First Example:

In Islamic Democracies, they go for an Islamic System instead of a Secular System, which turns these Islamic democracies into the "Dictatorship of Majority". And the minorities become 2nd or 3rd class citizens in such Islamic democracies, losing many of their basic and EQUAL human rights.

Moreover, in Islamic democracies, governments are always very weak and never have the power to go against Islamic law. They have to appease their voter bank instead of doing the right thing.

Nevertheless, dictators like Muhammad bin Salman (Saudi Arabia) indeed went against Islamic laws, and he was able to abolish a few draconian Sharia laws.

Second Example:

Not only Islamic countries, but radical Hindus also succeeded in turning Indian Democracy into the "Dictatorship of the Majority".

And to be honest, in the USA too under Trump and some of his far-right supporters, it saw as the "Dictatorship of the Majority".

Right-Wing Netanyahu in Israel is also moving in the same direction. 

Erdogan made democracy a joke in Turkey, and it has become a dictatorship. 

Democracy in Russia under Putin is also like a nightmare.

That is why, a democracy without true secular values, has no value. 


Lesson 1: It is perhaps a mistake when the Western world put a lot of importance on democracy in the Islamic countries, but didn't put so much importance on the Secular System. They in fact accepted and recognised the so-called combination of "Democracy" + "Islamic System", which is a fatal mistake. 

Lesson 2: Democracy only works with a left-wing electorate, because right-wingers don't believe in democracy. When right-wingers win elections, the first thing they do is try to dismantle democracy, in truth if not in name. That's not an insult, it's the literal definition of right-wing vs left-wing.

This description of democracy is what Fareed Zakaria called "The illiberal Democracy" some twenty years ago, and he predicted it would replace the "liberal" democracy (i.e. one built on preserving rights rather than on majority rule) globally. Unfortunately, he's been almost entirely proven correct.