Muslim preachers present the following arguments:

  • If cultural evolution is indeed a fact, then why has patriarchy been prevalent throughout human history across the globe? Why did all societies arrive at the same solution and adopt the same patriarchal model? If patriarchy is inherently wrong, how did it manage to dominate the entire history of all cultures until merely 200 years ago?
  • Moreover, the divorce rate has only increased since the secular Western world rejected patriarchy and granted equal rights to women.

Watch this debate featuring an Islamic preacher named Daniel Haqiqatjou, who presents similar arguments in support of patriarchy and explains why Islam does not provide equal rights to women, placing them beneath men.

Defending Patriarchy in Islam in the name of patriarchy cultures of the past:

It is not a valid argument to defend Islamic patriarchy by citing other patriarchal cultures of the past.

What's wrong with the idea that humans have only become more civilized in the last 200 years?

Please remember:

  • All forms of evolution, including cultural evolution, take a long time. Modern humans emerged around 300,000 years ago, but remained in the Stone Age for the next 290,000 years. It wasn't until 10,000 years ago that humans began to develop beyond that stage.
  • And we evolved as animals. And the law of animals was also true for us, i.e. “Might is Right”. Under the law of might is right, we were attacking other human groups, and we were killing them in order to take their women and children and property. Patriarchy is also the gift of that same might is right law. 
  • This same might is right law also gave birth to the system of SLAVERY. Slavery was a worse form of patriarchy, but still it existed till 100 years ago. But then only under the pressure of the non-religious Secular West, it was the first time that Islamic countries had to agree to abolish the slavery system. 

Therefore, we ask again what is wrong if we only recently became more civilized, and we started giving women EQUAL rights only 200 years ago? And LGBT community is still finding it difficult to get their rights even today, but the struggle will go on. 

In light of this, it's essential to recognize that advocating for the abolition of oppressive patriarchal structures is not a criminal act. On the contrary, it's a necessary step towards creating a fairer society where everyone can flourish. Those who resist this change and insist on maintaining an unjust status quo are the ones responsible for perpetuating harmful attitudes towards women and marginalized communities.

Divorce Rate Argument for keeping the patriarchy:

Some Muslim leaders argue that granting women equal rights leads to increased divorce rates in Western societies. However, we must point out that maintaining a low divorce rate by oppressing and mistreating women is not a positive achievement. A household where the wife is subjected to domestic violence and abuse will only breed misery for all its members, including the woman herself and any children involved. It's a toxic environment that Muslim preachers refuse to acknowledge.

In contrast, when women receive an education, they become empowered and recognize their inherent human rights. Consequently, they reject exploitation and demand better treatment. This explains why divorce rates have risen in Arab Muslim nations, despite their deeply entrenched patriarchal systems.

Consider the following statistics:

  • In Kuwait, the divorce rate stands at 60%. (Source)
  • The divorce rate in Egypt, Jordan, Qatar, and the UAE has surpassed 35%. (Source)
  • Even in conservative Saudi Arabia, the divorce rate has hit 33%, with seven divorces occurring every hour. (Source)

These figures demonstrate that the divorce rate among Arabic countries is actually higher than in some Western nations. While Islam and patriarchy remain unchanged in these countries, the key difference lies in the increasing education levels of Muslim women.

To preserve their cherished patriarchal system, Muslim apologists must keep women illiterate. Otherwise, educated women will continue to challenge and resist this oppressive regime.

The only place where such a patriarchal system can thrive today is in Afghanistan under the Taliban regime, which prohibits girls from attending universities or schools altogether. By keeping women ignorant, they aim to safeguard their patriarchal ideals.

If Muslim men want to make the rate of divorce ZERO, then they should bear children only from Slave women

If these Muslim preachers wish to reduce the divorce rate to zero, they should consider bearing children only with enslaved women. Instead of marriage, they should take "slave women" into their households and produce offspring solely from them.

Rest assured that Islam afforded no human rights to enslaved women. While a free Muslim wife may still have some chance of obtaining a divorce from an abusive spouse, enslaved women will remain trapped in your patriarchal system with no hope of escape.

If you cannot acquire enslaved women from outside sources, simply strip your free Muslim wives of their remaining rights and reduce them to slavery. This will stabilize your family system and ensure its continuation.

Slaves and Labourer's Exploitation: A Gift of the Same Patriarchal Mentality

The same patriarchal mindset that perpetuated slavery is still prevalent today, with its roots in the belief that "might is right" and the desire to exploit the weaker segments of society. The United States saw slave owners use the flimsy excuse that granting freedom to slaves would ruin their economy, as they relied on free labour to maintain their gardens (economic system). This argument was used to justify their opposition to abolishing slavery.

Today, supporters of patriarchy refuse to grant women their rights, using the feeble excuse that it would disrupt their so-called family system, which is built upon the exploitation of vulnerable women. Similarly, many countries deny labourers their rights by claiming that providing them with fair treatment and compensation would damage their economy. Just look at Qatar's mistreatment of labourers leading up to the football World Cup. These countries seek to profit from the exploitation of workers, forcing them to work seven days a week and subjecting them to long-term abuse.

Despite this mindset of prioritizing profits over people, the modern, non-religious Western world has abolished slavery. During the Industrial Revolution, when labourers were in high demand, the West could have continued to rely on forced labour. However, instead, they chose to grant full human rights to imported labourers and treated them with dignity and respect. Compare this to the rich and wealthy Arab states, where labourers are still exploited, and the contrast is striking.

The lesson here is clear: defending patriarchy with weak excuses is unnecessary, but recognizing and upholding basic human rights is essential.


Lesson: Even if you have to sacrifice some of your financial or other benefits, do so for the sake of upholding the Basic Human Rights of those who are weaker or marginalized

Dear fellow humans,

Please remember that nature is not 100% perfect, and neither are our societies. We must acknowledge the existence of exploitation and oppression, particularly against marginalized communities. It is our responsibility to stand up against these injustices, even if it means sacrificing some of our financial gains or personal interests.

We must recognize the value of basic human rights and dignity, and work towards creating a world where everyone is treated equally and with compassion. This includes standing up against systems of oppression, such as patriarchy, that perpetuate inequality and discrimination.

It is crucial to understand that the exploitation of weaker individuals is not only morally wrong, but it also goes against the principles of equality and justice. As humans, we have a duty to protect and promote the well-being of all members of our society, regardless of their gender, race, religion, or social status.

Moreover, it is important to recognize that the consequences of exploitation and oppression can have far-reaching effects, impacting not only the present generation but also future generations. If we continue to support patriarchy and other forms of oppression, we risk creating a world where our own children and grandchildren will suffer the consequences.

Therefore, we implore you to join us in this fight against injustice and oppression. Let us work together to create a world where every individual is treated with dignity and respect, and where basic human rights are protected and promoted.

Remember, the time to act is now. We cannot afford to wait any longer. Together, we can create a brighter future for ourselves and for generations to come.

Thank you.