Zakir Naik claims two reasons for becoming homosexual:

  1. Homosexuality starts when you break the rule of Hijab. If you maintain Hijab, it will never happen
  2. If you sleep with 20, 30, 40 or more women, you get tired and become homosexual.

Please watch this video of Zakir Naik:

Our Response:

Zakir Naik is absolutely wrong on all accounts.



You will most probably become an old man till you are finished having sex with 40 or 50 women. 

Nevertheless, Scientific studies showed that gender dysphoria has nothing to do with having sex with 20, 30, 40 or 50 women, but a majority of homosexuals had it since their childhood. 

For example, this scientific study Trusted Source showed that, on average, study participants reported their earliest memory of gender dysphoria between the ages of 4 and 6 years old. By the age of 7, most study participants could remember experiencing some feelings of gender dysphoria.


  • Homosexuality does not start due to breaking the rule of Hijab, otherwise there were thousands of slave women present in Islamic societies with naked breasts (including in front of Muhammad). Moreover, we see homosexual activities in great numbers in Islamic Madrassas too, where either women are totally absent, or even if present, then they are in Hijab. 
  • And scientific studies are witness that homosexuality has nothing to do with sleeping with 20, 30, 40 or 50 women. 
  • Zakir Naik is a dishonest person, who spreads hatred against homosexuals through telling lies. 


Please also don't forget:

  • A Muslim man used to rape a slave woman. And after fulfilling his lust (in a Shia Mut'ah-type TEMPORARY sexual relationship), he sold her to another master, and for himself, he used to buy a new slave girl from the Islamiy Bazaar of slavery. In this way, a single slave woman was raped by multiple Muslim men one by one (or in other words, a Muslim man used to rape multiple slave women one by one due to the evil of temporary sexual relationships in Islamic Sharia). 
  • If a Muslim master got lust for the slave wife of his male slave, then he was allowed to separate her from his male slave and rape her. And after fulfilling his lust, she could be returned to her slave husband. 
  • And Muslim men used to SWAP their slave girls with each other. This swapping allowed them to rape the slave girls of each other legally.
  • And Muslim men had dozens to hundreds of slave women present in their Harems. 

For proof, please read this article: Part 1: Crimes of Islamic Slavery against Humanity


  • Muhammad had 11 to 13 wives. 
  • He also had multiple slave women.
  • Muhammad always got huge spoils of war due to Khums. Alone in one battle of Khaibar, he got 7 slave women, whom he traded for a single beautiful Safiyyah (Sahih Muslim 1365e)


Zakir Naik: If you sleep with 10, 20 women, you become tired and you become homosexual