Muslim Preachers come out with the following arguments:

  1. If cultural evolution is true, why then throughout human history we had this patriarchal system all over the world? Why all societies came up with the same solution and the same model of patriarchy? If patriarchy was evil, how then it dominated the whole history of all cultures till 200 years ago?
  2. And the Divorce Rate increased only when the non-religious Secular West destroyed the patriarchal system and gave EQUAL rights to women. 

Please watch this Debate, where the Islamic Preacher (Daniel Haqiqatjou) is making exactly the same arguments for patriarchy and why Islam does not give EQUAL rights to women and has kept them under men. 

Patriarchy Argument:

Defending Islam in the name of patriarchy is a foolish argument. 

What is wrong if we (as humans) started becoming more civilized only 200 years ago? 

Please remember:

  • All kinds of evolutions (including cultural evolution) take a lot of time. 
  • Modern humans evolved about 300,000 years ago. But they stayed for the next 290,000 years in the “Stone Age”. It is only 10 thousand years ago that humans came out of that Stone Age. 
  • And we evolved as animals. And the law of animals was also true for us, i.e. “Might is Right”. 
  • Under the law of might is right, we were attacking other human groups, and we were killing them in order to take their women and children and property. 
  • Patriarchy is also the gift of that same might is right law. 
  • This same might is right law also gave birth to SLAVERY.
  • Slavery was a worse form of patriarchy, but still it existed till 100 years ago. But then only under the pressure of the non-religious Secular West, it was the first time that Islamic countries had to agree to abolish the slavery system. 

Therefore, we ask again what is wrong if we only recently became more civilized, and we started giving women EQUAL rights only 200 years ago? And LGBT community is still finding it difficult to get their rights even today, but the struggle will go on. 

It is not our crime that we want to put an end to the unjust and oppressive patriarchal system. But it is your crime that you still want to impose the law of "Might is Right" in the name of the patriarchal system in order to defend the injustices of your religion against women. 

Divorce Rate Argument:

Muslim preachers claim that giving EQUAL rights to women is the reason for the increase in the divorce rate in western countries. 

But we tell these Muslim preachers that keeping the divorce rate low through beating wives and their exploitation has no good in it. Such a family, where a wife is beaten and being abused, will bring only DEPRESSION to all the family members, including the poor woman and the children. Such an environment is toxic for poor women, but Muslim preachers don't want to realize it. 

And the reality is, as soon as women get an education, they will become aware of their rights as human beings, and then they will automatically deny their exploitation. 

That is why, despite the patriarchal system in Arab Muslim countries, as soon as Muslim women got an education, the divorce rate automatically went high. 

  • The divorce rate in Kuwait has reached 60% (link).
  • The divorce rate in Egypt, Jordan, Qatar, and UAE all have gone above 35% (link). 
  • Even in Saudi Arabia, the divorce rate has reached 33%, and 7 divorces are taking place every hour (link).

The divorce rate of these Arabic countries is even more than many Western countries. Islam and the patriarchal system stayed the same in these Arabic countries. But the only thing that differed, is that Muslim women became more educated as compared to the past. 

If these Muslim apologists want to keep their beloved patriarchal system alive, then they have to keep their women illiterate, otherwise educated women will always keep rebelling against this patriarchy. 

This patriarchal system can only work in Afghanistan today, where the Taliban banned girls from going to universities and even schools. This way they can keep women illiterate, and indeed protect their true patriarchal system. 

If Muslim men want to make the rate of divorce ZERO, then they should bear children only from Slave women

If these Muslim men have problems with the rate of divorce, then they should not marry women, but they should take only “Slave Women” to their homes and bear children only from them. 

Please be assured that Islam gave absolutely no human rights to Slave women. In the case of a free Muslim wife, there are some chances that she gets her freedom from an abusive husband through a divorce, but in the case of slave women, your so-called Patriarchal System will become perfectly secure, and these slave women will never be able to break it. 

And if you are unable to get slave women today from the outside world, then just snatch away all the remaining rights from your own free Muslim wives, and convert them in slaves, so that your family system stays stable. 

Slaves and Labourers Exploitation is also a gift of that same Patriarchy Mentality

This same patriarchal mentality was involved in slavery too, while the origin of both of them is the same, i.e. exploiting the weaker ones through might is right. 

In the US, the slave owners also came up with a lame excuse that giving freedom to slaves will destroy their gardens (i.e. their Economy System), for which they needed free labour work. On the bases of this argument, they fought against the abolishment of slavery. 

And today, patriarchy supporters also deny freedom to women and their lame excuse is it is going to destroy their so-called Family System, which is totally based upon the exploitation of weak women. 

Even today, many countries deny Labourers their rights by making the same lame excuse (i.e. if they are unable to exploit the labourers, and if they have to give rights to labourers, then it will destroy their Economy System).

Just see what Qatar did to labourers before the football world cup. These countries want to keep labourers deprived of their humane rights while they consider it to be a means of making more money. Many labourers in Qatar have to work 7 days a week, and they have been exploited for years. 

Despite this mentality of making money at the cost of exploitation of other human beings, the modern non-religious Western world abolished the slavery system.

Although a lot of labourers were needed due to the industrial revolution, still the modern non-religious Western world completely abolished the slavery system. Then they had to import labourers from other countries, and they gave those labourers full human rights and didn't exploit them. Now compare it to the rich and wealthy Arab States, and the exploitation of labourers there, and you can see the difference. 

The lesson is, defending patriarchy by making lame excuses is not needed, but giving humans their human rights is needed. 

Lesson: Even if you have to sacrifice some of your financial or other gains, sacrifice them for the sake of the Basic Human Rights of weaker ones

Dear fellow humans!

Please remember that NATURE is not 100% Perfect. 

Yes, countries like Qatar and China or slave traders in the past may be able to make some more gains from the exploitation of weak human beings, but such financial gains have no worth as they are evil. 

As human beings, we have to learn to sacrifice such financial gains and destroy such evils. 

And in a long run, we will be able to create a better world for our children. 

If you are stronger today, then a time will come when another stronger one will conquer you and then exploit you. 

If you support patriarchy today, then your own daughters will be paying the price of this madness.