural, before declaring Islam to be wrong, which advocates the 1st narrative of "misguidance from devil" only. Yes, even the 2nd narrative of DISEASE is also non-Islamic and has no proof in the Quran and Hadith.  

Please do challenge these 2nd and 3rd narratives, and demand Muslim apologists to first declare Islam to be wrong before going to these 2nd and 3rd narratives. 

Objections by Muslim Apologists:

1st Objection: Allah didn't ask to use لاحول prayer 

An Islamic preacher wrote:

Islam does not prescribe the prayer of لا حول ولا قوة إلا بالله (i.e. There is no power or strength save in Allah) against homosexuality. Nor does Islam prescribe exorcism for it. In fact, it prescribes nothing.


If Islam is unable to prescribe anything against it, then it is due to the reason that there exists no All-Knowing Allah in the heavens, and Muhammad got confused as he had no solution to this.

Allah said in the Quran that the nation of Lut was the first to be misguided by Shaitan. Therefore, Muslims have logically concluded that misguidance comes only from Shaitan, and one can rid oneself of Shaitan's misguidance by reciting لاحول or performing Ruqyas (Islamic exorcisms).

So, how can you disagree with Muslims for arriving at this logical conclusion?

2nd Objection: Homosexuality can be caused by external factors like childhood trauma

Another Islamic preacher wrote:

Childhood trauma from abuse can influence how you view things later in life and may push you towards homosexuality.


Even if we assume that homosexuality is only caused by childhood trauma, the point is, the Quran doesn't mention this (i.e., childhood trauma) to be the reason for being homosexual. But it is clear that homosexuality comes from the misguidance of Shaitan.

There are many who never had any childhood trauma, yet they are still attracted to homosexuality. On our ex-Muslim subreddit, there are thousands of testimonies from Muslim boys and girls who come from religious families, yet they are still homosexuals. They have religiously brainwashed their entire life that homosexuality is a sin and crime, but still, religion got defeated against their nature. 

Moreover, we all know that a young boy, who behaves like a girl, his life automatically becomes difficult. He has to stay among men in most societies. And when men see him behaving like a girl, then they look at him as prey, Thus, if the rate is higher among homosexuals that they were raped as children, then it is not proof that they become homosexuals later due to that childhood trauma, but the opposite could be true (i.e. they are in danger of being raped while they automatically behave like girls right from their childhood).

Homosexuals win this case even without science, solely on the basis of their Testimonies

Islamic preachers come up with only one excuse that science has not found any gay gene. 

And our response is that even if science has not 100% found out the reasons for people becoming homosexuals, still we have millions of testimonies where homosexual people are witnessing that they were born so, and they never felt an attraction towards the opposite sex. 

So, even without science, homosexual people win this case solely on the basis of their testimonies. 


Please also watch this video in order to understand that homosexuality is not a choice.