The Quranists started emerging in the last century. Now the question is, how to view them? 


  1. More than 99.5% of Islamic Sharia (which makes Islam and its followers dangerous) came through Ahadith. 
  2. Hatred teachings are also present in the Quran too. But firstly, they are less than 0,5% of Sharia. And secondly, the Quranic verses are "vague", and it is very easy to neutralise the meaning of such verses by giving them different meanings and using different excuses. It is the "combination" of the Quranic verses with Hadith and the history of Muhammad/Islam, which becomes dangerous.
  3. Thus, the Quranists are neither dangerous nor radical. They succeeded in reforming Islam/Sharia, as progressive Jews and Christians and followers of other religions have done. 


  1. Their message of rejecting Hadith is not "effective". That is why, they never succeed in attracting many Muslims towards them. They make up perhaps not even 0.1% of the Muslim population. They failed miserably in reducing the overall danger of radical Islam. 
  2. The Quran and Hadith have some weak points and human errors. These human errors can be utilized by non-Muslims, in order to show people that there exists no Allah in the heavens, and Muhammad was making the revelations on his own. And since Muhammad was only a human, thus we see these human errors in the revelation too. But there, the Quranists jump in, and they "sugarcoat" the dangerous or errored Quranic verses. This causes people to become confused, and they become unable to see the real dangerous face of radical Islam. 

In an ideal world, the Quranists become beneficial for humanity, if they "Debate" with other Muslims only, and make them leave that part of the dangerous Sharia, which is based upon Hadith. But unfortunately, the Quranists don't engage other Muslims too much, but they are found much more engaged in defending Islam by "sugarcoating" the horrible verses of the Quran in front of non-Muslims. 

For example, if we (the ex-Muslims) start to criticize the Quran, then not only do we have to face the traditional Muslims, but the Quranists also immediately jump in and attack us. This is like fighting on two different fronts at the same time. At this time, you will not see a clash between the traditional Muslims and the Quranists, but both of them unitedly try to refute us. 

The NET result is negative. This behaviour of the Quranists is harming humanity, and traditional and radical Islam is taking benefit of this behaviour directly or indirectly. 

That is why, it becomes immensely important to neutralize the Quranists immediately on the spot in every discussion so that we only have to fight on one front against traditional/radical Islam. 


First Point: Never make the mistake of debating the "meaning" of the Quranic Verses with the Quranists

This is the most fatal mistake that anyone can do i.e. indulging in a debate about the meaning of the Quranic verse. 

The Quran is perhaps one of the most "vague" books in the world, and the Quranists are the masters of misusing the meanings of Arabic words and the Quranic verses. Remember, you are debating to "prove" your point, while the Quranists are debating only to "create doubts" in your claim. Thus, the Quranists will always win this war. 

The traditional and the radical Muslims also try to defend the Quran by changing the meaning of the Quranic verses, but still they fail very often, while:

  • When the proof is given from the Quran, and also supported by Hadith, then this combination makes it difficult for the traditional/radical Muslims to run away, while Hadith is not so vague as the Quran is. 
  • Moreover, proof from Fiqh (Jurisprudence) and history also make it even more difficult for traditional/radical Muslims to escape. 


Second Point: Challenge them why the Quran "misguided" the billions of Muslims of the first 1400 years

The Quranists may take advantage of the vague verses of the Quran and change their meaning. But the downside is, by doing so, they are also ultimately blaming the billions of Muslims of the first 1400 years to be unanimously wrong and misguided. 

But the question is: "Why did they get misguided?"

The Quran claims that:

  • Its verses are "easy to understand" (Quran 54:17)
  • Its verses are "clear", "manifest" and "guidance" (Quran 27:1-2)
  • It was revealed in the Arabic language so that they could understand it (Quran 12:2)

So, the question is:

  • Why did those billions of Muslims of the first 14 centuries still get misguided?
  • They firmly believed firmly in this Quran from the depth of their hearts.
  • They read it day and night.
  • They pondered upon it their entire lives. 

But if they still misunderstood it, and got misguided, then it is not the fault of those billions of Muslims of the last 14 centuries, but it becomes the fault of the Quran itself. 


Third Point: The negligence of Allah resulted in the "suffering" of millions 

Let us look at an example of slave women. There are only those Quranic verses present in the Quran, which tell about having sex with them is Halal. But there is not a single verse present in the Quran about the "human rights" of slave women.

 As a result, over the past 1400 years, countless women were forced to roam in public without veils and with exposed chests.

It resulted in:

  • Over the past 1400 years, millions of slave women were forced to roam in public without the Hijab and with exposed chests.
  • And all millions of captive/slave women were "raped" by Muslim men in a "Temporary" sexual relationship (like Shia Mut'ah). An owner fulfilled his lust by raping the slave girl, and then after getting bored with her, he sold her in the Islamic Bazaar of slavery. And then he bought for himself a new slave girl and started raping her. Poor slave girls were sold multiple times, and they were multiple times raped by multiple different men. 
  • And the children of slave parents were also born automatically as slaves due to the evil of "Slavery by Birth" in Islam. And when the babies got two molar teeth (at about the age of 6 months), then they were separated from their slave mothers and were sold in the Islamic Bazaars of slavery. 

The questions are:

  • If Allah really knows the UNSEEN, and He knows that billions of Muslims are going to be misguided about slave women in the future, why didn't then Allah reveal one more verse in the Quran and declared the rape of slave women to be Haram clearly?
  • Yes, only one clear verse was needed to save millions of poor slave women from rape, which they had to undergo their entire life. 

The Quran is a huge voluminous book, but it has been filled with old stories, tales, and lofty claims about the greatness of Allah. Meanwhile, it has neglected the rights and well-being of humanity. 

The Quranists can today do whatever they like in order to shift the whole blame from the Quran to the Hadith and the Islamic Scholars, but still the question will be asked about the Quran i.e. if Allah really knows the unseen, why didn't then He covered the naked breasts of slave women in the Quran?



Never indulge in debate with any Quraniist, while they believe in all the things that you believe in. They will prove Secularism, Democracy, Equality and each and everything from the Quran that you believes in. 

Instead of this, always neutralize them immediately by telling them that our basic difference is only about these two questions:

  • If the Quranic verses are clear and easy to understand, why then billions of Muslims went astray (according to the Quranists) after reading and pondering about those verses their entire life? 
  • If Allah knew that millions of slave women were going to suffer, why then He didn't reveal one more verse, which clearly told that the rape of captive/slave women was Haram?

It is impossible for the Quranists to ever give any answer to these two questions. 

After neutralizing the Quranists, please concentrate your debate with traditional/radical Muslims on a single front.