Today, Muslim preachers widely promote the idea that:

Scientific studies indicate that blood remaining in meat deteriorates quickly and becomes prone to contamination. Consequently, meat without blood does not spoil as quickly, remains tender, and exhibits better quality. Similarly, during halal slaughter, the blood supply to the brain is cut off, resulting in the animal feeling no pain after 3 to 5 seconds. Therefore, this aspect validates the authenticity of Islam and serves as proof of Islam's miraculous nature and the existence of Allah.


Neither Muhammad nor Allah claimed 1400 years ago that the wisdom behind halal meat lies in its superior health benefits.


The method of slaughtering by cutting the blood veins in the throat was actually invented by hunters.

Therefore, the question arises: Why do Muslims associate this method with Allah?

Thousands of years ago, hunters devised this method for a practical reason. For techniques involving a heavy blow or "jhatka," a substantial cleaver was necessary to separate the head from the body. However, it was impractical for hunters to carry such heavy cleavers during hunting (as they had to run many miles to find and chase an animal).

Even up until seven thousand years ago (prior to the discovery of iron and copper), people did not possess knives and would use sharp stones or bones for animal slaughter. Since it was not possible to completely sever the head from the body using stones or bones, all hunters resorted to cutting the veins in animal's throat.

Four thousand years ago, Jews attempted to make this hunting method kosher by merely mentioning the name of their God, and Muslims, following their example, termed it halal slaughter.

Therefore, even if cutting the blood vessels in the neck improves the quality of meat, it is not a credit to Islam/Judaism; rather, the entire credit goes to ancient hunters, and it is their miracle. Muslims should acknowledge those ancient hunters as the "Knower of the unseen."


If removing blood from land animals through slaughter to enhance the quality of meat is considered a miracle from Allah, then compromising the quality of fish meat and subjecting fish to extreme pain by not removing its blood through the Ikejime method would also be Allah's fault.

It was the Japanese who developed the humane method of Ikejime for slaughtering fish, which minimizes the pain the fish experiences and effectively removes all blood, resulting in improved meat quality. Fish meat remains fresh for longer periods as well.

So, the question is, if Allah exists and he is All-Knowing, why didn't he then tell the method of Ikejime to Muhammad (or other prophets before him)?

Muslim preachers will never answer this question. While the reason is simple, i.e. Japanese invented this method of Ikejime only 200 years ago. Since the Jews and the ancient Arabs didn't practice this method of Ikejime, thus Muhammad was also unable to copy them and introduced it in Islam.

The next question is, if Muslims believe that Allah is truly the Knower of the unseen and introduced the halal slaughter method to minimize animal suffering and produce healthy meat, then why doesn't Allah take responsibility for compromising the quality of fish meat and subjecting fish to agonizing pain for several minutes by suffocating it to death?

It is certain that Muslims will never answer this question too.

Watch this video to see the Ikejime method for fish slaughter. Today, top fish restaurants in Japan and Europe exclusively use fish slaughtered through the Ikejime method because it enhances the taste of the fish meat. 

Pigs are also slaughtered in the Halal way (just like Camels)

In Islam, the camel's throat is not slit during slaughter. Instead, a knife is inserted near the heart, severing the arteries through which the blood flows.

Interestingly, a similar method is employed in the West for slaughtering pigs. Rather than using a cleaver to cut the whole neck of a pig in one blow (as it is very fat), a method similar to Islamic slaughter is employed, where an incision is made near the heart. This reduces the pig's discomfort as the blood supply to the brain is immediately interrupted. Subsequently, the pig is hung upside down so that all the blood drains out. From this perspective, the pig is slaughtered exactly in the Islamic method, and due to the upside-down position, it has less blood in its meat compared to a traditional Islamic slaughter.

For sure Allah didn't teach non-Muslims to slaughter pigs in this intelligent way, but they found it out on their own. Therefore, are Muslims now going to declare it a miracle of non-Muslims too, and accept that they also have a knowledge of the Unseen alongside Allah?

Pig Slaughter (just like Halal way of Camel, draining all the blood)

Jews didn't slaughter camels, but Muhammad followed the way of pre-Islamic Arabs in slaughtering camels

Jews didn't slaughter camels as they are not allowed to eat camel meat. 

Camels are slaughtered differently than cattle. It is known as 'Nahr نحر'. In this method, the person slaughtering the camel must thrust a knife into the hollow area between the camel’s neck and chest (cutting the arteries coming out of the heart). This was the method, which was used by pre-Islamic Arabs for killing a camel, and Muhammad copied this practice from them.