A heavy majority of the Western people doesn't support the act of burning of the Quran (and correctly so). But still they support a law, which does not consider burning of the Quran as a crime.


The answer is, while the Quran is already insulting them in the name of Kafir and calling them Filthy, Unclean, Fools, Dog, Donkey, Pigs, Worst of Creatures, Evildoers, Wicked, Transgressors, Ignorants, etc. 

But still the Western people bear this insult of the Quran and let it be published in their countries. And it happens only in the name of freedom of expression & criticism & ridicule & insult. 

Yes, all these are basic human rights (i.e. criticism & ridicule & even insult). Even though the majority of Western people don't like to indulge in ridicule and insult activities, and oppose it, still they consider it a basic human right. 

Only due to these rights, Muslims first got the right to publish the Quran in Western countries, despite its cursing and insulting the local population of the Western countries. 

Moreover, according to their law, the copies of the Quran are the private property of the protesters, and there is no crime involved if they burn their private property. It is not the same as setting fire to any mosque, which is not the private property of the protesters, but of Muslims. Thus, the law protects mosques from protesters. 

Western Law is fully in accordance with Human NATURE:

It is normal according to human nature that people may become angry during discussions & debates due to the difference of opinions. And they use harsh words in anger toward their opponents. Thus, western law is based exactly according to this human nature.

Even the writer of the Quran (which is Muhammad himself according to non-Muslims) showed this exact human nature. When the opponents didn't accept the prophethood of Muhammad, then the writer of the Quran became angry. And then he started cursing them at several places in Quran. And he started insulting them by equating them to the DonkeyDogs and Pigs, the worst of animals and the worst of creatures, and for being filthy, and calling them names (like Abu Jahl) and “bastard” (Arabic: زنیم) and fools and deaf and blind and Kafir etc..

Muslims claim Allah has divine MORALS.

Then the question is: “Why even the  “Divine Allah” is not able to control his anger, and he curses and abuses the opponents? How then can we expect a “normal human being” to have full control over his anger, and to show “better Morals” than even divine Allah?” 

Moreover, this cursing and abuse of the opponents in the Quran is also PROOF that there exists no Allah in the heavens, and it was Muhammad himself, who was making the Quran on his own. And since Muhammad was only a human, thus he showed human errors in form of becoming angry and cursing and abusing his opponents.

That is why, Western law is totally perfect according to the Nature of human beings, and it cannot be changed for accommodating the blasphemy laws of Islam. The blasphemy laws of Islam have the problems:

  • They are biased.
  • They are one-sided
  • They are against justice.
  • Furthermore, they go totally against human nature. 
  • They are the precursors. Islamic states further use these blasphemy laws in order to kill ALL the CRITICISM against Islam. In Islamic countries, you cannot publish a single book or speech, which criticizes Islam, and they immediately blame it to be blasphemy, and then they kill the person. 

Full List of ABUSES that the Quran made against the non-Muslims:

Quran says that non-MUSLIMS:

Thus, Western law says that the people have the full right to insult Quran in reply too. And it is not blasphemy, but it is a BASIC HUMAN RIGHT.